Chiquis Rivera reappears ‘something strange’ on his face after announcing his separation from Lorenzo Méndez (PHOTOS)

FOTO: Mezcalent
  • What a surprise Chiquis Rivera’s admirers get
  • The singer reappears after announcing her separation from Lorenzo Méndez
  • Users discover something to Jenni Rivera’s daughter and do not hesitate to tell her

A couple of days after he announced his separation from Lorenzo Méndez through his social networks, the singer Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, reappears, but users discover something that did not leave them very calm.

It was through the account of Instagram of his grandfather, Pedro Rivera, who could see how Chiquis Rivera reappears, who was married to Lorenzo Méndez for a little over a year, approximately.

Chiquis Rivera reappears after announcing his separation from Lorenzo Méndez and something is discovered by Pedro Rivera Lupillo Rivera daughter of Jenni Rivera

PHOTO Instagram Pedro Rivera

On the verge of reaching 6 thousand “likes”, this publication by Pedro Rivera shows him together with his grandchildren Johnny and Chiquis Rivera, who were present at a concert of the Tour in the field, which they organized in order to thank to the peasants for the work they do and more in these times of pandemic.

“Of the happiest days of my life, I am happy and proud with my blood @juanangeloficial @chiquis #familiarivera #juntossomosmasfuertes”, was what Pedro Rivera posted.

And despite the fact that in this image you can see Jenni Rivera’s daughter smiling, there is something that did not convince her fans.

“Linda Rivera family !!! Chiquis, it’s good that you already separated. Second parts no longer work much, it is the same of the same ”.

This same person sent the following advice to the singer: “Focus on your race, you have everything ahead of you to succeed, I send you a big hug. I know it is difficult, but my queen can be done ”.

Other people did not hesitate to try to cheer him up: “Chiquis is beautiful, what a blessing, congratulations”, “Chiquis looks divine.”

But this would not be the only photograph that Pedro Rivera would share, and in it, Jenni Rivera’s daughter is seen with a better face.

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