Chronicle: Héctor López is arrested for a drug kidnapping

Héctor José López was arrested because he kidnapped a young man who allegedly lost a drug shipment. The FBI investigated the case in Lare...

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Foto: Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Webb.
  • Héctor José López was arrested because he kidnapped a young man who allegedly lost a drug shipment.
  • The FBI investigated the case in Laredo, Texas, where López demanded thousands of dollars from the boy’s family.
  • López alleges that he was only caring for the boy and that the kidnapping was planned by a woman named Nancy.

Héctor José López was arrested in Laredo, Texas, accused of the kidnapping of a teenager whom he held for a drug debt.

López, 30, kept the teenager locked up in a Laredo home while he demanded thousands of dollars from his family to free him since, allegedly, the boy lost a load of drugs that belonged to him.

In the chronicle that you are about to read, the events that are narrated are contained in the arrest warrant against López based on the investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English).

The names of the kidnapping victim and your family will not be revealed in this story to protect your privacy.

At 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, a Hispanic boy was walking through the streets of Laredo when suddenly a car with paper plates pulled up next to him and armed men forced him into the vehicle. .

After midnight on that Tuesday, the boy’s mother received a phone call from a cell phone with a Mexico number informing her that her son was kidnapped and to prepare to pay to release him.

The troubled mother, seized with pain and anguish, asked the man who called her why her son had been kidnapped and the man replied, in Spanish, that the boy had lost a load of drugs that belonged to him.

The alleged kidnapper told the woman that her son had to cross a drug shipment from Mexico to the United States.

So far, the FBI continues to investigate whether the boy had to cross a drug shipment.

Héctor José López, 30, is charged with a felony federal kidnapping charge in Texas. The man said he only followed orders from someone named Nancy. (Photo: Webb County Sheriff’s Office)

After the first call, the man told the mother to be on the phone for instructions.

Hours after the first call, the woman received a video on her phone in which her son was seen tied up, beaten and with various injuries to his face and body.

In the video, a voice, the same as the man who had called him, was heard in the background demanding $ 30,000 to free the boy, since presumably that was the price of the drug he lost.

The woman was terrified and did not know what to do because she did not have that amount of money ready to pay for the release of her son. A new call came to his phone on Wednesday, January 27, at 2:30 p.m.

That call, always coming from a number in Mexico, was his son who spoke and told him to please hurry up to get the money because the men would kill him if he did not pay.

To force her to pay, the men sent a photograph of her son to her Facebook account with his head bowed, eyes closed and more blows to the face. The photograph had a subtitle in Spanish that said “this is not a game.”

A new photograph arrived in which the boy was shown beaten in the face even more and a sign, again in Spanish, said “stupid, they are leaving him alone, it is his fault if he dies.”

The desperate woman did not wait any longer and went to the headquarters of the FBI to report the kidnapping of the boy and who was allegedly kidnapped in the limits of the Laredo metropolitan area.

However, for the agents, the investigation was complicated because the only clue to the kidnapping was the cell phone with the number from Mexico and from the United States they could not track it due to the difference in frequencies.

While the mother was speaking with the FBI and the agents were explaining to her how to proceed to negotiate with the kidnappers, something totally unexpected happened.

From the Laredo Police Department (LPD, for its acronym in English) called the FBI to advise that the kidnapped boy was with them at the headquarters of the corporation.

Federal agents interviewed the boy, who told them that moments before he had managed to escape through the bathroom window of the house where he had been kidnapped and took advantage of a carelessness of his captors.

An LPD patrolman found the boy running down Seymour Avenue and the young man motioned for him to stop and then reported that he had just escaped his kidnapping.

During his testimony, the boy gave an exact description of one of his captors and told him that one of them, the one who was allegedly the leader, was Hispanic and was covered in tattoos.

He also gave them details of the house in which he was held captive and explained how to get there. FBI and LPD agents mounted a covert surveillance operation and after several days they spotted the Hispanic with the tattoos.

The agents arrested the Hispanic man with the tattoos and identified him as Héctor José López and who was identified by the boy as the man who led the kidnapping.

However, the case is still under investigation by the FBI as Héctor José López stated that a woman he only knows as Nancy was the one who planned the kidnapping of the young man for the drugs he lost and that he only obeyed her orders.

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