Chronicle: Latino “Pastor” convinced children to have sex with him

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Chronicle: Latino “Pastor” convinced children to have sex with him
  • Chronicle: Latino “Pastor” convinced children to have sex with him
  • Authorities believe that there are more victims of this religious “pedophile”
  • Police say that he used the “trust” given to him to take advantage of the minors

Chronicle pastor children sex. A new case of sexual abuse involving yet another evangelical church in the United States has just come to light and the alleged culprit is the leader of that small congregation, a man who declared himself a “Christian pastor” five years ago.

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This is Oscar Vera Jiménez, 53 years old and who since 2016 directed the Iglesia Pentecostés Espíritu Santo, based in Siler City, in the state of North Carolina, where the sexual abuse allegedly occurred. The victims were of a couple of teenagers.

The victim decided to expose him after getting tired of so much rape

Chronicle Pastor children sex
PHOTO Siler City Police Department

The reports of the Siler City Police Department show that one of the young men betrayed him after getting tired of having been repeatedly abused and that last Saturday he decided to report his attacker, so as not to allow it to happen to him once again. After hearing his allegations, the police decided to go after the “minister” to hold him accountable.

After questioning the suspect, detectives found evidence that the minor was telling the truth and then placed him under arrest. Vera Jiménez was charged with 30 serious charges, among which are the rape, kidnapping and perversion of minors, crimes for which he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. Filed Under: Chronicle Shepherd Boys Sex.

After the arrest of the religious, another complainant appeared

PHOTO Siler City Police Department

Due to the “position of trust” he held in the church, the authorities feared that the minor who reported him was not the only person abused in said congregation, so now they are investigating whether or not there are more victims of the “perverted” actions of the dial pastor.

And apparently they were not so wrong, because they took longer to arrest him, when another boy appeared practically exposing the same abuses as the first complainant. Because they are minors and possible victims of a sex crime, their identities or other details about them have not been released by the police. Filed Under: Chronicle Shepherd Boys Sex.

Chronicle pastor children sex: They believe there could be more victims

PHOTO Siler City Police

The researchers also consider the possibility that there are more people affected than are members of the church, because due to her position as a religious leader, Vera Jiménez had even positioned herself well among the Hispanic community in her area, according to reports from the newspaper News & Record.

The defendant who has his church registered with an agreement with the Secretary of State, as a non-profit corporation, was confined in the Pittsboro County Jail, where despite the serious charges he faces, a state judge granted him the exit on a bail of a quarter of a million dollars. Filed Under: Chronicle Shepherd Boys Sex.

Hispanic pastor has more than 50 counts of child abuse

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez

“There are several victims and Jiménez faces between 50 and 60 charges” for child abuse, kidnapping and assault, among others, said Chief Wagner, who indicated that the ‘pastor’, whose congregation was not disclosed, took advantage of his position to be able to touching minors.

At this time, the alleged pastor, Óscar Vera Jiménez, is being held in the Chatham County detention center, where he was presented with more than 50 charges against him and with a bail of half a million dollars, according to the police chief.

Chronicle pastor children sex: The first victim

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez 2

According to versions of the Siler City authorities, the first case of rape on the part of the alleged pastor occurred about 50 miles west of Raleigh, where a minor, who was the first victim for which he is accused, was abused. sexually repeatedly over the course of a month.

The local media Chatham News Record reported that, according to the North Carolina Secretary of State, Jiménez registered the Holy Spirit Pentecostal Church of Siler City in April 2016. Since then, the terrible acts that this subject carried out to the kids.

Chronicle pastor children sex: He was arrested last weekend

Hispanic Pastor Child Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez 3

The Hispanic ‘pastor’ is also accused of sexually assaulting at least two minors from his own congregation, and now faces more than 50 charges against him. This is one of several cases for which he is currently being detained, according to the Police Department.

The detained subject, 53, was arrested since last weekend, his abuses were carried out in a period of a month, initially he was accused of 10 counts of kidnapping in the first degree, another 10 of indecent liberties with a child, also He had nine charges of sexual assault and five of legal sexual crime with a minor, according to the news portal. Filed Under: Hispanic Pastor Minor Abuse Charges Óscar Vera Jiménez.

Chronicle pastor children sex: Sex with a minor on public roads

Chronicle Pastor children sex
PHOTO Johnston Sheriff

Another Hispanic who, although he is not a pastor, was also imprisoned in the same area accused of having sexual relations with a minor. This is Manuel Espinoza Quirio, 26, who was caught by Johnston County authorities having sex with a 14-year-old girl inside his truck.

His arrest occurred last month despite the fact that when he was caught by the police, he got out of the car and fled without clothes. It all started when a person called 911 to report that there were strange movements on his property and that there was a suspicious vehicle. Filed Under: Chronicle Shepherd Boys Sex.

They got scared when they saw the patrols approaching

Chronicle Pastor children sex
PHOTO Johnston Sheriff

When the police arrived at the indicated place, they saw the vehicle described by the complainant and when they approached, the door opened, and the naked man started to run. After checking the interior, they found the minor, also without clothes. There is no indication that she was there having intimacy against her will, but because she is a minor, it is already a crime.

After being pressured, the girl revealed the identity of the man she was with and the authorities went looking for him. They found him at home, already changed and well bathed, but despite this, he was taken to prison on charges of sexually abusing a teenage girl. Well deserved that you have it. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time. Filed Under: Chronicle Shepherd Boys Sex.

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