Chronicle: Latino steals cases of beers and returns to be arrested

Chronicle: Latino steals cases of beers and returns to be arrested. Police are surprised when they see him return to the scene. Alfredo M...

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Policía de Laredo
  • Chronicle: Latino steals cases of beers and returns to be arrested.
  • Police are surprised when they see him return to the scene.
  • Alfredo Menchaca wanted to take his truck when he was caught on the spot.

They say that there is no perfect crime and that sooner or later every criminal commits a mistake with which he pays for his misdeeds, but there are also cases in which criminals are literally clumsy and they give themselves away.

This is apparently the case of Alfredo Menchaca, a 25-year-old who was arrested on Saturday for allegedly stealing four packages of 18 Budlight beers from a convenience store in the city of Laredo (Texas).

According to reports from local authorities, Menchaca arrived at the establishment in a gray Ford F-150 truck.

He got out and went into the business and then had four packs of 18 beers each (72 total) put two boxes on either side of his shoulders and left the store without paying for the merchandise.

An employee who noticed the theft ran after him, but couldn’t reach him, so he went back to the store to call the police.

A patrol was coincidentally in the area and arrived at the scene in a matter of a couple of minutes. But while the uniformed officers were taking the clerk’s statement, something completely unusual happened.

Chronicle Latino steals beers

Alfredo Menchaca, 25, accused of the theft of 72 beers. (Laredo Police)

Menchaca appeared again with the intention of taking his vehicle, which he had left there abandoned, even with the keys in it.

When he noticed the presence of the officers, Menchaca began to get nervous, but when the cashier pointed him out, he knew that they had betrayed him, so he immediately started running towards some nearby apartment complexes.

However, the policemen began to chase him and after surrounding the area they managed to arrest him, although there were no longer any traces of the beers he allegedly stole.

After that brief persecution, Menchaca was charged with robbery and evasion of arrest, two misdemeanors.

Chronicle: Latino steals cases of beers and returns to be arrested

Menchaca is not the first Hispanic and surely he will not be the last to get in trouble with the law for his addiction to drinks.

Last year, another young Hispanic from Georgia was caught behind the wheel of a car after having had “two beers.”

Ronaldo Mazariego Romero’s legal problems began on the night of October 30 when he went to a bar for a drink and then decided to drive home.

Inadvertently, he was drifting out of his lane, which caught the attention of a patrol car. from the town of Norcross.

The uniformed man followed him for a moment until he decided to stop him to fine him and prevent an accident.

After being arrested, Ronaldo showed him an identification from his country, which complicated his situation since in Georgia driving without a license is considered a crime.

The officer questioned him about why he was driving recklessly, to which the driver could not answer.

However, after a few minutes he confessed that he had had “two beers” and everything was recorded on his unit’s camera.

To determine his level of intoxication, the agent took him to the front of his patrol and decided to do the respective tests.

Mazariego did not pass any of the tests and his attitude angered the officer who was questioning him.

And it is that he laughed at every moment with a laugh and said nonsense phrases.


Ronaldo Mazariego Romero at the time he was arrested. (Norcross Police)

The uniformed man made it clear to him that it was something serious, but that he felt he was taking it as “a bit of a mess”, before warning him that it would only complicate his case.

In the end, the law enforcement officer put handcuffs on him and began searching him to see if he had weapons or drugs in his possession, which he did not find.

Convinced that he was unfit to drive due to being intoxicated, he read him his rights and arrested him on DUI charges.

Pity for Mazariego, so much so that it is difficult for most immigrants to get to this country so that once you are here, they commit stupid things that ruin your life.

I hope that this couple of stories that I have shared in my chronicle today in MundoHispánico serve as an example of how we should behave. Until next time.

Chronicle: Latino steals cases of beers and returns to be arrested

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