Christian Nodal appears scantily clad in Tik Tok video

The 22-year-old singer appears shirtless in video Reveal your tattoos while boxing Followers call him reggaetonero Christian Nodal appear...

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FOTO: Mezcalent / Video: MH
  • The 22-year-old singer appears shirtless in video
  • Reveal your tattoos while boxing
  • Followers call him reggaetonero

Christian Nodal appears in Tik Tok video with tattoos in the air and scantily clad and turns on social networks. However, users criticize him for walking “so scratched from the body

Singer Christian Nodal has become one of the most coveted artists in the entertainment world, and at 22 he has surprised the public with his talent and gallantry, which even managed to melt Belinda’s heart.

The interpreter of “Tell me how you want”, Song that he shares alongside Ángela Aguilar, has also stood out as one of the most handsome of the Mexican regional genre, where his fan club is impacted, to such a degree that his videos and photos are republished on all social networks.

Christian Nodal little clothes

VIDEO: Tik Tok. @lasmachiwitasdenodal

Like a video of him posted on the Tik Tok platform, where Belinda’s boyfriend appeared shirtless while practicing boxing, which caused several sighs among Internet users.

The video was shared by the account @lasmachiwitasdenodal, a profile that is dedicated to publishing several Tik Toks related to Christian Nodal.

In the fragment it is possible to see how the 22-year-old singer appears only in pants, while his hard torso was exposed, causing his tattoos to be the main focus of the video.

As if that were not enough, it is possible to see almost at the end of the video, how the Mexican took the cell phone, while he presented his boxing instructor, to later begin his practice.

In the text, the singer wrote various messages, such as: “Independent, I am a reference for my people, very macabre plans that happen in my mind”And everything seemed to indicate that this video had also been shared on his official Instagram account.

Despite the fact that Christian Nodal looked very handsome with little clothes and practicing boxing, followers criticized him for being so scratched on his body, calling him even reggaetonero. You can watch the Tik Tok video here.

Various comments began to arrive on Christian Nodal’s Tik Tok video, where the more than 159 thousand followers of the page were delighted with the beauty of the singer.

A follower said that it was undoubtedly a good attraction: “What a surprise, you sing, dance and box, you are a good book, and active, congratulations”

Another girl wrote that Christian Nodal was always going to look great with everything he did: “Whatever you do, you always look good, you’re a cool man”

Christian Nodal tik tok

VIDEO: Tik Tok. @lasmachiwitasdenodal

On the other hand, some followers went against Christian Nodal’s video, where users highlighted that he looked like a reggaeton player with so much scratch on his body:

A follower wrote: “A rancher tattooed as a reggaeton player, someone explain to me”

To which several followers came out in defense of the singer, stating that his tattoos had nothing to do with the genre he sang:

VIDEO: Tik Tok. @lasmachiwitasdenodal

“Why discriminate the tattoo? It is body art like any person, you can also sing with your mouth, not with tattoos ”,“ Gender does not make the person, that they tattoo everything, even if they sing what they sing, they are also handsome and he is an excellent artist ”, were some of the many comments that the video of Cristian Nodal received with little clothes, while leaving his tattoos in the air.

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