Dancing in transparent leggings, Chiquis Rivera loses her shame and leaves everyone speechless (VIDEO)

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Dancing in transparent leggings, Chiquis Rivera loses her shame and leaves everyone speechless (VIDEO)
  • Chiquis Rivera appears dancing in a video.
  • She shows off her fitted black leggings.
  • Is she not wearing any underwear?

After Chiquis Rivera dazzled everyone with a video on social networks dancing to the rhythm of one of her most recent singles in tight leggings, followers of the Despierta América Instagram account attacked her, stating that it was better to stop taking the “Lemon water” that she had recommended since, in their words, it was not working at all.


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It is known that Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, has always been under public scrutiny, and it is because of her multiple personal and family scandals, as well as her mediatic divorce from Lorenzo Méndez, criticism and ridicule seem to always be a part of her life, since once again the young singer was harshly judged and attacked by the public, all for posting a video where she is seen dancing with tight leggings.

Chiquis Rivera appears dancing in leggings

Chiquis Rivera appears dancing in leggings
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which was initially shared by Chiquis Rivera herself through her official Instagram account, it is possible to see how the singer was dancing one of her most recent singles, which incidentally shares credits with other singers from international stature, such as Thalía and Becky G.

This single is titled “Baila Así” and was released on September 16, before this, according to the INFOBAE portal, this song will be the first song on his next album, which will be released in 2022, in addition to featuring several songs which will be inspired by the personal life of Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

Wasn’t she wearing pantyhose? Chiquis Rivera appears dancing in leggings in video of social networks

Wasn't she wearing pantyhose? Chiquis Rivera appears dancing in leggings in video of social networks
VIDEO: Instagram

In this video, which already has more than 173 thousand reproductions, it is possible to see Chiquis Rivera dancing and dancing her new single, while she appeared with fitted black leggings, along with a blouse with a neckline of the same color and a jacket. Red leather which made a great contrast to her outfit.

However, what most caught the attention of Internet users and followers on social networks was that many came to believe that the singer was not wearing pantyhose, because her leggings were a little transparent and they came to the conclusion that there was no undergarment he had, while others commented that he should better stop taking his home remedy for weight loss.

Didn’t the lemon water work for you? Chiquis Rivera appears in video dancing in leggings

Didn't the lemon water work for you? Chiquis Rivera appears in video dancing in leggings
VIDEO: Instagram

And it is that after the Instagram account of the Despierta América program published this same video on its profile, the followers of the morning let Chiquis Rivera go with everything, ensuring that his home remedy, which consisted of taking lemon water to Losing weight was not really helping her, since in her video where she appeared dancing in leggings “it didn’t look good.”

A follower said that Chiquis Rivera was not wearing underwear, something that seems to have upset her a lot: “That transparent dress does not have Panti. She is a person who likes to be destroyed in the networks, “he commented in the video of Jenni Rivera’s daughter dancing to her latest single.

They attack Chiquis Rivera when dancing in tight leggings

They attack Chiquis Rivera when dancing in tight leggings
VIDEO: Instagram

Another follower wondered why she looked the same when “she had already had surgery before”: “And with so many cosmetic surgeries that it is supposed to have been done and it still looks the same”, another girl commented that it looked like a balloon: “It looks like a balloon, did you buy clothes in a flea market or what? Definitvamente with the class is born ”.

A user of Despierta América commented that Chiquis Rivera always wanted to show off when “it didn’t work out”: “Like when you want to show off and things go wrong for you, in her normal life she is dressed super well and when it comes to showing off I think she fails horrible but it still looks super funny “,” That woman who no longer knows what else to do. ”

“Don’t take it anymore”; the criticism continues

"Don't take it anymore"; the criticism continues
VIDEO: Instagram

More and more comments began to arrive at the video of Chiquis Rivera dancing to her single “Baila Así”, in fitted black leggings. A plain user commented to Jenni Rivera’s daughter that she better stop taking her home remedy of lemon water to lose weight: “Don’t drink lemon water anymore, because it doesn’t have much effect on it.”

