Chiquis Rivera’s ex-husband asks to vote, but people notice something sad on his face (PHOTO)

Chiquis’s ex-husband calls to vote in the next US elections, but they notice it sad People immediately relate his face to the separ...

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  • Chiquis’s ex-husband calls to vote in the next US elections, but they notice it sad
  • People immediately relate his face to the separation he suffers with the daughter of the singer Jenni Rivera
  • Many fans encourage him to keep going and others don’t understand why she “let him go.”

Lorenzo Méndez, ex-husband of Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera, calls to vote in the next presidential elections on November 3 in the United States, in his account of Instagram, but they notice a face sad about their separation and worries their fans.

It all happened through a photograph that he published on his social network to promote the free voteHowever, the focus was on his face, which looks a bit sad and people linked it to his recent estrangement with the singer.

In this photograph, the also singer did activate the function of receiving comments and that is why people were able to comment on his face.

Image taken from Instagram @ lorenzomendez7

In the image, Lorenzo Méndez appears with a cap from the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, while looking at the horizon and the United States flag in the background.

As it became known a few weeks ago, Chiquis Rivera announced through his Instagram account that now the two would separate, after several failed attempts in the relationship.

Since then, both have been very active on social networks by posting certain messages with dedication, however he seems to be the most hurt.

Recently she showed her happiness at being nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards and he continues with thoughtful messages and photographs.

Before this publication, the ex-husband of Chiquis Rivera, who has a sad face, went up in his stories that he wanted to be cremated when he died and that his ashes would serve as compost to plant a tree.

On the next page we will leave you the most controversial comments about the most recent publication in which he calls his fans to vote in the United States elections.

The publication of Chiquis Rivera’s ex-husband who comes out sad, who calls his fans to vote, has been so successful that until the morning of this October 14, 2020, it exceeded 11,500 reactions of likes and passed 160 comments.

Some people immediately noticed that his face was sad and they told him: “Very sad Lorenzo”, “I love that look, your peace and serenity inspires, blessings”.

Then another person noticed the same thing on his face: “Your little face looks sad! Blessings Lorenzo, when love is strong and sincere, everything can be done… courage! Greetings from Dallas, Texas! ”.

Another woman was deeply concerned about the face that Lorenzo Méndez presented and said so: “It hurts me to see you like this. The truth hurts me that they are separated, but God will do the miracle ”.

“Don’t cry, just remember”, “I vote that you are mine”, “beautiful, how is Chiquis going to leave that hottie?”, “God bless you Mr. Méndez”, more followers told him.

Image taken from Instagram @lorenzomendez

Even seeing the sad face of Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera’s ex-husband, when he asked to vote in the United States elections, a person made him a recommendation.

“Smile, mijo. I am a native of El Paso and I tell you mijo, life is not easy. We just have to take the bull by the horns. I wish you nothing but the best. Learn from our own mistakes ”, he highlighted.

But immediately some fans regretted that Jenni Rivera’s daughter let him go and one of them commented: “Wow! How cool you look! What the Chiquis let go! ”.

“Share some advice, put your feet on the ground, you became Rivera, even the Spanish forgot you, go back to singing, it’s your thing, that will help you, with a band or norteño, but give it my friend, excuse me, but do not think that I offend you, just a piece of advice ”, said a man.

However, one person warned him: “Having anxiety and depression could be terrible! What worked for me was getting outside as soon as I felt it coming every day. “

He added: “I would walk, run and stay outdoors for long periods of time. Have faith that God is in control! This period will make you stronger so that you can have the strength to face anything ”.

Image taken from Instagram @ lorenzomendez7

After asking people to come out to vote in the next US elections, people noticed the obvious sad face of Chiquis’s ex-husband, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, and began to encourage him to move on.

“Go ahead Lorenzo, there are many women like her”, “still praying for her marriage to be restored! Do not give up “,” I hope you do well “,” I vote that you and Chiquis reconcile “, were some words of encouragement from his followers.

But one person sent his regards and wished him well: “You are such a precious human being and you deserve nothing but the best. Keep pedaling. You can with everything you are facing and with more my love. Everything will be fine. Why are you not smiling? I love to see you smile”.

“You need your better half, your love, I understand you, I’ve already gone through that and it’s sad”, “Peel pa ‘lante mijo, you’re reluctant, how many girls would be crazy to go out with you”, “Cheer up, Lorenzo.”

Someone recommended: “Change that sad face because God is with you and you will lack nothing, when a door closes there are 20 that open, nobody is indispensable in this life, only God and if you have him you have everything, courage May God bless you greatly ”.

Husband Chiquis Rivera sad

Image taken from Instagram @ lorenzomendez7

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