Chronicle: Six drunk women ended up being raped

Chronicle: Six drunk women ended up being raped. Police allege that he held parties at their homes to rape them. The alleged perpetrator ...

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  • Chronicle: Six drunk women ended up being raped.
  • Police allege that he held parties at their homes to rape them.
  • The alleged perpetrator of these abuses is already behind bars.

Eridson Rodríguez was a party lover. He used to have meetings at his house and he loved to hang out with friends, especially if they were female.

When it came to buying liquor, he was one of the first to pull out his wallet. The 26-year-old Rodríguez just didn’t mind spending money for a “party.” Nobody among his friends knew him for ‘elbow’ (stingy) but what they never imagined is that his hobby was not only for the celebrations.

And is that after one of his customary night parties, a woman reported him to the police for having raped her.

She stated that the subject waited for her to get drunk, to lock her in her room with the excuse that he wanted her to rest, but instead of letting her sleep, he said that he undressed her and sexually abused her.

The 19-year-old girl says she was so intoxicated that, although she felt everything the defendant was doing to her, she was unable to defend herself.

The authorities began an investigation that unfortunately did not progress much. However, last week, they received another similar complaint against Rodríguez.

This time it was another 20-year-old with a story almost exactly like the first, so they decided then that it was time to act.

They went to arrest the subject at his home in the City of Hamilton (New Jersey) and they formally charged him with two counts of rape. After his arrest, Rodríguez’s face was published in some local media, which produced an unexpected reaction.

And it is that the detectives in charge of the case were visited by four other women with similar stories. All claimed to have been victims of the same type of outrage by Rodríguez in previous parties and decided to press charges against him.

Chronicle drunk women raped

Eridson Rodríguez, 26 years old. (Mercer County Sheriff)

Chronicle: Six drunk women ended up being raped

The appearance of new victims complicated Rodríguez’s legal situation, as his defense was fighting for him to be released on bail, but after analyzing the evidence against him, a state judge denied him that privilege.

Therefore, you must remain in jail until your time for trial.

The Prosecutor’s Office has said that it will seek the greatest possible punishment for having taken advantage of women in vulnerable conditions.

Police believe there may be more victims, so they urge anyone who believes they are affected by Rodriguez’s lewd acts to contact the Mercer County Office of the Special Victims Unit at 609.989.6758 or the Department of Hamilton Police at 609.581.4000.

I’m sure Rodríguez is not the first nor will he be the last character who takes advantage of the “nobility” as Chapulín Colorado used to say, of people who are not able to make decisions, as in the case of someone who is drunk.

But hopefully his arrest will serve as an example to those who go too clever by abusing those who shouldn’t. I have heard of cases of young people who have been drugged in nightclubs and then taken to motels or houses where they are abused.

That is a clear violation and is severely punishable by law. But I also hope that this publication serves as a reminder to women not to trust anyone, because as the saying goes: “faces, we see hearts, we don’t know” and since someone’s true intentions are impossible to know.

Thanks so much for reading my chronicle from today. Until next time.

Chronicle: Six drunk women ended up being raped

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