Chiquis Rivera boasts butt, but she is ‘tuned’ by an aspect in her physical (PHOTO)

Chiquis Rivera appears with her husband Lorenzo Méndez and they notice something strange Jenni Rivera’s daughter shows off her outf...

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  • Chiquis Rivera appears with her husband Lorenzo Méndez and they notice something strange
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter shows off her outfit, but a bad pose gives her away
  • People tell them that their body looks smaller and they start teasing

Chiquis, daughter of Jenni Rivera appears in photo for to show off her butt with her husband Lorenzo Méndez, but they say they look like dwarfs.

All this was unleashed by an image that the singer boasted in her bill official Instagram, so immediately people started doing joke of their appearance.

And it is that the photograph was taken from above their heads and gives the impression that they suffer from dwarfism, however it is only the angle.

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

This was enough for some followers to continue with the joke of their appearances and people did not stop reading and make fun.

The couple made it clear that after a brief separation they had a few weeks ago, it is now in the past and now they enjoy their love.

In the image, they are seen at an outdoor party, both wearing black clothes and with caps turned back, while posing for the lens.

Although the outfit seemed very suitable for the occasion, people couldn’t help but say that they both looked like dwarfs, seeing their very small bodies.

The image of Chiquis Rivera in which she boasts her butt has been so successful that as of this Saturday afternoon it had more than 92 thousand reactions of likes and more than 660 comments.

On the next page we will leave you the comments and the image that has caused a stir among the followers of the singer, daughter of the Diva de la Banda, together with her husband Lorenzo Méndez.

After trying to show off her butt, Chiquis Rivera, Jenni’s daughter, was criticized along with her husband Lorenzo Méndez because they look like dwarfs.

One of the first messages was the following: “I love his photos but he looks dwarf there.”

Later many people noticed it and added: “I thought only I noticed it”, “I thought the same thing”, “in this photo you look like a dwarf”, “in that photo they look like the dwarfs bullfighters”, “it looks like a dwarf”, ” It looks like a bullfighter dwarf “,” I thought it was a dwarf. “

However, one person did not believe that his happiness was complete and reiterated it like this: “They look very beautiful, but I can imagine the lawsuits that are thrown out of the networks.”

Someone else commented: “Midget with false eyelashes.”

But other people tried to level the balance of negative comments: “What a funny photo”, “pure beauty”, “I love you”, “how beautiful you are, I’m in love with you”, “beautiful”, “how handsome”, “they are the best ones, I love them ”,“, you guys rucos ”.

Then other people spoke: “The most beautiful couple that exists”, “you look like a dwarf bullfighter, you are very short.”

But someone else alluded to a supposed infidelity: “And don’t tell him on the corner … El venao el venao, your horns are already too big, cut them off.”

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

But apparently the presumption of Chiquis Rivera of her butt, was in second term when a person decided to offend the couple in the following way: “The maintained and the chiquisvaca.”

A more critical person who analyzed the situation explained why they look like this: “That photo is very badly taken, it does not suit you, you look dwarfed and your face is very elongated.”

“She’s sitting down”, “there is no budget”, “how beautiful, you look like a dwarf bullfighter”, “I love you two together. Blessings for both of you ”,“ it looks like Sabrina ”,“ precious ”,“ I love you ”, were other less strong expressions.

But then another person remembered the mockery and without any shame said the following: “It looks like a clown in black and a yellow cap, what is that please.”

“The photo has to be taken from the bottom up or normal so that they do not look at each other dwarfs”, “no please don’t do it”, “without a doubt you are the best, I love you”, “you look so much like your mommy”, “In some photos, Chiquis looks good and in this one, she has already operated on her face and the scalpel passed, or in the photo she went through filters,” considered some people who saw the photo of Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

After showing Chiquis Rivera her butt, people did not stop opposing and others in favor, so we will leave you more comments from the public.

“Beautiful Chiquis, a hug from Venezuela”, “how good you are little, but no longer put that one, you alone”, “imposing fashion”, “how cute”, “they seem like children who give me to learn”, “congratulations, God bless you “,” what a beautiful photo by God “, were other expressions of the people.

Other people highlighted the relationship between the two and expressed it in the following way: “I love watching them together, beautiful couple. Blessings multiplied.”

“Pair of handsome”, “you are very good”, “my most beautiful babies”, “there you look like a very beautiful little couple Chiquis”, “so beautiful”, “they look divine, you look beautiful I love their relationship, continue like this and keep delighting us with your photos and advice, ”said other people.

Other people tried to justify the way they looked and explained: “I think the angle failed, it does look dwarf. No offense, just a laugh. Hello chiquis! “

Someone else commented: “But people do not see that she is sitting not standing so she will look short”

“Because they were smoking juca, they gave them the coronavirus, there is yes, it gives them another time, congratulations,” said another person.

Chiquis Rivera rear

Image taken from Insatgram @chiquis

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