Chronicle: Deborah Sánchez causes a fatal accident while driving drunk

Deborah Sánchez was arrested in El Paso, Texas, for causing an accident while driving while intoxicated. Authorities say Sánchez made a U...

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Foto: Departamento de Policía de El Paso.
  • Deborah Sánchez was arrested in El Paso, Texas, for causing an accident while driving while intoxicated.
  • Authorities say Sánchez made a U-turn on I-10 and collided head-on with another car.
  • Eyob Demoze Fetene, 33, was unable to dodge Sánchez’s truck and died when he was hit head-on.

Deborah Sánchez was arrested in Texas accused of homicide by intoxication by causing an accident while driving while intoxicated.

Sánchez, 42, was arrested by the El Paso Police Department (EPPD) for a bizarre accident that resulted in allegedly driving while intoxicated on I-10.

Eyob Demoze Fetene, 33, of Arlington, Virginia, died in the accident that Sánchez caused.

The arrest warrant against Deborah Sánchez, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, reveal the details for the chronicle you are about to read.

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, at 12:38 am, a 2015 Ford Edge truck was driving westbound on I-10 through the center lanes and speeding through Sánchez.

Agents from the EPPD’s Special Traffic Investigations (STI) unit reviewed the videos of traffic on the road to determine all the videos on the road to find out what had happened.

Suddenly, for some reason that is not yet clear, when the Ford Edge pickup was about to reach the Hawkins Boulevard exit, in the Cielo Vista South neighborhood, the woman decided to make a U-turn in the middle of the road and returned where it came from.

Sánchez’s truck is then facing the cars in the opposite direction and then decides to continue its journey at full speed.

Deborah Sánchez, 42, took a U-turn in the middle of the road, according to authorities, causing a fatal accident. (Photo: El Paso Police Department)

When Deborah Sánchez tried to drive on the center lanes of I-10 again, she lost control of the Ford Edge truck and hit the containment barrier.

However, the hit against the concrete containment barrier did not stop the career of Sánchez and his truck, which continued erratically in the opposite direction.

The rest of the motorists did what they could to avoid the Ford Edge that was approaching them at full speed changing lanes without sense.

The maneuver of one of the motorists could not deflect the onslaught of the Ford Edge truck that Sánchez was driving in an eastbound direction but through the lanes designated to go west.

A 1999 Nissan Altima car, driven by Fetene, was unable to dodge Deborah Sánchez’s truck and both vehicles collided head-on. Fetene was seriously injured at the scene from the force of the impact.

The impact of the two vehicles paralyzed Fetene’s Nissan Altima at the crash site. But Deborah Sánchez’s Ford Edge truck turned onto the road several times.

José Sentíes, 58, was driving a Honda Accord 2o15 coming home from work and was unable to swerve when he saw Sánchez’s truck head-on. The two cars collided and that stopped the woman’s race.

Sentíes was injured at the scene, although his injuries were not serious, which allowed him to take his cell phone to call the emergency number and report the tragedy that had just happened.

According to the STI investigators, the entire spectacular accident, and for which traffic had to be closed on the I-10 highway, happened in a matter of seconds full of chaos for motorists.

The first EPPD agents who arrived at the scene requested that Fetene and Sentíes be transferred in an emergency by the paramedics of the El Paso Fire Department (EPFD) to an area hospital.

When Fetene arrived at the hospital the doctors could no longer do anything to save his life and the man was pronounced dead in the emergency room due to the severe blows he suffered in the accident.

José Sentíes’ injuries, although serious, did not put his life at risk and according to authorities, the man continues to recover in a hospital.

Deborah Sánchez, who was not injured, was arrested and charged with the felony charge of intoxication homicide taken to the El Paso County Jail. According to Texas State Penal Code the charge of homicide by intoxication is punishable by a minimum sentence of 20 years in jail for anyone found guilty of that crime.

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