Chiquis Rivera organizes a surprise party for Becky G, but something goes wrong (VIDEO)

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Video: Mundo Hispánico / Foto: Mezcalent
  • Chiquis Rivera celebrates Becky G with a surprise party for her birthday
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter used the Los Angeles Lakers team as the theme
  • They carry norteño music to delight those attending the singer’s party

Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, organized a tremendous surprise for the singer and her friend Becky G, a party on the occasion of her 24th birthday, according to the show program Tell me what you know.

The theme of the party was team Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, while in the background a northern group sings some famous melodies.

At the beginning of the video, Chiquis is seen taking a video of the party and in that the celebrant appears, who enjoys a great moment with her guests.

To see the video click here.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter wears a team jacket and immediately walks around the gift and snack table.

In the end, you can only listen to the music at full volume while the assistants enjoy a great evening in the company of both celebrities.

On the Facebook page of Suelta la Sopa, only a few comments were made and one of them was critical of the lack of care due to the coronavirus pandemic: “I think the rotavirus is gone. Nobody brings masks and nobody in healthy distance ”.

But people did not stop criticizing the lack of preventive measures against the coronavirus: “On that planet there is no COVID-19”, “wow, how good that COVID- it is gone”, “in a while there will be many infections”.

Other people sarcastically made the following comments on the Suelta la Sopa program page about Becky G and her party: “It’s good that there is no pandemic there,” and “if you weren’t invited to that party, don’t worry, no It will give you covid ”.

However, the artist’s detail was not well taken by some haters who took the opportunity to make an appearance: “Barbera, well, somehow he has to find where to hang himself to attract attention, he has to publish everything to be able to appear , it only lacks in the bathroom ”.

Someone else commented: “I defend you when they criticize you for your appearance or for something else, but in this or how to defend yourself, because it is not yet time for parties, or to be in the midst of many people as if nothing else.”

“What a beautiful party, Becky is good friends with Jenicka and all of them”, “successful young people, united by music”, “Chiquis with her screams”, expressed some Internet users.

One person came out in defense of Chiquis Rivera, who organized a party for BeckyG for her birthday: “Poor Chiquis, they criticize her for everything, nor do people look at each other at the party, human languages ​​also destroy, not just the covid.”

Few people focused on the birthday message or criticized the lack of measures against the coronavirus: “What a shame that human beings do not want to understand, much less cooperate with the situation that in the world, we are experiencing COVID 19”.

Then a woman predicted what will happen in her next publication: “After a while, the advice on care for COVID-19 comes up, but they do not follow them, what a shame and mockery of health workers who are more than exhausted by this pandemic ”.

“In a few days they will be asking for prayers because the covid gave them”, “and then later they are whining that the virus gave them and that they pray for them”, “because the people who already had COVID 19 are having a party, they were other expressions of the public.

Image taken from Mezcalent

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Then other people did make reference to the birthday: “The birthday is simple, you do not need to hang on to anyone, it is unique, not like the Chiquis who is always close to each other.”

“Did Chiquis pay today or did she ask for it to be given to her?”, “I thought it was her boyfriend who had organized the party for her”, “she looks for a way to attract attention as BeckyG is stuck and not because of gossip” other people said about the party.

And so as not to clash with the criticism, another person launched the following: “Then he will come out saying that he has COVID, this old slug no longer knows how to attract attention, old sow.”

“It was my birthday Miss. Peggy what she likes to suck. And where was the diet and the supposed singing? Shameless lives well as she has profited from the death of her mother. It seems that you were right in your suspicions, Diva Jenny Rivera. This girl has not shown until now that the opposite is why she is not happy and will not be ”.

Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Becky G

Image taken from Mezcalent

Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera Becky G

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