Chronicle: Ángel Hinojosa, agent of ‘La Migra’, falls for hitting his wife

Angel Hinojosa, a Border Patrol agent, was detained in Texas on charges of beating his wife. Hinojosa, according to the police, hit his w...

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Foto: Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Webb / Video: MH
  • Angel Hinojosa, a Border Patrol agent, was detained in Texas on charges of beating his wife.
  • Hinojosa, according to the police, hit his wife with his belt accusing her of being unfaithful and caused her injuries.
  • The Laredo Police Department detained the federal agent at his home after seriously injuring his wife.

Ángel Hinojosa, agent of the Border Patrol, was arrested in Texas after attacked his wife accusing her of being unfaithful.

Hinojosa, 37, was detained at his home by agents of the Laredo Police Department (LPD) after his wife called authorities to report her husband’s attack.

The chronicle that you are going to read next is contained in the arrest warrant against Hinojosa, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, in the criminal files of the Webb County in Laredo.

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, at 7:40 p.m., the LPD emergency number received a call to answer a report of domestic violence made by a woman in a state of panic.

The patrols showed up at the house marked 8700 Shiloh Rock, in the Las Brisas del Mar neighborhood, north of the Laredo metropolitan area.

Ángel Hinojosa, 37, is in custody accused of a crime of domestic violence that in Texas is considered serious. (Photo: Webb County Sheriff’s Office)

Upon arrival, the agents found a woman outside the house who had obvious injuries to various parts of her body as a result of alleged blows.

The name of the victim will not be revealed in this chronicle to protect their privacy.

The woman told officers that her husband Ángel had just beaten her, even wanting to hang her, accusing her of being unfaithful to another man while he was absent from work.

In her narrative, the victim told LPD officers that her husband had even removed his belt to hit her on various parts of the body.

Angel Hinojosa, a Border Patrol agent, was arrested in Texas after he attacked his wife, accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

According to the victim’s testimony, the abuses had already occurred for several days, as he began to beat her on Friday, January 29, 2021, when he accused her of infidelity by being a prisoner of anger.

The LPD agents, after reviewing the woman, noted in their report that her face was swollen from the blows, severe injuries to her lips and even a woman patrol car testified the reddened marks of blows that she had on her buttocks.

When recounting her story, the victim said that her husband, upon returning from work, had become very violent while still accusing her of the alleged infidelity and around 3:15 in the morning he had even tried to hang her with his hands.

According to the victim, that Sunday passed like a true hell, because the alleged abuse of Ángel Hinojosa did not stop throughout the day and even inside the car he attacked her when they went out to do a shopping.

In despair, the victim took advantage of a moment of distraction from her husband, ran out of the house and went to take refuge in the home of a neighbor whom she saw was working in her garage.

Then she told her neighbor everything she had allegedly just suffered at the hands of her husband Ángel Hinojosa and it was she who encouraged her to call the authorities and report the abuse.

The woman warned the officers that her husband, in addition to being a violent person, had knowledge of handling weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques.

Surprised, the LPD agents asked the woman why her husband knew these things, and she then confessed that her husband Ángel Hinojosa was a federal agent for the Border Patrol.

The LPD agents knocked on the door of the house, armed, and took Ángel Hinojosa by surprise, who was not expecting the presence of the police outside his house. They detained him without resistance.

Hinojosa was taken to the Webb County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and battery against a member of his family and even attempted hanging. The man continues to be detained.

Ángel Hinojosa, according to a statement from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), was assigned by the Border Patrol to the town of Carrizo Springs in the desert.

The man was relieved of his position as a Border Patrol agent while facing his legal situation. As of yet, a judge in Webb County has not determined when his first hearing will be.

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