Chronicle: Another dead and injured after pachanga in night club

FOTO Alguacil del condado de Wake
  • Chronicle: Another dead and injured after partying in a nightclub
  • The police say they already have the subject who pulled the trigger
  • Several Hispanics were involved in the violent dispute

Chronicle dead night club. “He was not dead, he was partying” a popular and old song in my country reads, referring to the case of an individual about whom nothing was known and whom everyone believed had died, but who appeared suddenly.

Unfortunately this will not be the case with Eric Hernán Salas Nepomuceno, a young man who has just been killed just after one of his usual parties.

Eric, just 22 years old, was shot and killed outside El Piano Bar, a popular Hispanic nightclub in La cary town (in North Carolina) the night of February 13.

Since that tragic incident was recorded, local authorities began looking for the murderer, but they had not had any luck, until a couple of days ago, when they captured Juan Manuel Calvo Hernández, 21 years old.

Authorities believe it was Juan who pulled the trigger of that firearm that immediately took Eric’s life.

Juan was charged with murder in the first degree, among other serious charges, for which he could be punished with life imprisonment without parole and even the death penalty, according to the laws of that state.

Chronicle dead night club

Juan Manuel Calvo Hernández, 22 years old. (PHOTO Wake County Sheriff)

In addition to finding Eric’s body in the El Piano parking lot, the agents who responded to that emergency call also found three people shot, who fortunately survived the attack.

The injured victims were identified as: Edgar Eduardo Salas Nepomuceno, Naymir Solís, both 22 years old and a girl, Lesly Castillo, 20 years old, all residents of the nearby town of Durham.

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