Chronicle: Hispanic family arrested with millionaire shipment

Chronicle: Hispanic family arrested with millionaire shipment Mother and children transported more than $ 1 million worth of drugs San Ju...

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FOTO Alguacil del condado de Gwinnett
  • Chronicle: Hispanic family arrested with millionaire shipment
  • Mother and children transported more than $ 1 million worth of drugs
  • San Juana Barrera declared that she did not know what her offspring were up to

Chronic millionaire family shipment. They say out there that “such a stick, such a splinter”, but there is also a proverb that states that “the spoiled child is a shame for his mother” and I don’t really know which one applies more to the story that I bring you today.

And is that a woman and her two children were arrested in Georgia for trafficking methamphetamine, one of the most dangerous drugs today.

It is about San Juana Barrera, 56 years old; Alex Pérez, 37; and Cresencio Pérez, 32; mother and children respectively.

The trio is accused of transporting narcotics from their home in Texas to a home in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

According to court records, the defendants transferred more than 400 grams of methamphetamine hidden in the tires of their truck on January 25.

What none of them knew is that the agents of the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in English) had been tracking them for some time, after suspecting that they were engaged in the horrendous illegal business of drug trafficking.

Federal authorities, in conjunction with Gwinnett County Police, waited for the family to reach their destination to drop them.

Chronicle millionaire family cargo

San Juana Barrera with her children Cresencio and Alex Pérez (PHOTO Alguacil de Gwinnett)

Once they arrived at a residence in Norcross and began unloading their illicit “merchandise,” they dropped them.

After raiding the home, the agents discovered a total of 400 grams of crystal and liquid methamphetamine that, apparently, they planned to sell on the black market.

Chronicle: Hispanic family arrested with millionaire shipment

It is estimated that the value of the drug could exceed one million dollars.

Faced with such a discovery, the police did not hesitate to arrest the three members of that family, who were transferred to the local prison without the right to bail.

But before incarcerating them, government officials questioned them and realized that, perhaps, San Juana had nothing to do with that mess.

And it is that both Cresencio and Alex confessed that they had decided to bring their mother with them, to “pretend that they were an ordinary family” who was on a routine trip.

They believed that going with the woman who gave them life would arouse less suspicion than traveling two men alone.

In the preliminary hearing that the trio had before a state judge, San Juana stated that she did not know that her children were transporting drugs.

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Cresencio and Alex were waiting for that with that statement and his confession, their little mother who loves them so much, would be released immediately, but they were wrong.

And is that the Gwinnett prosecutor, Bobby Wolf, managed to convince the magistrate that San Juana would receive a “good portion of the cake” when the drug was sold, therefore, it was not released for his bad luck.

Chronicle millionaire family cargo

Despite the confession of her children, the mother was also denied the right to bail (PHOTO MH Archive)

That’s why I told you at the beginning of my story that I wasn’t sure which of the two sayings applies to this trio. But soon we will know, because they will be tried in the next few days for the crimes they are accused of and because there, in theory, the whole truth will come to light.

Thank you very much for reading my column today on MundoHispánico. I’ll wait for you in the morning, as always.

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Chronicle: Hispanic family arrested with millionaire shipment

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