Chronicle: Hispanic ‘ate’ a girl and is practically rewarded

Chronicle: Hispano ‘ate’ a girl and they practically rewarded him. Of the 15 years that fell to him, only four will be in con...

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Video MH / Foto: Sheriff del condado de Hall
  • Chronicle: Hispano ‘ate’ a girl and they practically rewarded him.
  • Of the 15 years that fell to him, only four will be in confinement.
  • Miguel did well, as justice is almost always severe with rapists.

A young Hispanic man from Georgia was spared severe punishment by cooperating with the police, for which he was not tried for raping a girl. Miguel Juan Sebastián, 19, was arrested in the middle of last year when authorities discovered that he had had an intimate relationship with a girl under 12 years old.

The little girl, who was a close relative of Sebastián, confessed everything to the investigators of Hall County Sheriff’s Office. Sebastián was arrested on the spot and during one of the interrogations, he decided to collaborate with the Prosecutor’s Office and in this way obtained a great benefit.

According to court records, the authorities initially charged him with rape and sexual assault against a minor (child molestation) and inducing a child to perform indecent acts, three serious charges that could lead to a sentence of up to two decades in prison.

However, due to his cooperation in the investigation, he agreed to plead guilty only to attempted rape, for which he was sentenced to 15 years.

However, of that time, he will only have to spend 48 months in prison, in addition to the one he has already served, while the rest, under probation. And he was only tried for attempted rape, which, although it is also considered a serious crime, carries a lesser sentence.

The judge in charge of the case also gave Sebastián community work and house arrest.

In the same way, the magistrate prohibited him from having unsupervised contact with any person who is under 18 years of age, except with the biological children he may have. The case had a very unusual end, since generally crimes against a child are punished with the full weight of the law.

Chronicle: Hispanic ate ​​girl

Chronicle: Hispano ate a girl and they practically rewarded him. Miguel Juan Sebastián (Sheriff of Hall)

It is known that other subjects who have been accused of the same, even though the relationship was consensual, received sentences of up to 25 years behind bars.

MundoHispánico will try to obtain the reaction of the victim’s family in this case to find out if they are for or against the authorities’ decision. Thanks so much for reading my chronicle from today. Until next time.

Chronicle: Hispanic ate ​​a girl and they practically rewarded him

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