Chiquis Rivera shows her body in a white bathing suit on top of a rock and between palms (PHOTOS)

An incredible photo of Chiquis Rivera in a white swimsuit appears. Jenni Rivera’s daughter shows off her curves to advertise her be...

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  • An incredible photo of Chiquis Rivera in a white swimsuit appears.
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter shows off her curves to advertise her beauty products.
  • Chiquis gets naughty and shows a lot of skin

.Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit. After being seen with her new boyfriend, the controversial singer Chiquis Rivera appears in a photo showing off her body in a white swimsuit, a photo that has left many of her followers on social networks craving for more.

The pictures were shared through an Instagram account created by Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s fans, where you can see the artist posing very sensually for the camera and promoting her new cream, which she is holding in her right hand.

Chiquis Rivera appears in a swimsuit

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit

Not long ago Chiquis Rivera was caught in a recording with her new love Emiliano, in this video the celebrity is kissing with her new boyfriend, which was recorded by her own mother Doña Rosa, now Mrs. Rosa’s granddaughter is cheeky to promote her beauty products.

Immediately the Internet users did not wait and the image where the singer appears wearing her daring white swimsuit, the compliments and compliments were present, there were also some criticisms that different users made her in the post.

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: Chiquis more sensual than ever

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit 2

There is no doubt that since her separation with the singer Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis has raised the temperature on social networks, looking more sensual than normal, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has appeared wearing tiny outfits, bikinis and sometimes even completely naked, captivating his fans.

But it was not until the musical artist underwent intense training and a strict diet, which has generated a great controversy, since Chiquis assured that her new figure had been achieved by ingesting lemon water, but many Internet users affirm that she underwent surgery to reduce your waistline.

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: Advertise your beauty products like nobody else

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit 3

Chiquis Rivera has been characterized by captivating her followers with her voluptuous rearguard, and she has taken advantage of it, since now she has announced her beauty products, showing off her figure, as on this occasion the singer dazzles in the pool to promote her cream .

In the Instagram account a video was shared where Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-partner appears with her sensual swimsuit with her back to the camera, displaying her rear, while raising her hands in which she holds a beauty product, leaving her mouth open to users.

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: “You no longer know how to get money”

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit 4

Although the singer captivated several followers, there were those who did not hesitate to criticize her, since they consider that she only seeks fame by showing her body unnecessarily: “¿¿ What was the need to show such a horrible video as soon as you throw yourself to the ground ”, said one user.

“When there is no talent, there are other things to continue succeeding in any case”, “Better make a porn magazine and that’s it. Your mom wasn’t like that! He did not show himself to be famous ”,“ You don’t know how to get money anymore ”,“ Girl, if you are promoting a cream, you must put in the comments or something with ingredients, I do not see the sense of that ”.

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: Chiquis Rivera shows off her prominent butt

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

The singer Chiquis Rivera, turns on social networks again, now moving her butt mercilessly to promote a new product: “I, like many women, suffer with cellulite on my legs, as well as on my buttocks… that’s why it was very important to me. formulate a product that not only helps me, but also other women who share this ‘dilemma’. Especially in these hot days, when we all want to walk with little clothes or in a bikini, “said the singer.

In this image, Chiquis Rivera did not go with half measures and turned her back to the camera, exposing her prominent rear in the foreground while enjoying a pleasant time at the edge of a pool (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: “What Tempo and Emiliano wear”

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

The followers of Chiquis Rivera were not left with the desire to enjoy her full-body beauty, now they are, looking straight at the camera, wearing a white swimsuit with a yellow sarong and her hair down. Her beauty is indisputable and no one will remember her butt.

“You are incredible”, “You are art”, “Precious”, “Beautiful”, “A heart attack”, “Queen”, “Mamacita”, “As Marco Antonio Solís said, where are we going to end up with so much that you see? nowadays? ”,“ Buttock queen ”,“ What does the Tempo and Emiliano wear ”, commented the Internet users.

Chiquis Rivera white swimsuit: “And that also with water and lemon?”

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

Finally, in this series of images in which Chiquis Rivera moves her butt mercilessly to promote a new product, she reveals one of her shapely legs in the foreground. The compliments, both the ‘romantic’ and the ‘risque ones’, continued to be present.

“Pin … nalgona”, “That’s what … no fuck …”, “If I’m spanking you grabbing”, “And that also with water and lemon?”, “I would like to be ped … to thunder between those buttocks”, “Lorenzo misses that”, “Why do you have everything, baby?”, “How cool of what …”.

They destroy her in criticism

Instagram photo spicy girl

But not everything was praise for the singer Rivera after she decided to move her butt to promote a new product, since on the Instagram account of Chica Picosa users reacted in different ways, where criticism predominated:

“They don’t want to put the cream on”, “He wants us all to swallow his lies like his Keto book and his lemon water”, “Oh my God, ridiculous”, “Oh, guácala”, “Very fine person as always “,” The rest is too much, it is already falling into the vulgar “,” Poor thong “,” And worse things will come “,” Will Chiquis be right in the head? “,” Poor mother, is twisting in the afterlife ”,“ He has square cheeks ”. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera White Swimsuit

Chiquis Rivera is “unleashed”

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

Criticism of the singer mattered little after a few days ago she posed again without clothes to send a forceful message through social networks. “Love yourself, accept yourself and approve yourself as you are… and if you want to make some arrangements here and there, it is also worth it. Be yourself and throw some honey on those salty bees with your confidence, ”wrote Jenni Rivera’s daughter using the English word“ bee ”to make several analogies.

It did not take long for fans and famous friends of the artist to show their support in the face of the wave of criticism she received just a few days ago. Singer Larry Hernández expressed the following: “You enjoy, friend, that even if you do good, this ball of verg… you will never like it. We love you”. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera White Swimsuit

“Let all the leather fall off”

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

Several people did not completely believe in the forceful message that Chiquis Rivera shared, who again appeared without clothes, since if there is something he has been harshly criticized for, it is for abusing the filters, and they even assure that he has undergone different surgeries to shape her body.

“If you really accept yourself as you are, do not use filters, naturally, that all the leather falls off”, “Exactly, love yourself, accept yourself as you are, but not showing your buttocks either and it is not envy, thank God I love my body just as I am and I don’t need to go around teaching the public ”. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera White Swimsuit


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