Chronicle: Alert to the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold

Chronicle: Alert the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold. The key to this massive fraud is in the good ability of the sellers...

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  • Chronicle: Alert the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold.
  • The key to this massive fraud is in the good ability of the sellers.
  • Everything indicates that the mafia behind this fraud is amassing great fortunes.

Hispanics in the United States have become the target of scammers who vilely deceive them into buying them pieces of fake gold.

While it’s not really a new scam, in recent months it has become more common than ever and Latinos are the favorite prey.

Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of immigrants throughout the country have already been victims of these heartless people who, using their vulnerability as undocumented immigrants, managed to trick them into buying their “jewels”, according to the information I have been able to gather.

After being alerted by multiple sources about the proliferation of this type of fraud in Georgia, I decided to initiate a journalistic investigation and what I discovered completely astonished me.

And it is not just any group of scammers, but duly organized gangs that are also linked to certain drug cartels in Mexico and human smuggling.

For several weeks, I decided to hang out in the afternoons at various shopping malls in the areas with more Hispanics in the Atlanta metropolitan area trying to run into one of these groups of scammers.

The first few days I was unlucky, to the point where I almost gave up. However, as the popular proverb says, “he who perseveres, achieves”, and I decided to keep trying, until I finally caught them.

One of my many followers on Facebook sent me a message saying: “Mr. Guevara, remember that you warned us on your page that they were riding in cars offering fake gold? Well, I just ran into two of them, but I didn’t fall ”.

My source even sent me a photo of the truck they were in and gave me precise information on where they were, so I went there to look for them.

I arrived in a matter of minutes at the indicated place in the city of Norcross, but I no longer found them. They must be close, I thought and I was not wrong.

I found them in another nearby shopping center and, surprise, the driver of the vehicle was chatting with another Hispanic driver, his new potential victim without a doubt.

I stayed in my car for a moment to try to record the transaction, but the individuals did not, because the man did not want to buy anything from them or who knows, maybe they convinced him, but the cash they were asking for his junk disguised as jewelry.

I got out of the car and decided to confront them. “Hello friends, I want to see the gold garments you are selling,” I told them. The men were puzzled seeing me.

They knew something was wrong, they felt like they were discovered, so I stopped pretending to be interested and spoke clearly to them.

“I am a journalist, I have been following them and I have well documented everything they have been doing today,” was the white lie I gave them to try to convince them to speak the truth to me and it worked for me.

Chronicle: Alert to the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold

“We know you. The bosses have warned us about you. We are going to tell you absolutely everything, but please do not put our faces in the newspaper or put our names, “the driver told me.

I accepted the deal, because in exchange for not exposing the faces of a couple of people publicly, I preferred to know the origin of all their ruse and that seemed more important to the readers of MundoHispánico.

The subjects, however, did not reveal their identity or give details leading to their identification.

My new source and his companion began by telling me that they were not really doing it because they wanted to, but to pay off the debt for their illegal trip to the United States.

They told me that they were originally from Irapuato, Guanajuato (Mexico) and that there they met people who offered to cover the costs of their trip in exchange for working for them in the United States for at least one year.

As they were unemployed there, like many aspirations, but with little chance of achieving them, they decided to accept the offer.

After violating border controls, they were transferred to an apartment complex in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, where their “headquarters”, that is, their base of operations, operates.

There they have most of the merchandise to supply weekly to all groups (made up of no less than 5 subjects) that, according to my source, exceed 300.

After loading them with the fake jewels that the administrators (four women and one man) bring from Mexico City, where they pay a dollar for each piece, they distribute them throughout the country in cars with plates from different states.

Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas are states where they are present in the southeast region, due to the high concentration of Hispanics.

“The customers have to be Hispanic, because the American does not buy anything on the street and because most of us who are selling do not speak English and because Hispanics, due to their immigration status, will hardly go to the police to report us when they discover that we cheated on them, ”he told me.

Each group is rented rooms in inexpensive motels such as Motel 6 and Super 8 and they are given travel expenses for their food. His workday on the streets begins at 11:00 am and ends around 8:00 pm.

My source assures that their “job” is like any sales business: if they do it well, they give them bonuses and they exalt them before others, which usually arouses envy and jealousy.

Chronicle: Alert to the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold

The source told me that, to earn a commission, it is mandatory to sell at least $ 300 per day, which they achieve with a couple of chains or bracelets and that, thanks to this, the managers of this “mafia” are amassing a fortune in Mexico.

“The key is to be a good salesperson, to move. You have to convince people that you are in need, that you need money to help your mother or a child who is dying of cancer or to remove a relative who is imprisoned with Immigration”, He told me.

Men are deployed outside shops, restaurants, gas stations and shopping centers, while women are in apartment complexes and mobile homes, where they must knock on doors at random.

“You have to know the places, become familiar with the neighborhoods and every day we have to deal with people who do not believe you, who insult you or who send you to hell, but you have to be patient, because more than one always falls and with that you replenish.

According to my contact, good salespeople are even able to convince customers outside of jewelry stores or pawn shops with the argument that they were paid too little for their jewelry, an argument that is credible.

Everyone carries rags to clean their pieces and before leaving the hotel they wash them with soap and valentina sauce and then polish them to shine, but that usually lasts less than 24 hours. Then they turn black.

The pieces can stand being dipped in chlorine and even battery acid, but not for more than two minutes and by seeing that, buyers are convinced that it is real gold.

Sometimes they are even followed to ATMs to withdraw their money and have even accompanied people home.

“In several of the groups there are children, they find it easier for people to believe them,” my source assured me. “Sometimes they threaten to call the police to other aggressive clients or have even shown us their weapons to intimidate us.”

Chronicle: Alert to the community for scams to Hispanics with fake gold

When I asked them why they didn’t just move out and leave the group to stop taking risks, their response blew me away.

“They have extorted us. Since they recruit you in Mexico, something they do every six months, they make you sign blank promissory notes if you leave them, they take away anything you have in your name and if you don’t have anything, their allies there who are drug traffickers are going to kidnap to some of your relatives until you pay the debt, “he says.

According to the boy, at least two of the vendors have already been arrested by the police so far this year, one in Florida and the other in Georgia.

“You learn to lie to the officers. They must be led to believe that we do not sell it as gold, but as fantasy and that is not illegal. As we are never armed nor do we force anyone to buy and all the cars that we drive are all with their respective insurance and drivers with Chicago licenses, they almost always let us go, “he declared.

MundoHispánico he consulted federal authorities about this problem and they said they were not aware.

However, with the information provided by the source, it was discovered that some of those people allegedly involved send between 1,000 and 1,500 dollars each week on behalf of various people in Mexico.

“‘El Marro’ is the one who commands everything from there and here the leader is ‘Perla’, who came here to ask for asylum after her husband was killed,” my source concluded.

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