Chronicle: Free condoms delivered to your home

Chronicle: Free condoms and at home. Michigan is sending special deliveries to its locked-in lovers. In the midst of the protests over th...

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  • Chronicle: Free condoms and at home.
  • Michigan is sending special deliveries to its locked-in lovers.
  • In the midst of the protests over the quarantine … the Department of Health had an “idea”.

Yes, today I’m not going to tell you anything terrible and tragic, that’s what Friday is for. I’m going to tell you something that seems quite peculiar to me and that is happening now, in the midst of the pandemic.

It is not about the dead, it is about not coming more alive.


Look, is that, in the middle of the protests What is in Michigan for how long it will last and how to reopen normal life, the Department of Health has come up with an idea.

They are going to send condoms, condoms, free, yes, you read me correctly, by delivery to whoever requests it.


He Health Department has launched a new free condom delivery service to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases during the current coronavirus pandemic. Ha!

It turns out that this new service comes to replace the free gifts that counties had offered in buildings and bars now closed by the government, authorities said.

“We believe that it is extremely important during this public health crisis to continue supporting our communities to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy, STIs and HIV,” said Lynn Sutfin, spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, to MLive. com.

So the Michiganders they will now receive free condoms in their mailbox, if requested, along with the letter checks from Trump. How are you?

And why condoms? Well, because many homes, think of the Michigan Department of Health, are suffering financially and do not buy them because they do not consider them “essential”. But of course, since the local health centers, which usually give them away, are closed, many people are left without them.

They have already told us that after this quarantine we are going to have many births around the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Many of these children will come into the world without being really wanted, as a result of boredom at home. [vamos a hacer algo, lo que sea], or because of the sad reality of sexual abuse, that there is a lot and we have already talked about it.

And, never forget, that condoms are not there just to prevent pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases.

So, if you have someone to get close to, that is, the partner you’ve been locked up with for a lot of days, and you live in Michigan, you can ask for free condoms.

You have to request them by email at Of course, you will have to give a name and an address. The packages will be discreet and without identifying logos [no se que tu vecino chismoso dice que vas mucho al buzón], with 10 condoms and 10 packs of lube, Suftin said.

Free condoms at home in Michigan, by Mario Guevara

And don’t be surprised if the package arrives with the old-fashioned, handwritten address, because Department employees are working at home.

Perhaps the state wants to satisfy those protesting the quarantine and exchange their weapons for “flowers”, or condoms. Don’t tell me it’s not an incentive to stay home a little longer….

Oh! Brother, we are all tired and stressed. Between the terror of the virus and the economic hardships, we all want this nightmare to end. Having our stores open, meeting, greeting each other without those 6 feet apart … but until that is possible, maybe the “make love not war” thing is a good idea.

This has been my chronicle today, thanks for reading. I’ll wait for you in the morning, as always.

free condoms at home


Free condoms at home in Michigan, by Mario Guevara

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Free condoms at home in Michigan, by Mario Guevara

free condoms at home


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