Christian Nodal and Belinda devastated! Is this the end of their careers?

Is the Christian Nodal and Belinda ‘Nodeli’ moment over? They claim that their careers are hanging by a thread. Why are they ...

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  • Is the Christian Nodal and Belinda ‘Nodeli’ moment over?
  • They claim that their careers are hanging by a thread.
  • Why are they banned from several companies?.

IS IT THE END OF THEIR CAREERS? Several record companies have apparently been closing their doors to Christian Nodal and Belinda. This concerns the performers because, at the beginning of the year, they were extremely happy and enjoying being one of the most popular couples in the world of entertainment.

Some local media say that the singer of ‘Botella tras botella’ is furious with Universal Music and wants to stop working with said record company as quickly as possible. Though, it is known that they have been negotiating and the singer has been unwilling to accept any agreement. The problem has worsened, to a level where Belinda could be negatively affected due to her recent involvement with the Mexican singer.


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According to El Universal, Belinda and Nodal are not having a good finish to the year and it seems that they have more problems that could jeopardize their music careers. Everything indicates that Christian Nodal has not been able to reach an agreement with his record label and without a quick solution, the singer could face a legal dispute.

The performer of ‘De los besos que te di’ seems to want to free himself from the contract he has with Universal Music. The tension could have increased when the Mexican Association of Record & Video Producers, sent a serious letter to all platforms and record companies, stating that ‘no one should produce, broadcast and cooperate’ with the singer.

Nodal Belinda banned: What happened to Nodal?

Nodal Belinda banned: What happened to Nodal?
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Christian Nodal, on several occasions has expressed his discomfort with Universal Music and through tweets has hinted at the bad relationship that exists between them. El Universal states that the Mexican had already said that he was in a ‘toxic relationship’ with the label and that he made music for the heart, not for the sales it generated.

“I make music for the heart, not for numbers or fashions.” The singer wrote on Twitter in April, although at first it was believed to be related to his constant ‘rivalries with other singers.’ But, days later he wrote: “Don’t tell me to hurry up to make music that for my part is all ready from uuuuuhhh. You have to tell the record company to get to work”, which would indicate his bad relationship with the company. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

Nodal Belinda banned: Was there a negotiation?

Nodal Belinda vetoed: Was there negotiation?
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According to El Universal, the Mexican singer has already been in negotiations with the company that is sponsoring and producing him, but so far there is no indication that the relationship will improve. The problem has been increasing and everything seems to indicate that no figure, promise or duet could make Nodal accept the proposal of the company.

Could he get out of the contract? Christian Nodal did not reach an agreement regarding the renewal of his contract but cannot withdraw from the company, according to the Mexican newspaper. Currently, the famous singer’s career is in limbo and has a great chance of turning into a legal dispute. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

Nodal Belinda Banned: A Betrayal?

Nodal Belinda Banned: A Betrayal?
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Everything seems to indicate that the singer despaired and signed with another record company, who produced his single with the MS Band and Belinda, the person who directed the famous video. Although, things could get complicated because Christian Nodal still has an current contract with the Universal Music company, according to El Universal.

With a current contract he’s unwilling to fulfull, Nodal was threatened by the label because he would be legally in breach with the company that helped to start his career. Universal Music was very clear with the singer and now he will have to ‘comply’ with their stipulations. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

Nodal Belinda Banned: A Warning?

Nodal Belinda Banned: A Warning?
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The situation has gotten out of control and there is already an order to prohibit platforms from disseminating Nodal’s material. A letter was released by the Mexican Association Record and Video Producers, containing a warning for whoever hires Christian Nodal.

El Universal pointed out that the letter contains a warning to refrain from hiring, disclosing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, exploiting and/or selling any type of music recorded by Christian Nodal. It states that everything must be approved by Universal Music. The problem could corner the singer into making him fulfill his obligations. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

Nodal Belinda Banned: Would he be banned?

Nodal Belinda Banned: Would it be banned?
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According to the warning issued in the letter of the Mexican Association of Record and Video Producers, if the singer doesn’t comply with the contract stipulated by Universal Music, he could be banned from: YouTube, Spotify and Amazon, Google, etc., as well as television stations such as Azteca, and companies such as Ocesa and Live Nation, El Universal reported.

Unfortunately, the singer could lose the royalties stipulated for his previous productions. He could also be hit with various debts, among which the income obtained during his time with Universal Music would be the most important. But, he would not be the only one having serious problems with the record company that is putting his career in limbo. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

Are they being sued?

Are they in demand?
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El Universal brought to light a possible lawsuit between the Universal Music company and Sony Music Entertainment Mexico, before the single released by Banda MS and Christian Nodal, entitled “La Sinvergüenza”. This single was released in September 25 of the current year. The situation is increasingly tense and could indicate that Nodal’s next album, will not go on sale.

“You are informed that Universal Music Group México SA de CV has promoted precautionary measures before the judge of the case against JG Music SA de CV, Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez, Christian Jesús González Nodal, also known by his stage name Christian Nodal, Jesús Jaime González Terrazas, Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga and / or Banda de Sergio Lizárraga known as Banda MS Operadora de Centros de Espectáculos SA de CV (Ocesa), Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., Promotodo México SA de CV, Producciones Landon SA de CV, Sony Music Entertainment México SA de CV, Sony BMG Music Entertainment México SA de CV, The Orchard,” mentions the lawsuit issued.

What happened to Belinda?

What happened to Belinda?
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Belinda is also being implicated in the Universal Music lawsuit and could face serious consequences. According to the document, the young woman is being warned not to produce or disseminate material where her fiancé Christian Nodal appears. It seems that the problem worsened when her participation in the Banda MS and Nodal video clip was announced.

“Belinda Pellegrin should refrain from carrying out, producing, exploiting, promoting, commercializing, disseminating or recording any video clip, video, recording, sound recording with the solo and/or joint performance of the future defendant Christian Nodal,” said the lawsuit issued.

A hint to Universal?

Indirect to Universal?
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On October 27, Nodal tweeted a few words and his followers automatically started tagging Universal. The singer mentioned that they wanted to ‘make him trip’ and it hadn’t worked for them. His fans sent messages of support, stating that the situation would improve soon and that a new era for Nodal was beginning.

“They wanted to make me trip and we broke their leg.” Wrote the singer of regional Mexican music and he was supported by his fans. “Never allow anyone to clip your wings to fly and continue to fulfill your dreams,” wrote one of his followers in response, showing the deep love they have for their favorite singer.

A complicated streak

The fan returned the ring to Christian Nodal's team

It is announced that during Christian Nodal’s concert, a fan revealed that she had kept the performer’s ring, causing the girl, who is known in that city for being the carnival queen, to be harshly criticized by fans of Belinda’s fiancé.

It was last October 20 when the singer Christian Nodal appeared in the city of Mazatlán Sinaloa, after this and during the performance of one of his greatest hits, the Mexican got off the stage to greet some of his fans and shake hands.

Was Christian Nodal’s ring stolen?

Was he stolen with Christian Nodal's ring?
VIDEO: Instagram

It was there where the mishap occurred. One of the spectators, who goes by the name of Libia Gavica and was the supposed queen of the 2020 Mazatlan International Carnival, took the expensive skull ring that Christian Nodal was wearing. Through the videos that circulated on social media, it is possible to see how the moment he greets her, his ring remains in her hands.

After this, it looks like the girl starts yelling “The ring, the ring!” after realizing that she had the jewelry in her hands. She was shouting to Nodal’s team that she had it and was presumably trying to give it back, however none of those present noticed. The young woman caused a great commotion among those who were there and attacked the young woman for such a bad ‘mistake’.


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