Chronicle: With smuggled drugs and their masks they went to the “boat”

Chronicle: With everything and their masks they went to the “boat”. The nervousness of the accused betrayed them to the unifo...

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Video MH / Foto Policía de Monroe
  • Chronicle: With everything and their masks they went to the “boat”.
  • The nervousness of the accused betrayed them to the uniformed men.
  • The authorities revealed that they were going to report them to ICE to take action on the matter.

Two Hispanics are behind bars for trying to smuggle thousands of drugs, according to North Carolina authorities.

Plácido García Pérez, 49, and Jesús Ponce Valderrama, 39, both residents of the city of Monroe, were captured last week. According to police records, the defendants were carrying around 7,000 pills of fentanyl, an illegal drug.

The arrest of this couple occurred when a patrolman from the Sheriff’s Office stopped to offer them help, as they had been stranded due to a mechanical problem in their vehicle.

The police reported that this brief interaction was enough for the uniformed men to realize that something was wrong with the detainees who were obviously nervous.

The subjects tried to hide their nervousness by taking advantage of their masks and pretending not to understand any English, but they could not taunt the authorities, so they ended up in prison.

The uniformed officers decided to search the car and found the illegal product that was ready to be sold on the black market, according to police sources.

The accused subjects were referred to the Union County Jail on drug trafficking charges, denying them the right to bail.

The authorities have not yet revealed the nationality of the detainees or their immigration status, but they did say that they will notify the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) of their detention.

That means that if they are undocumented, when their criminal proceedings conclude, which can take several months, they would face deportation proceedings.

Chronicle: Arrested with masks went to the

Chronicle: Arrested with masks went to the “boat” – Plácido García Pérez and Jesús Ponce Valderrama, were arrested red handed. (Monroe Police)

Chronicle: Arrested with masks went to the “boat”

Always in North Carolina last week another very interesting case happened.

Turns out that Randolph county authorities they had deployed several of their undercover units to an area of ​​the city of Ramseur where they were informed that they were selling drugs.

Suddenly, a vehicle came into the area and began circling suspiciously. Officials kept an eye on him without imagining what was coming.

And it is that when the driver realized that the site was full of unknown cars, she decided to get out of there immediately.

The officers then followed her and turned on the blue lights to stop her.

Instead of stopping, however, the woman accelerated further and a full-speed chase was mounted for more than 11 miles. In her flight, the motorist almost sent one of the patrol cars.

Suddenly, the woman lost control of her car and left the street, it was then that she finally stopped and when she was apprehended.

The authorities identified her as María Lourdes García, 2 1 years old, who was confined to the local jail accused of multiple serious charges, including recklessly driving a car with altered license plates and trying to elude the police.

Chronicle: Arrested with masks went to the

María Lourdes García. (Randolph County Sheriff)

When the uniformed officers searched his car, they discovered that he was carrying many illegal pills, which aggravated his legal situation.

However, a state judge granted her release on a bail of 5,000 dollars, so the girl is now free again.

Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and can mend your life, as at your age, you should have a promising future ahead of you.

Thanks so much for reading my chronicle from today on MundoHispánico. Until next time.

Chronicle: Arrested with masks went to the “boat”

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