Chronicle: Hispanic accused of being an ‘abusive babysitter’

Chronicle: Hispanic is accused of being an ‘abusive babysitter’. The woman allegedly tied up one of the little ones she cared...

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  • Chronicle: Hispanic is accused of being an ‘abusive babysitter’.
  • The woman allegedly tied up one of the little ones she cared for.
  • Authorities allege that they will not tolerate this kind of child abuse.

Angelina Centeno found it easy to earn extra money caring for a child whose mother had to go out of the emergency room for a while. The woman took care of the five-year-old boy without imagining that he would end up in the worst problem of his life.

Centeno, a resident of the city of Norcross (Georgia), has just been arrested on a serious charge related to the minor who had been charged with taking care of.

Everything indicates that during the couple of months that she was in charge of the child, the suspect treated him in an incorrect manner, although with the intention of “correcting” him, supposedly.

And is that the policeman found enough evidence that in that period he tied his hands several times so that he would learn not to put his fingers in his mouth.

The authorities indicate that, when confronted, she accepted that she tied him by the wrists because she considered that it was the only way to take away that habit of always sucking her fingers.

The boy’s mother was in the urge to leave, it is unknown exactly what, where and the exact time, but it is known that before leaving she made a search for the ideal person who could take care of him.

Although in case the accusation is true, everything indicates that he was wrong when hiring Centeno’s services.

When the mother returned for her child, she found many marks on his hands and both he and Centeno told her everything that had happened, which is why she called 911 to report it.

The 43-year-old defendant, who resides in a Gwinnett County apartment complex, is now in jail on charges of child cruelty in the first degree, a felony.

Hispanic babysitter abusive chronicle

Chronicle: Hispanic babysitter abuser tied up child she cared for. Angelina Centeno (Gwinnett Sheriff)

Chronicle: Hispanic babysitter abuser tied up child she cared

However, a state judge analyzed his case and when he saw that he had no criminal record in Georgia, he granted him the right to go free after the payment of a bail of almost 6 thousand dollars, much more than what he had been paid to take care of the boy .

Although Centeno is legally innocent of the accusation against him until proven otherwise in court, it would not be news that such abuse did occur.

And it is that there have been so many times that the police have had to intervene to find signs of abuse against children by their nannies.

In fact, on the Internet there are even more than enough videos captured by hidden cameras that parents placed in strategic places when they began to suspect that they were beating their little ones, especially when they still cannot speak to tell what is happening to them.

That is why, personally I have always believed that it is not good to take care of children unless of course, that it is for a very short time and with a close person of absolute trust, preferably a relative of the minor.

And it is that not only is there a high risk of physical abuse when the ‘baby sister’ loses patience, but also of sexual abuse, which is even worse.

For this reason, I think there is nothing better than taking them with you in case of a long trip or that they always stay with their mom or dad.

Thanks so much for reading my chronicle of today in MundoHispánico Until next time.

Chronicle: Hispanic babysitter abuser tied up child she cared

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