Chronicle: Hispanic man will pay dearly for what he sold to gringa

Chronicle: Hispanic man will pay dearly for what he sold to gringa. The woman died right after buying the product from Jason Carmona. Aut...

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  • Chronicle: Hispanic man will pay dearly for what he sold to gringa.
  • The woman died right after buying the product from Jason Carmona.
  • Authorities hope to send a message to others like him and to consumers.

A 40-year-old Hispanic man and his 21-year-old girlfriend, are now behind bars accused of the murder of a woman. But contrary to what many would believe, this was not a cold-blooded crime or something premeditated, but despite this, the authorities plan to punish them with severity.

According to court records, Jason Carmona and Abigail Pearce are the indirect cause of the death of 47-year-old Sheila Burton, who lived in Union County (North Carolina) until the end of last year when she lost her life after she made a purchase from the accused.

Crónica Hispano sold gringa: It was not just any sale

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
Jason Carmona and Abigail Pearce. (Union County Sheriff)

What Sheila bought from Jason and Abigail was not just anything, but heroin, one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs in the world, according to investigators in this case. The woman made the purchase from them because apparently she was addicted to this drug, but she had an overdose that her body was unable to resist.

On the night of October 20, 2020, rescuers responded to an emergency call reporting a woman who had just suffered cardiac arrest. Medical personnel arrived at the home in a matter of minutes and managed to recover the victim’s pulse, who was immediately transferred to the hospital. (Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)

Crónica Hispano sold gringa: He succumbed shortly after in the clinic

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
The victim was rushed but ultimately succumbed. (Union County Sheriff)

Unfortunately, the woman did not resist any longer and a few hours later in the hospital. After performing the autopsy, the authorities discovered the true cause of his death: an overdose of heroin, so they began to investigate to find who had supplied it.

Detectives with the Union County Sheriff’s Office took a good look at the narcotics and it didn’t take long to discover the provenance of the drug and quickly associated it with Jason and Abigail. Apparently, the person in charge of making this mixture was the man and his mistress, who put it in the hands of the final consumers. (Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)

Crónica Hispano sold gringa: Both face criminal charges

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
This is how they consume heroin (Archive / MH)

After determining who could be behind Sheila’s death, the investigators began to plan how they could catch them red-handed so that they could have enough evidence against them and unsurprisingly, they managed to get away with it just four months later. of the tragedy.

Last February Jason and his girlfriend were finally caught at a traffic stop. They seized 7 grams of heroin ready to be sold on the streets. In addition to the illegal drug possession charge, they were charged with the woman’s second-degree murder, which, if found guilty, could cost them decades in prison. (Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)

Crónica Hispano sold gringa: Rarely do they accuse someone for the death of a consumer

Chronicle Hispano sold gringa.
This is what heroin looks like during its sale (Archive / MH)

It is super strange that the US authorities accuse a person for the death of another who bought them drugs that they sold. Usually they just usually arrest and charge someone for possession or distribution, but it seems that things are turning for the better in the United States, at least in this sense.

In fact, in North Carolina this is the third time in more than a decade that someone has been charged with this crime, although authorities have said it will not be the last and that they hope to do it more frequently going forward. “We are committed to using all available resources to reduce the number of fatalities in our community,” said Sheriff Eddie Cathey. (Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)

They also deserve severe punishment

File / MH

“The rise of opioids and heroin on our streets destroyed many lives, but now that fentanyl is being mixed with so many different drugs; this trend will continue unless we work together to stop it, ”concluded Cathey.

Excellent decision. It seems fair to me that they severely punish the big drug traffickers, but also their accomplices who move drugs at retail, because it is not an unconscious error on their part, because they know well that the poison they sell will end up even at schools and parks, among other places where our children and youth are. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

Chronicle Not a single clue: sadly rare

Honduran Chronicle Swallowed Earth
Chatham authorities are looking for Sergio ‘Yovani’ Rodríguez Pereira for first degree murder. (Chatham Sheriff)

From the moment Ramón was shot point-blank, the Chatham County (North Carolina) authorities began looking for the perpetrator who, as expected, disappeared after opening fire. It did not take long to realize that everything pointed to his brother-in-law Sergio, better known as ‘Yovani’.

