Chronicle: Woman falsely accuses Hispanic of having robbed her

Chronicle: Woman falsely accuses Hispanic of having robbed her It didn’t take long for the police to realize that the complainant w...

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  • Chronicle: Woman falsely accuses Hispanic of having robbed her
  • It didn’t take long for the police to realize that the complainant was a fake.
  • She declared that a Latino had kidnapped and assaulted her, but it was all a lie

County authorities Gwinnett (Georgia) arrested a white woman who falsely accused a Hispanic of having assaulted and kidnapped her with intent to rape her.

Police reported that Hillary Black, 35, called 911 for help because she said she had just been the victim of a violent robbery.

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Police

The official report indicates that the woman informed the patrols that she went through an ATM of a Publix supermarket in Lawrenceville, to withdraw from her account $ 200 that was missing for her mortgage payment.

The complainant said that when she withdrew the cash, she returned to her vehicle and just before leaving the parking lot a man of Latino origin suddenly jumped out of the passenger door.

Alleged threat with a razor

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Sheriff

She allegedly claimed that the subject threatened her with a knife to get her the money and that he also forced her to drive through the streets of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Black told investigators that the man ordered her to enter a parking lot where a shopping center used to operate and that he tried to sexually abuse her there, police sources said.

The woman then described that she began to fight with the criminal and that during the altercation she received several injuries to her hands and arms. He stated that at one point he managed to get out his pepper spray and spray the thug’s face, causing him to flee immediately.

Search in the area

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Police

According to the complainant, the Hispanic took a total of $ 1,400, leaving her penniless. The agents began a search in the area to try to apprehend the subject, but all their efforts were in vain.

Meanwhile, the detectives returned to the store where it all began to see the surveillance cameras so they could find him faster.

The security cameras gave her away

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Sheriff

However, none of the cameras managed to show the man. On the contrary, they all showed how she left the establishment alone.

As investigators know that, under circumstances like these, it is normal for people to make mistakes in the description of places and times, to clear up the doubts, the police decided to confiscate the vehicle to take fingerprints and thus be able to identify it.

A few hours later, detectives discovered that something was wrong. And they found no evidence that someone else was in the car with the complainant.

Changed history

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
MH file

They did not even find traces of blood, despite the fact that she assured that the wounds had been made inside, so they looked for her to question her again.

After informing him of what they suspected, she changed the story. He allegedly tried to fix it, but it only raised more questions. The officers again tried to corroborate the data he provided, but were unable to do so either.

They asked for his arrest for false crime report

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Sheriff

Detectives then went to Gwinnett Magistral Court to ask a state judge to issue an arrest warrant for Black for filing a false report about a crime that never occurred.

After obtaining the arrest warrant, they called the woman to ask her to turn herself in. She apparently, in order to avoid going to jail, confessed that nothing had happened and that she did not even have that amount of money that day, although she could not explain why that story was made up.

However, having accepted her mistake was of no use to her, as the police made it clear that she would be arrested. She promised to report voluntarily to Gwinnett Prison, but failed to do so in the stipulated time, so they went after her.

More than 30 hours in a crime that did not occur

Chronicle Woman accuses Hispanic
Gwinnett Sheriff

“In total, five of our patrols, a supervisor and three of our investigators dedicated more than 38 hours to solve a crime that never happened,” he told MundoHispánico that county’s police spokeswoman, Michele Pihera.

“It is unfortunate that we have wasted time and resources investigating something that did not happen instead of taking care of the neighborhoods and guarding the streets,” he added.

Until this moment, no one can explain why Black used a Hispanic for his story, nor the real intentions behind this fact.

Paid bail


What is a fact is that Black ended up being held in the Gwinnett County Jail accused of filing a false complaint, but was released a few hours later after posting a $ 2,600 bond.

But Hillary did not learn the lesson that the law must be respected, and some time later she was arrested again for failing to comply with one of the rules related to her parole.

It is not the first time that Black has problems with the law, because in the last decade he has fallen into that same prison half a dozen times.

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History of minor charges

Fentanyl economic stimulus check

The first few times she was arrested on lesser charges, such as possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and related to traffic violations.

However, he later fell for a crime related to fraud, and violation of his probation. Until now no one can explain where this story came from that she had been kidnapped and robbed by a Latino.

See if this is the last time this lady is put behind bars. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson. Thanks for reading my chronicle from today on MundoHispánico. I wait for you tomorrow.

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