Chronicle: They take to the streets to see women and indulge themselves

Chronicle: They go out to see women and indulge themselves. Some tried to hide it, but others were completely indiscreet. The police have...

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Video MH / Foto Alguacil de Gwinnett
  • Chronicle: They go out to see women and indulge themselves.
  • Some tried to hide it, but others were completely indiscreet.
  • The police have promised that they will have zero tolerances for these kinds of actions.

It appears that this pandemic has contributed to many men bringing out their animal instincts. And, in recent weeks, several have been arrested for committing indecent acts in public places.

The most recent case is that of César Hernández Martínez, 44, who last Friday, after leaving his job, decided to go out to give himself an ‘eye plug’ on the streets of Gwinnett County (Georgia).

According to a report from local authorities, the Mexican drove his truck loaded with wood to the parking lot of a shopping center in Norcross.

Once in the place, he went around several times looking around in search of a “beautiful lady.”

Suddenly, Rosa arrived in her car, a young mother who was trying to do some shopping in a supermarket of that establishment.

When Rosa stopped, Cesar drove over to her and parked right next to her. The woman claims that she noticed that he saw her in a morbid way, so she got out quickly and entered the store.

When she finished doing her market, Rosa went out and again and when she was going back to her car, she noticed something more than a simple weird look: she saw that the ‘truck’ was moving in a strange way.

The woman was overcome by curiosity and peeked into Hernández’s truck, only to see that Hernández had his hands on his genitals. It looked like she was masturbating.

She confronted him, but everything indicates that being discovered only excited Cesar even more, who opened the door for her to see him better. Upset, Rosa immediately called 911 and in less than two minutes, a patrol arrived that was near the area.

Chronicle: Self-indulgence in public

César Hernández Martínez. Photo: Gwinnett Sheriff

Chronicle: Self-indulgence in public, by Mario Guevara

When he saw that a policeman was arriving, Cesar started his truck and tried to leave the place. However, the woman warned him about his escape and the uniformed man chased him.

The agent questioned both César and Rosa and ultimately decided to arrest him after considering that his testimony was sufficient to accuse him of indecent conduct.

A couple of weeks before Cesar was apprehended, it was the turn of 21-year-old Jorge Luis Pérez.

The police of the city of Gainesville (Georgia) say that the boy entered a local store and did not intend to buy.

And it is that apparently the boy arrived at the box, but he did not have anything to pay. The cashier asked him if he could help her in something and he without thinking twice, unbuttoned his pants and took out his penis.

He immediately started running and by the time the authorities arrived there was no sign of him.

The researchers released some images captured by the surveillance cameras of the establishment with a view to identifying him and it worked for them.

When he was exposed on the social networks of various media, the young man voluntarily presented himself to the local police agency to turn himself in. He was arrested on the spot and charged with indecent conduct.

Chronicle: Self-indulgence in public

Photo: Gwinnett Sheriff

Another who also fell recently for something similar was René Iván Barahona, 39.

Only that Roswell authorities accuse him of having shown his private parts to several children in a recreational area of ​​a local apartment complex.

Police say that about six children witnessed this indecent act, but that only one of their relatives was the one who denounced it.

The suspect was a resident of that neighborhood, so it didn’t take them long to identify him.

Chronicle: Self-indulgence in public, by Mario Guevara

The truth is that I find it difficult to believe what is happening today with these people with humanity.

I wonder if these are perverts who are simply now daring to expose themselves or if there is something new that is causing that reaction in them.

Whatever the cause, it is worth mentioning that in the United States this class of actions are severely penalized, especially when it comes to minors involved.

So, if you are one of those who at some point has felt the desire to do something similar, think about it a thousand times, because the legal consequences could be terrible.

Spend years in prison, spend thousands of dollars on a defense and even finish deportee Just for doing something in public that you could have freely done in the privacy of your room or bathroom is not worth doing.

Thank you very much for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

Chronicle: Self-indulgence in public, by Mario Guevara

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