On the other hand, some followers came out in defense of Jenni Rivera’s daughter, stating that if it weren’t “for her extra pounds” no one would criticize her “:” She looks good, but it is incredible to see how women are destroyed “,” They criticize her only because she doesn’t weigh 110 pounds because if she were thin they would already be flattering her, and also those from Despierta América who are very critical ”. VIDEO HERE

Chiquis Rivera’s grandmother reveals when Jenni’s daughter confessed that Lorenzo Méndez slapped her?

PHOTO: Mezcalent

A few weeks after the rumor that Lorenzo Méndez had beaten Chiquis Rivera while they were married, and he denied it, now, Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa took an intimacy out of the singer when he told him about the violence that his ex-partner was experiencing now.

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez lasted longer planning their wedding than it took them to separate and as a result of announcing the breakup, the rumor spread that supposedly it would have been due to violence and addictions on his part, however he always denied it, but both Johnny, Jenni Rivera’s daughter’s brother as well as Mrs. Rosa, did not hesitate to expose what they knew.

Jenni Rivera’s mother assures that Chiquis Rivera told her that Lorenzo Méndez slapped her

VIDEO: Instagram

Through her YouTube channel where she gives cooking recipes, in each video, Jenni Rivera’s mother tells anecdotes about her life and that of her family, but no one expected that on this occasion the matriarch of the dynasty would reveal when Chiquis Rivera told her that Lorenzo Mendez had hit him.

“Chiquis told me ‘it’s that he beat me grandmother’… how? Yes, he told me when I was doing this badly … he says ‘once he grabbed me and slapped me, I didn’t let myself down, I gave him too,’ he said, and I ‘how good’ “, began by telling Jenni Rivera’s mother very calmly while prepared to eat.

The violence that Lorenzo Méndez exerted on Chiquis Rivera was true

PHOTO: Instagram

The fragment of the video where Jenni Rivera’s mother confesses that about Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez, was shared by the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’ where you can read in the description: “Chiquis confessed to me that her husband slapped her ! Obviously the husband was Lorenzo. She also replied that she does not know if Jacqie is separating again, but says that if they are going to be fighting and her children watching, it is better that they are not together ”, you can read.

But things did not stop there, because Mrs. Rosa continued narrating: “I didn’t know what to say, it’s wrong or not, but I told her if there were already those problems so that they fight and hit each other, I said no …”, advising her granddaughter Chiquis Rivera not to endure violence, as happened with her mother Jenni.

Jenni Rivera’s mother told her granddaughter not to endure violence from Lorenzo Méndez

PHOTO: Instagram

“I tell her you can put up with a hungry man, you can put up with poverty but no blows, so that’s why I think she didn’t like violence because she saw violence in her house, so you know that you shouldn’t put up with it, Jenni never he held on, if they wanted to slap him, take care because he is going to give them back, she said, not one of them was left … “, she commented.

The comments of the people before the tremendous statements were immediate: “Well, everything can be but how they handle themselves they are capable of inventing anything, you don’t know, one thing is that she told them that to cover up how she was unleashed with Mr. Tempo to make it true what happened, so if you notice that they begin to see that something is going well for him and they begin to speak something bad about him, they should let him continue ”.

People are surprised by the statements of Jenni Rivera’s mother

VIDEO: Instagram

More comments appeared before the statements of Jenni Rivera’s mother: “If you are going to talk about Lorenzo, let him also count how Ángel Del Villar mistreated and deceived Chiquis in his own face”, “Because the lady only talks about the Jenni’s children ?? Why don’t you talk about the lives of the other grandchildren ?? “,” They should already let these brothers live in peace !! … pink lady with all due respect, instead of helping, you make things worse … look for more entertainment since cooking does not work for you !!! ”.

“Ps we already knew, but this proves it. I’m glad that Chiquis was able to put an end to it! And that means that what CLAUDIA GALVAN said was also true. ” This lady out loud said that she never saw anything and Chiquis never told her ANYTHING “,” I think it was Ángel del Villar, “they said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT LADY ROSA SAID Some images of this note come from the following video

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