Everything indicates that he fled in his vehicle, which he left abandoned a couple of hours later in that same county. Investigators believe that it is possible that someone has picked it up and is helping him hide, so they send him a warning to turn it in or else he will also pay when they find him.

Chronicle Not a single clue: just before last Christmas

(Chatham Sheriff)

The murder of 28-year-old Ramón occurred in the home they both shared on Waterford Street in the town of Siler City, just a couple of days before Christmas 2020, souring New Year’s Eve parties. his family. That’s right, almost five months have passed and the police investigation in this regard has unfortunately not progressed much.

“We have arrest warrants for him. We are actively looking for it. We have probable cause for his arrest, ”Sheriff Mike Roberson stressed to the daily News + Record. “It’s just a matter of locating it. Hope we find it soon, but if it takes years, the orders are still active and will remain active. This is not going to go away. ”

Chronicle Not a single clue: they are looking for it in heaven and earth

(Chatham Sheriff)

The authorities are aware that Sergio may have left the city, the state or even the country, although they know that at least by plane he did not, but they know that leaving is always easier than entering, so they do not rule out that option . However, they trust that even that will not prevent them from finding him sooner or later.

Roberson told News + Record that in the event that he has fled, one day, either sooner or later, he will be prosecuted, since the arrest warrants do not have an expiration date and are in the national database. Any law enforcement officer in North Carolina or any other state will know that he is wanted as soon as they come into contact with him for any reason.

Chronicle Not a single clue: it can also be apprehended abroad

(Chatham Sheriff)

In case ‘Yovani’ has managed to leave the US and reach Honduras, his homeland, it does not necessarily mean that he has already gotten away with it. And it is that, according to Roberson the Interpol (International Police), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Marshals they are also looking for it.

“It’s like he’s disappeared,” Hernández’s older sister Tania told News + Record. “As far as I know, he has not made contact with the family or with anyone, so we have no idea how to find him, how to look for him,” added the distraught woman, who trusts that the murderer of her little brother has not gotten that far .

Chronicle Not a single clue: who is hiding or helping him?

(Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)
(Chatham Sheriff)

From what Tania told News + Record, she is convinced that Sergio has failed to evade justice all this time on his own. He assumes that someone is helping him, even though all those close to him that she knows have told him that they know absolutely nothing about Sergio.

She believes that Rodriguez is more likely to have fled to a close state, perhaps with distant relatives or friends who did not know his brother or know what really happened. “Nobody is going to get anything by being incriminated as an accomplice for helping someone who is fleeing,” said the woman, who invited the community to expose him without any fear.

Chronicle Not a single clue: willing to reward the informant

Honduran Chronicle Swallowed Earth

Ramón’s sister invited the Hispanic community to join the search for her killer. He asks them not to be afraid of lacking legal status or not speaking English. “If you know anything, call the hotline… You don’t have to give your name. You don’t have to come to us, ”Tania told News + Record.

“Your face doesn’t even have to appear. If you give us an idea of ​​where he is … we are trying to bring this crime to justice and, unfortunately, we have nothing, “added the woman, who said she is willing to offer a reward” as gratitude “to anyone who provides information.

Chronicle Not a single clue: the sheriff agrees with Tania

(Filed under: Crónica Hispano sold gringa)
(Chatham Sheriff)

The Chatham County Sheriff also believes in the help of witnesses, albeit anonymous. “Many times people think that the police can find people on their own. But we need the community most of the time. It will take the community to help us find it quickly. Without the help of the people, we would have to find it somewhere by surprise, ”Roberson told the News + Record.

If anyone knows anything about Sergio’s whereabouts, please immediately call the Chatham Sheriff’s Office at 919.542.2911 or 911 at once. He is considered armed and dangerous, so please do not try to confront him. God willing they will find him soon and this unfortunate crime can be solved. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

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