Chronicle Danielito: He made his fantasy come true, but the joy did not last long

Chronicle Danielito: He made his fantasy come true, but the joy did not last long. Latino employee accused of hiding camera in women̵...

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  • Chronicle Danielito: He made his fantasy come true, but the joy did not last long.
  • Latino employee accused of hiding camera in women’s restroom.
  • One of his co-workers noticed and betrayed him on the spot.

Daniel Eduardo Portes, better known at work as Danielito, as many of his friends and colleagues called him affectionately, went from being one of the most beloved employees to the most hated. And not for pleasure, because apparently he did something that earned him the rejection of the majority, especially the women around him.

And now they all distrust him, to the point that they will not even believe his good morning or any other of his traditional kind greetings, since after being considered “a kind gentleman” now they look at him as a true pervert. And he has just been arrested on suspicion of having installed a secret camera to spy on them.

Crónica Danielito: he recorded himself placing the camera

Chronicle reality fantasy joy
Daniel Eduardo Portes (Cobb Sheriff’s Office)

According to the report of the Cobb County (Georgia) authorities, Danielito went into the women’s bathroom of the building where he worked and taking advantage of the fact that there was absolutely no one there at that moment, he secretly placed a surveillance camera to be able to spy on them. when they enter to relieve themselves.

But due to his inexperience in the matter, or who knows if because of the nerves to be discovered, Daniel made a mistake: he turned on the equipment before putting it on and supposedly it was recorded from the front, which now the police plan to use as evidence in against him in the trial that he will face in the coming months.

Chronicle Danielito: one of his examines detected the device

Chronicle reality fantasy joy

Everything indicates that Daniel was unaware that the women were not as clueless as he apparently was and that it was only a matter of time before one of them detected the hidden camera. In fact, they didn’t take long to do it. That same day he installed it, one of his former colleagues and now also examiner noticed it.

The woman noticed something strange that she had never seen, took a picture of her with her cell phone and immediately sent it to Scott Niner, owner of the Dangling Carrot Creative company, based in the city of Kennesaw. “Boss, what is this? It looks like a camera ”, the woman told him via text and evidently dismayed.

Crónica Danielito: together they went to the police to file a complaint

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Photo: Shutterstock

The businessman responded immediately to his employee and said: “Take the device with you, leave the building immediately and I’ll look for you outside.” When he saw the accessory, Scott was convinced that it was a camera and they went together to the nearest police station to file a report, but not before leaving some instructions at work.

He told people he trusted to be aware of who was entering that particular bathroom and that was how they detected that Daniel entered and, almost immediately, came out as desperate. Investigators believe he was about to retrieve the camera when he realized it was gone.

Daniel confessed his fault to another colleague

Chronicle reality fantasy joy
File / MH

Being confronted so much by one of his co-workers, Daniel accepted that he was behind it and wanted to beg his mercy, but he couldn’t. By then the relevant authorities were already on their way to work to look for him and question him, as they had just seen him on video from his own camera.

When he was cornered, Daniel had no choice but to confess to them as well, for which he was arrested on charges of setting up surveillance equipment in an intimate place and without the authorization or knowledge of those who used it, which is a serious crime for which could easily spend up to more than a year behind bars.

Crónica Danielito: “This is something very unpleasant”

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Photo: Archivo / MundoHispánico

In an interview with the Atlanta newscast CBS46Scott stated that this experience has left him speechless, as he literally trusted the detained boy. “It is very unpleasant. It’s a situation that I never thought I was going to have to deal with at the company. I just hope that Daniel seeks the help he requires, “he said.

The businessman did not hide his regret that the arrest of his former employee will also affect his loved ones. “I feel bad for his family. What is happening breaks my heart and I feel very sorry for him as a person … I am sad, but it is something that, even if you want to deny what happened, you cannot because it is on video, “he admitted to CBS46.

Crónica Danielito: beware of fantasies

Chronicle reality fantasy joy
File / MH

A psychologist friend once told me that we all have one or more sexual fantasies and that this is part of life and to a certain extent normal. I know that some, for example, yearn to be intimate with two or more people at the same time, others to be with someone of the same sex, and others to younger people, and thus end up becoming pedophiles.

The problem is that in the effort to make these fantasies come true, we cross the thin line of what is legal with what is illegal, which apparently was what happened to Daniel, who apparently yearned for having secret access to the privacy of his former colleagues work, something for which he must now be held accountable to justice. Thanks for reading my chronicle of today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

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