Chiquis Rivera poses with a bodysuit and reveals a ‘secret’ about her nationality on Mexico’s Independence Day (PHOTO)

Chiquis Rivera shows off her bodysuit figure in full celebrations for Mexico’s Independence Day In addition, he reveals his true na...

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  • Chiquis Rivera shows off her bodysuit figure in full celebrations for Mexico’s Independence Day
  • In addition, he reveals his true nationality and his feelings about the country of the green-and-white flag
  • Either way he is not spared from some criticism from people for his body

Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera boasts figure with a photograph of a Mexican bodysuit, very close-fitting that shows most intimate parts, as a way to celebrate Independence Day and clarifies Mexico’s secret, where it says that he was not born in this country.

This publication in his bill Instagram has caused so much commotion, not only because of the daring outfit that he uses with the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) but because of the revelation that the wife of the singer Lorenzo Méndez made about his true nationality.

The statement was so shocking that many fans did not believe what she said, but others congratulated her, but as on other occasions, some did not stop criticizing her for everything.

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

In her publication, the singer posted the following message: “I was not born in Mexico, but I proudly consider myself 100% Mexican… and today I celebrate my dear Mexico! It is a unique country, unmatched! The people, the food, the music, the beaches, the applause! Everything”.

And he finished to the happiness of his followers on social networks: “I miss you, but today I remember you with a lot of love. Simply thanks!”.

In the first photograph the singer appears from the front and in the background the colors of the Mexican flag, while she holds the microphone and sings a song.

Above comes the phrase Viva México, as a celebration for the independence of that country that is celebrated this September 16.

The message left by Chiquis Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, shook the most sensitive fibers of some people and they did not hesitate to make a comment about it to Mexico.

On the next page we will leave you all the signs of affection and others not so much, of the people before the disclosure that they made about their nationality.

People immediately began to comment on the revelation made by Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, about Mexico and her true nationality.

“Aha, there is no way to say that you are from the United States”, “then you speak more Spanish”, “you are a gringa, you do not have Mexican documents”, “it does not matter if you were born in Mexico or in the USA as long as you have Mexican blood and you already armed Mexican parents Chiquis and how beautiful you look and beautiful ”, more people told her.

Someone else commented: “I don’t understand how you say you feel that your roots are Mexican if you actually reflect English as the main one in your language, when you know that your biggest fans are Latino and you hardly ever speak Spanish, weirdly at the same time, hello.”

“You don’t need to be born in Mexico, to be Mexican or feel Mexican because Mexicans are born where we want to. We carry it in our blood. Viva México ”, another admirer told him.

“With all due respect, one is not so much where you are born but where your blood comes from, where your parents are from, even if you were born in another nation, but if your parents are Mexican, you are more Mexican, your roots and culture is from Mexico even if you were not born in Mexico because it is the blood and your roots that identify where you are from ”, another person explained.

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

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However, the critics did not stop falling to her social network when she revealed that she was not born in Mexico, and many people did not like Chiquis Rivera’s statement.

“Mrs. Chiquis, you have no talent for singing, and you are ridiculous in the way you dress, it does not match your age, you are known as ‘chavo ruca'”, said another person.

“Just as beautiful as your mom, well she was prettier! It’s a lie just playing, long live Mexico ”, one of the people told her on her Instagram account.

But the affection of the people began to shine after the criticism: “Guara just like your mommy, God continue to bless you, congratulations to your beloved Mexico.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a beautiful example of your mom, that we feel you are ours, long live Mexico, cheers”, “you don’t screw up when you tell your children that they are Americans, that’s fine”, “A Mexican is born where he is given the ching … he wins: Vargas,” said more followers of Lorenzo Méndez’s wife.

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

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Suddenly, other people became more analytical at Chiquis Rivera’s comment about the country of Mexico and his nationality.

“I do not deny that Mexico is beautiful, but do not say unequaled because there are other countries that are better”, “you do not even know how to sing, but keep doing your little fight”, “up beautiful, you do not need to be born in Mexico, poor ignorant people who They criticize, it is because they are a shit… of envious people, beautiful above, ”said more people.

But the controversy did not stop in the middle of all this revelation: “His fans are mostly Spanish-speaking and his stories and post are always in English, it doesn’t seem fair to me.”

“Hello, greetings from Venezuela, you are a natural drug, beautiful lady, lucky Lorenzo, okay”, “never forget, Mexicans are born where our ching gives us … so happy homelands win”, “you don’t want to speak Spanish, like Mexican or that nothing, ”some people criticized while others supported her.

This is how Jenni Rivera’s daughter celebrated the national holidays.

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Chiquis Rivera Mexico

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

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