Clarissa Molina surprises us with a sexy bikini that reveals her figure ‘more curvy’ than ever (PHOTO)

Clarissa Molina dazzles her fans with a sexy bikini from the beach The presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca exhibits her huge figure and her ...

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  • Clarissa Molina dazzles her fans with a sexy bikini from the beach
  • The presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca exhibits her huge figure and her breasts
  • Several celebrities and followers of the Dominican tell her how great she looks

The model and presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca, Clarissa Molina surprise friends and strangers by appearing in a sexy bikini that reveals her huge figure and breasts.

The publication of this tremendous postcard occurred through his bill of Instagram @clarissamolina, which has been so successful that until the afternoon of this September 23, 2020 it had more than 117 thousand reactions of likes and little more than 960 comments.

Among the expressions of affection were some famous who did not stop flattering his figure, since it appears with a very sensual outfit.

Image taken from Instagram @clarissamolina

Clarissa Molina is a Dominican who rose to fame when she placed third in the 2015 Univision reality contest Nuestra Belleza Latina.

He is currently part of the work team of the El Gordo y La Flaca program and enjoys a good acceptance from the Latin public in the United States.

But this time, the Dominican wanted to highlight her physical attributes instead of the professionals and boy did she achieve it, since her fans ‘melted’ with her beauty.

The postcard that they took from Clarissa Molina in a bikini was made on the paradisiacal beach of Miami, Florida and with her he left the following message:

“When you get over the fear of leaving the port, you will realize how beautiful the sea is. So I come in this year more of life than God gave me, fearless! ”.

On the next page we will leave you the hottest and boldest comments from both some celebrities and their followers on Instagram.

After surprising her followers and some celebrities with a bikini, Clarissa Molina did not stop receiving messages for her great beauty, since she also showed her breasts.

One of the first to write to him was the host Pamela Silva who wrote: “Sirena.” Another of the celebrities who wrote to her was Chiquis Rivera who called her “beautiful.”

But then one of the followers saw so much sensuality in the photograph that she dared to say what she felt when she saw the image: “It seems that the sea is making love to you.”

However, another follower could not hide her passions and directly said the following: “I would like to be those waves to drag me on your body.”

Some more people commented: “My new wallpaper”, “I make it known that I already have a crush”, “Totally beautiful that photo was great”, “Wow! Haha you look very very sexy with your bikini ”,“ very beautiful ”,“ what a great picture ”,“ God save you ”.

“Spectacular”, “mamasonga”, “you are a goddess”, “watch out for the waves”, “beautiful”, “mamasita”, “you get lost in the sand and the sea”, “oh how rich the sea, you are all sexy “,” Tastiness you my love “, expressed other people.

Image taken from Instagram @clarissamolina

But the expressions of love and affection did not stop for the presenter of El Gordo and La Flaca, Clarissa Molina when she appeared in a sexy bikini and showed her breasts.

“Precious queen”, “much too much”, “what a cool picture Clari on fire girl”, “the sun bathed your feet, on the beach there was a party, playing your name Clarissa Molina with my guitar”, “pretty”, There were more attributes that the followers of the model highlighted.

But someone else did not want to be left out and stood out with the words he dedicated to her: “Very pretty girl and she’s spectacular, this virus made you prettier because there is no excuse to always be good, with yourself, do lots of exercise. diets, because I always say I take care of myself, not because people look at me and you, Clarissa, take care of yourself, you are beautiful ”.

“Beautiful in that sea”, “cool”, “beautiful and intelligent”, “perfect”, “epic”, “beautiful as always”, “great photos, greetings from Barcelona, ​​Spain”, “all a woman’s beauty “,” I almost never comment on you, but you are really beautiful in that photo, “were other comments made by people when they saw her in a bikini from the beach.

Fat and skinny

Image taken from Instagram @clarissamolina

The photo of Clarissa Molina in a bikini dazzled hundreds of people because it showed more than her charms and they recognized that.

“My favorite”, “beautiful woman, God bless you always”, “very strong Clarissa”, “how rich you are Clarisa, great body, legs, butt you have my love, so I like them well done as you are to enjoy them and enjoy them” , “Beautiful legs”, “oh wao, spectacular photo, what a doll. Blessings, ”more followers told him.

Others commented: “Too much, pure candle”, “abuser how beautiful you are. Many blessings ”,“ Also take advantage of your time! Because in life everything happens “,” mmm how sexy my beautiful, rich love “,” My God! This woman is killing me ”,“ beautiful girl ”.

“Very beautiful and original the photo I love at good time”, “Clarissa, a queen, you look good in a bikini”, “beautiful, but surely you struggled to get all the sand”, they wrote.

But one follower did not measure herself in her words: “Your body is beautiful, a piece of advice mija, you need to tone your legs, arms and waist a lot, mija boop camp, hard training with weights, everything is sacrifice, you have to get muscles mija, just one piece of advice, I don’t know why you don’t train hard, quit Pilates, if you tone up like Francisca Lachapel and Alejandra Espinoza, your body would change ”.

Clarissa Molina bikini

Image taken from Instagram @clarissamolina

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