Chronicle: Mauricio Pérez Jr. attacked his ex-girlfriend’s work with his ‘troca’

In a fit of anger at his ex-girlfriend, Mauricio Pérez Jr. rammed his truck into a Family Dollar store Pérez Jr. is being held in the Hid...

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  • In a fit of anger at his ex-girlfriend, Mauricio Pérez Jr. rammed his truck into a Family Dollar store
  • Pérez Jr. is being held in the Hidalgo County Jail, charged with various felonies
  • The man before his attack sent threatening messages to the woman

Mauricio Pérez Jr. was arrested in Texas because he crashed his truck into a Family Dollar store, where his ex-girlfriend works.

Pérez Jr, 37, was arrested by the Mission Police Department (MPD) and charged with causing $ 10,000 in damage to the store Family Dollar, when he tried to escape from the authorities.

An old saying says that anger is not a good counselor and Pérez Jr., according to his arrest warrant consulted by MundoHispánico, I act out of anger in what began as an episode of domestic violence towards his ex-girlfriend.

The details of what you are about to read are contained in the legal documents of the case.

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, at 3:00 in the morning, a woman called the authorities to report that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her.

According to the victim, whose name was not revealed to protect his identity, her ex-boyfriend went to her house at that time and with a knife began to blow out all the tires on her car and caused other damage to the vehicle.

The officer who answered the woman’s call testified that the car had cracked tires and broken glass. The MPD agent asked the woman for her ex-boyfriend’s name, description, and description of her vehicle.

The MPD agents then learned that Pérez Jr. was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe pickup. They noted it in his report and passed the information on to all patrols.

Mauricio Pérez Jr. faces several serious crimes, from threats to criminal conduct and damage to someone else’s property. (PHOTO Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

At 5:00 a.m., the woman called the emergency number again and said that her ex-boyfriend Pérez Jr. had just texted her, saying that he would wait for her at work.

The woman, who works as an employee of the Family Dollar, was totally in a panic, as Pérez Jr. kept harassing her, calling her, sending her messages and saying that he would see her at her work.

However, the woman herself told MPD authorities that she did not think Pérez Jr. was actually going to harass her in person at her job at the Family Dollar.

Mission, the city in which the events occurred, is a small town in southeast Texas almost on the border with Mexico and west of the McAllen metropolitan area. Most of the residents are Hispanic.

The story changed when the girl arrived at her work, as she found that Pérez Jr. was indeed waiting for her outside and was very violently banging on doors, yelling and kicking objects.

Mauricio Pérez was creating such a scandal that he even scared the rest of the employees and customers who were arriving early in the morning at the Family Dollar.

The man’s level of violence was such that the store manager had no choice, for the protection of her employees and customers, but to call the emergency number to report the violent paripe outside the business.

Just as Family Dollar employees were reporting the man, they saw him get into his truck and put it right in front of the store’s entrance and accelerate wildly.

The Chevy Tahoe truck, with Pérez Jr. at the wheel, destroyed the entire door of the Family Dollar store located at 1115 E. Business 83, Mission, causing iron, glass and objects to fly everywhere to the panic of the witnesses .

Pérez threw his Chevrolet Tahoe truck into reverse, when the sirens of the first patrol cars were already heard in the distance, and sped off.

In his career, Mauricio Pérez Jr., according to the police report, almost collided with a patrol that blocked his way and when he was going 100 miles per hour escaping from the authorities through the streets of the peaceful city of Mission.

Pérez Jr.’s career lasted so long that he left Mission and agents of the McAllen Police Department (MPD) joined in the persecution, until they were finally able to stop him.

Mauricio Pérez Jr. is already detained in the prison of the Hidalgo County and faces charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle, property damage, escape from arrest, criminal conduct and threats.

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