Chronicle Texas: What led Mary Díaz to the murder? Jealousy or greed?

What motivated it? Anger, jealousy, greed? Mary Díaz is accused in Texas of having shot her boyfriend to death because she did not approv...

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Foto: Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Bexar
  • What motivated it? Anger, jealousy, greed? Mary Díaz is accused in Texas of having shot her boyfriend to death because she did not approve of some photos that she found on his cell phone.
  • However, according to the authorities, the girls also had money from the boyfriend’s bank accounts.
  • According to the arrest warrant against the woman, she allegedly committed the crime when she was pregnant.

The story of how Mary Díaz ended up in jail in San Antonio, Texas, charged with murder, could well be a movie script.

Díaz, 36, is accused of having shot and killed her boyfriend, Christopher Jones, 38, because he did not approve of some photos he found on his cell phone, according to his arrest warrant.

When the woman allegedly killed Jones she was pregnant. Case documents reveal that her alleged victim is the father of her child. The whole story is contained in the legal documents of the case.

What motivated it? Anger, jealousy, greed? Only she knows.

It all started on the cold morning of Tuesday, February 18, 2020 when a call to the emergency number alerted the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) to search a home at 400 Susanwood Drive.

An agent from the SAPD showed up at the scene, in the Eastwood Village neighborhood, to do a routine check and check that a person was okay, because his family had not heard from him for almost a month.

The first officer who arrived at the scene knocked on the door and no one answered him. Dismayed, the agent decided to enter the house and asked his companions for support in any eventuality.

Other officers reported to the site and assisted the first officer to search the home.

Then they discovered the body of a man who was several weeks dead and was already in a state of decomposition.

Mary Díaz, according to authorities, was pregnant when she allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend. (Photo: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

One of the agents noted in his report that when they entered the house they perceived a strong rotten smell and hundreds of flies were flying through the place.

At the scene, the officers found the body of a man with a beard, dressed in black clothes and who had been shot to death. It is not detailed where exactly he had the fatal wound.

The SAPD officers requested the presence of detectives from the Homicide Division to take charge of the investigations of the strange case.

While searching the home, detectives found ammunition for a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol in a closet but did not find the weapon. Next to the body were casings of that caliber.

The Cadillac car of the deceased was not in the boy’s house, so the authorities then assumed that the motive for the crime had been theft.

Christopher Jones, 38, was found dead in a state of decomposition when police searched his home. (Photo: Courtesy of the Jones Family)

The officers obtained testimonies from the neighbors, who told them that, at least a week before, they had stopped seeing the boy’s girlfriend go to the house when that was usual before his death.

That was the first clue that alerted officers to search for Mary Díaz. According to testimonies from neighbors, the girl was pregnant with Jones.

When officers reviewed Díaz’s file, they discovered that on January 29 the girl had been arrested on a minor drug possession charge and, among the belongings she was carrying, she had Jones’s wallet, her car keys, and her cards. credit and debit.

During her statement after being arrested, the girl assured that hours before a musical equipment had been stolen from her boyfriend, guitarist and electrician.

The girl could not specify where or when the robbery took place. In the woman’s bra, officers found bullet casings similar to those later found at Jones’ home.

While Homicide Division officers discovered Diaz’s previous arrest, a SAPD patrolman found Jones’s Cadillac car several blocks from his home.

According to the officer who made the discovery, the car was abandoned and nothing had been stolen. The discovery was made a day after the man’s body was found.

A neighbor told officers that the vehicle had already been parked there for several days but that he did not know how it got there.

The previous arrest with all of Jones’s belongings made authorities suspect that Mary Díaz knew something more about the crime.

When agents from the SAPD homicide division questioned Jones’ family about the crime, they told the agents that they had asked his girlfriend if she knew where the man was.

The family assured authorities that Diaz told them that Jones had left for Ohio or California for work reasons, but was not sure where he had gone. The woman maintained that she even called the emergency number to report the disappearance.

However, the Homicide Division officers found no records of any calls received by Diaz from the SAPD emergency number reporting the disappearance of her boyfriend.

Based on all this, the agents went to interrogate Díaz. One of the detectives noted that the girl still had Jones’s belongings in her possession. The woman said her boyfriend had left them for her.

Last March, the SAPD arrested two men, accused of robbery, who were carrying a Smith and Wesson revolver and which, after ballistics tests, turned out to be the same man with whom they had killed Jones.

The two men denied involvement in the murder but said they obtained the weapon from a girl named Mary. Of the death of the musician they assured that they knew nothing.

When tracing Christopher Jones’ bank accounts, officers discovered that someone had changed the confidential numbers and passwords for his emails.

During the investigation of Mary Díaz they also discovered that the girl admitted to several witnesses that she had killed Christopher Jones because she found some photos on her cell phone that she had not approved of taking.

Finally, on September 16, Mary Díaz was arrested in San Antonio and taken to the Jail of the Bexar County accused of the murder of her boyfriend Christopher Jones and father of her son.

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