Today Christopher Ramírez was released from the hospital and returned home

After two days in the hospital, Christopher Ramírez returned home. He was escorted home for 30 minutes by the police. He’s now Juni...

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  • After two days in the hospital, Christopher Ramírez returned home.
  • He was escorted home for 30 minutes by the police.
  • He’s now Junior Deputy Christopher.

This Monday afternoon, Christopher Ramírez was discharged from Texas Children’s Hospital and when he left, he faced the cameras of the reporters, who talked for a couple of minutes with the child’s mother, who thanked all the people who were there and had helped to look for her son.

The boy told the officers that when he grows up he wants to become a policeman. The county sheriff, Don Sowell said at a press conference that the boy could become a Navy Seal, since he had already passed one of the most important tests, which is to survive in the most difficult environments.

Christopher Ramírez returned home: RETURNED HOME

Christopher Ramírez returned home: RETURNED HOME
Photo: Twitter

In accordance with Khou 11After four days in the forest and two days in the hospital, he ended up going home in the company of his mother, who is grateful to the people who supported the cause and managed to bring the minor safely. This Monday, a press conference was held, where it was announced that the minor was discharged and that he received a medal.

Another of the figures present during the conference and arrival at the home was Tim, the man who discovered the little three-year-old boy in the forest. The man confessed that Christopher’s find was ‘a divine call’. They were happy, knowing that the little one was safe and at home. Filed Under: Christopher Ramírez Returned Home

Christopher Ramírez Returned Home: Future Police Officer

Christopher Ramírez Returned Home: Future Police Officer
Photo: Twitter

It was Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell who made it known to the media present that the boy was honored with a junior deputy badge and medal after learning he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up, Khou reported. 11. The officer mentioned that the boy could become part of the United States Army.

“It could be a Navy Seal if it wanted to,” Sheriff Sowell told the media, after it was reported that the minor would be escorted home. “Survival training is over,” he joked with reporters, mentioning the time Christopher stayed in the Grimes wooded area. Filed Under: Christopher Ramírez Returned Home

Christopher Ramírez returned home: He could receive more medals

Christopher Ramírez returned home: He could receive more medals
Photo: Twitter

According to Khou 11, it would not seem strange to the county sheriff if other law enforcement agencies would do the same and give Christopher badges to add to his collection. In addition, he pointed out that he hopes that one day Christopher Ramírez will see his medal again and will remember the effort of people to rescue him from the danger that was stalking him when he was in a complicated area of ​​the country.

“You can look back with pride,” the man assured the media, prompting Ramírez’s mother, Araceli Núñez, to tell the minor to show the medal given to him by Grimes County officials. The child is in perfect condition and happy to return home. Filed Under: Christopher Ramírez Returned Home

Christopher Ramírez returned home: He is part of the family

Christopher Ramírez returned home: He is part of the family
Photo: Twitter

At that moment, the sheriff also confessed that Christopher would be part of the family due to the experiences that were generated in the search and also in his stay in the hospital. He confessed that he had a very special affection for the child and that they would always be attentive to the child’s safety.

“Heartwarming moment: After leading a 4-day rush search, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell told 3-year-old Christopher that he loves him and is now part of the family.” ABC News and who was present at Christopher’s return home. Filed Under: Christopher Ramírez Returned Home

Christopher Ramírez returned home: Escorted by the police

Christopher Ramírez returned home: Escorted by the police
Photo: Twitter

Khou 11, also reported that Christopher was also taken home with a special police and fire escort after he was discharged from the hospital, so the media followed the trajectory and that made the little boy of three very happy. years. Christopher and his mother were very happy to come home.

The escort, which lasted about 30 minutes, began in Tomball and included several law enforcement officers from different agencies. It is the first time in Grimes, that the police make an escort for a minor and they mentioned that Christopher had become a very special member for each of them. Filed Under: Christopher Ramírez Returned Home

The odyssey of the search for Ramírez

 Your grandfather's statements
Photo: Twitter

After four days of searching and without any clue as to the whereabouts of Christopher Ramírez, the 3-year-old boy who got lost while chasing a dog, it was announced yesterday that he was found alive and without any significant injury. This afternoon, his grandfather confirmed that the minor was still hospitalized but that he is in good condition.

The person who found Christopher, Tim, said it was by a miracle that he was able to find him in the forest. He was the one who informed the authorities about the location of the three-year-old boy and mentioned that he had not known the story of his disappearance until he heard it in his Bible reading group; He mentioned that after that announcement, the Spirit told him where he could find the boy.

Your grandfather’s statements

 He's scared
Photo: Twitter

ABC 13, was in charge of obtaining a short interview from Juan Núñez, grandfather of little Christopher Ramírez. The man confessed to the media that the entire family was meeting at the family home in Grimes County, since Saturday afternoon after the news of his discovery was released.

Juan Núñez confirmed that the family was very happy to know that Christopher was in good condition and that the authorities, with the help of the man who reported the minor, could find his grandson. Unlike the search party, they did not want to give up hope of finding the minor, alive.

He’s scared

Wasn't hurt by someone else
Photo: Twitter

Since Saturday afternoon, the minor was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital. His mother, Araceli Núñez, has been the only person to spend time with him and remains in contact with the family through text messages; for that reason, the child’s grandfather confessed that Christopher is very scared and tired.

“My grandson had scratches on his body and face and seemed to be very scared, weak and tired.” Juan Núñez told ABC 13 where he offered a couple of statements, after the news of Christopher’s discovery was confirmed and all the The country will be eager to understand what happened to the three-year-old.

Wasn’t hurt by someone else

 They want me to come home
Photo: Twitter

The child’s grandfather confirmed Tim’s version of how they found Christopher without clothes. Juan Núñez, commented to the media that although the clothes with which he was lost were missing, it does not seem that someone hurt the minor and that everything indicates that it was ‘Chris’ himself who took off his clothes.

“I think Christopher took off his clothes while he was in the woods, but it didn’t seem like someone had hurt him,” Ramírez’s grandfather confirmed to the newscast; The first images that emerge of the boy show an officer cradling the minor in her arms while carrying a white sheet that covers his nakedness. Fortunately, it seems that nothing serious happened to him.

Christopher’s find

In good conditions
Photo: YouTube

The first images of the reunion between Araceli Núñez and Christopher Ramírez, the three-year-old boy who disappeared after chasing the neighbors’ dog, are revealed. Christopher, was four days away from his home and it was when a ‘Good Samaritan’ found him near State Highway 249.

“It’s a miracle,” said the man who found little Christopher. He mentioned that it was from God that he was able to find the little boy and said that he does not see news, so he did not know the story of the minor who disappeared. Fortunately, his mother was able to reunite with her son and they are both at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Good news

"Is alive and laughing"
Photo: Twitter

After giving the announcement that Christopher Ramírez had been found, the media went to where the minor was in the company of his mother and managed to capture the moving images of the reunion. Aboard a van of the authorities, Araceli Núñez hugged her son, after four days disappeared.

Christopher appears to be in perfect condition and looks happy to be with his mother again. According to the authorities, they found the boy in a wooded area and when they were able to retrieve him, his mother was the first person to request to see him; the bailiffs did not refuse the request and allowed him to be on the scene, while they searched the minor.

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