Christian Nodal’s father gives his opinion on the singer’s fiancee (VIDEO)

What does Christian Nodal’s father think about Belinda? Does he want her to be his daughter-in-law? They ask him about the wedding ...

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  • What does Christian Nodal’s father think about Belinda?
  • Does he want her to be his daughter-in-law?
  • They ask him about the wedding between Nodal and Belinda.

Does he support them in their marriage? Father of singer Christian Nodal finally reveals what he thinks about the future wife of his son, singer and actress Belinda, what does he think of the attitude of the singer? And does he agree with his son marrying the children’s soap opera star?

Since they announced their engagement a couple of months ago, Belinda and Christian Nodal have become the center of attention wherever they go, a clear example was their last appearance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards ceremony, where, incidentally, Nodal became the subject of much criticism for the way he acted during the red carpet of the ceremony.

Christian Nodal’s parents talk about their son’s relationship with Belinda

Christian Nodal's parents talk about their son's relationship with Belinda
PHOTO: Instagram

However, this has not prevented followers and loyal fans of this beautiful relationship from being more than excited for the happy couple, waiting for the day when they give more details of what their next wedding ceremony will be.

Given this, and despite the fact that the singer’s mother, Cristy Nodal, has shown that she is very excited about this new marriage bond, little is known about the opinion of her father, Mr. Jaime González, who has been seen very little giving comments to the press regarding the situation of the singer “Bottle after bottle.”

Christian Nodal’s father gives his opinion of Belinda

Christian Nodal's father talks about what he thinks about Belinda
VIDEO: Drop The Soup

Fortunately the reporters of the Program “Suelta la Sopa” managed to have a meeting with the parents of Christian Nodal, and without letting any more time pass, they quickly asked them what they thought about this couple, and despite the fact that Cristy did not say much, her husband this time did not want to remain silent in front of the cameras.

During this meeting, the reporters of the program asked Mr. Jaime what he thought about the relationship his son has with the singer Belinda, to which the young man’s father replied that he was very happy for his son: “I am very happy and he (Christian Nodal) is also very happy ”, with a text quoted from the portal of Telemundo.

He stays out of the controversies and supports Christian Nodal with Belinda

It stays out of controversy; Christian Nodal's father talks about what he thinks about Belinda
PHOTO: Instagram

After this, they could not help but ask Christian Nodal’s father what he thought about his daughter-in-law Belinda, bringing out that the actress had a lot to talk about lately, before this, Mr. Jaime decided to keep his composure and say that “he did not know much about it ”, because Beli led an artist’s life:

“I do not know those things, they are artists and they live things like that, but we are all happy and they are working,” said Christian Nodal’s father when questioned about the controversies in which the singer Belinda had been lately.

What do you think about Belinda? Did he rant about her?

What do you think about Beli ?; Christian Nodal's father talks about what he thinks about Belinda
VIDEO: Drop the Soup

One of the many unknowns that many had was to know what the father of Christian Nodal thought about his daughter-in-law, since although it is known that Cristy loves Belinda very much, the opinion that Mr. Jaime had regarding the interpreter of “Light without gravity”:

Faced with this questioning, the man replied that he did not have to like him but rather his son: “My son has to like him more than me. In other words, if they are happy, we support them, and we are very happy for them, “he said while speaking to reporters upon their arrival at the Mexico City airport.

Do you reveal details of your son’s wedding to Belinda?

Do you reveal details of your son's wedding to Beli ?; Christian Nodal's father talks about what he thinks about Belinda
VIDEO: Instagram

To end this meeting, the paparazzi of the program “Suelta la Sopa”, asked Christian Nodal’s father if he could give them more details regarding his son’s nuptial ceremony with the singer Belinda, since so far he has not known has learned more details and not even the day the wedding could take place.

Mr. Jaime Gonzalez replied that really those who should ask that would be the couple and not them, since they also did not know that information: “I don’t know, I don’t know, you have to ask the couple that,” replied the questions from the reporters of the program “Suelta la Sopa” without giving more details of the future ceremony. VIDEO HERE

Will Belinda get mad? Video circulates of Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend in full concert

PHOTO: Mezcalent

What will Belinda think of all this? The ex-girlfriend of singer Christian Nodal, Lisa Macías, surprises on social networks by telling how was the interaction she had with the Mexican when he was performing in concert in his hometown, assuring that at any moment Belinda’s fiance and her they had exchanged glances.

A few months ago Lisa Macías, who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal, told her love story with the singer through Tik Tok, causing thousands of fans of the singer of the song “Bottle after bottle” to focus their eyes and ears to this young woman from Baja California.

Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend reveals what he felt

VIDEO: Instagram

After this and several weeks later, on October 12, the account of the journalist Nelssie Carillo rescued Lisa’s stories, where the young woman reported through social networks that she had attended the concert that Christian Nodal gave in Baja California, telling her experience through her official Instagram account, where her followers were asking her what it was like to see her ex-boyfriend on stage.

At the beginning of her stories, Lisa recounted part of her experience attending the Nodal event, saying that when she saw the singer she felt too much pride for him: Which one did you share the table, your pens, your homework, your time off and that he told you that that was his goal and seeing him in person realizing his dream and seeing that people paid to see him is very proud ”

They applaud Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend for her reaction

VIDEO: Instagram

Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend later spoke about what she felt when the singer began to perform “Te Fallé”, a song that he composed for her: “Neta felt so beautiful that a little piece of my life is reflected in something almost worldwide, that song means a lot to me because someone could make art with me history”.

Another question they asked the alleged ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal the most was that if Belinda’s fiancé realized that she had attended his concert, to which Lisa Macías reported that she had, and they had even exchanged glances when Nodal was still I was above the stage …

Christian Nodal and his ex-girlfriend: Do they make eye contact in full presentation?

VIDEO: Instagram

In her story, Lisa Macías said that at one point she stood on a chair and then a spotlight illuminated her, causing Christian Nodal to realize that his ex-girlfriend was there: I stop in a chair, I was up to the front, in the gold zone, and I took off my hat and I was not wearing a mask, and then the lights began to shine on the public and between that I was with the hands up following the song, he turns to see me and in the middle of the song he smiles at me and holds my gaze for about 10 seconds ”

Lisa recounted the great feeling she felt when she had that gaze crossing with Christian Nodal, to such a degree that she did not even believe it: “Then my friend who was next to me said ‘I JUST SEE YOU'”, to which she young man at the bottom of the video put: “And I like this: SIII, I thought I was hallucinating.”

Where was Belinda who didn’t notice the ex?

PHOTO: Mezcalent

To close with her statements, the former Christian Nodal reported that Belinda was at the concert, and that even during her presentation Nodal dedicated the most romantic songs to her: “I didn’t see her honestly, but how beautiful the truth is, because yes He mentioned her and in the most romantic songs he said ‘for you my love’ ”.

After this, Lisa Macías said that she did not feel prudent to go to greet him since he was already making his life, in addition to the fact that she already had a boyfriend: “Honestly, I did not feel prudent as to look for him, I went to enjoy his music (… ) You have your wife next to him and he already has a whole family and time with him, and I already have my boyfriend, so no, I didn’t expect anything like that ”, he concluded. Some images in this note come from this and this videos

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