‘Chiquibaby’ gives a tremendous lesson in a swimsuit to Adamari López (PHOTOS)

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  • ‘Chiquibaby’ gives a tremendous lesson in a swimsuit to Adamari López
  • Both presume figure in social networks, but the applause goes to the Mexican
  • Stephanie Himonidis Sedano shows that she is in better shape despite the efforts of the little girl

In a duel of the conductors of Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo, Stephanie Himonidis Sedano, better known as ‘Chiquibaby’, gives tremendous lesson Adamari López in a bathing suit.

This duel of beauties of A New Day was given through their accounts of Instagram when both presenters posed for the lens with daring outfits.

Although the photograph of the conductive Adamari López was from a few weeks ago, she has not yet achieved the body she desires, despite the intense training she undergoes.

Image taken from Instagram @unnuevodia

For days, the little girl has published on her Insatgram account that she is in a grueling series of training and a balanced diet.

The most recent photographs of his appearances on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día program have seen a breakthrough.

But this time with the most recent photograph of the Mexican driver ‘Chiquibaby’, he verifies that it is one of the most senusal on television.

As you will recall, the show has been left with fewer hosts following the layoffs of Héctor Sandarti, Rashel Díaz and more recently Chef James.

This has caused them to turn to guest presenters, which has resulted in the annoyance of some of their followers.

In the next pages we will leave you the photographs of both so that you can make the comparisons and decide which of the two looks better.

We will begin with the photograph of the ‘Chiquibaby’ who unleashed the passions of her fans and incidentally gave a lesson to her partner Adamari López.

And it is that the Mexican blonde wore a red bathing suit, with a hat and dark glasses from the beach, which feared to captivate her fans.

With this outfit, he confirmed that he has one of the most admirable figures in the artistic environment and people recognized him with some comments that we will leave you below.

Image taken from Mezcalent

The photograph was taken this Sunday, September 6 and in the publication he posted the following message: “Happy Labor day Weekend everyone! Taking a little vitamin D ”.

Immediately people reacted and one of the first was a man who first saw the attributes of the driver and expressed it this way: “Melons.”

“How cool”, “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “how beautiful”, “cake little beautiful baby as always balances, take care of yourself”, “Chiquitita greetings, you are fighting the morning”, said a person by the color of his Swimwear.

Some more people said: “Wow you are perfect, the most beautiful in the world”, “what rich legs, beautiful”, “beautiful mommy, coolest mouth”, “precious little thing”, “always beautiful, tremendous leg”, “what a nenota ”.

However, a man could not hide his preference for the Mexican and dedicated the following words to her: “No please, how beautiful that swimsuit looks on you and what beautiful skin and legs I love you from Argentina.”

Image taken from Instagram @chiquibabyla

For its part, after showing off her body in a red bathing suit, people reacted to the photo of Adamari López, who posed next to her husband Toni Costa.

Although the short girl has many followers, some people let her know that she is not in better shape and here we will leave you some comments.

In the photograph you can see the couple lying on the sand, from the beach, with the sea in the background, and she is wearing a black swimsuit with long sleeves.

With this he showed his legs and perhaps it was one of the details that people commented the most, since he looks a bit overweight.

Image taken from Mezcalent

Suddenly a person asked her: “Why, if you were so beautiful, did you get so fat?”

Another person saw her somewhat plump that she made the following comment: “If she is not pregnant soon she will be. I can see it ”, before this message, another person asked, Are you pregnant?

Even a man in a mocking tone hit some pig emoticons and one more person recommended to the driver: “You have to lose weight a little.”

A new day

Image taken from Instargam @adamarilopez

Chiquibaby and Adamari López caused all kinds of reactions by showing off a figure in a bathing suit, but the applause was taken by the Mexican.

So much was the excitement of the men when they saw the body of Stephanie Himonidis Sedano that the wit began to appear to dedicate some compliments.

“Mommy”, “hello love how rich you are”, “I love those legs”, “apacchurro”, “you look beautiful in red”, “what cool legs, you are very good Chiquibaby, greetings beautiful”, said several men.

One more man was not satisfied with what was happening and said the following by way of recommendation: “Stand up #noespecado to make a heart happy.”

Some more began to throw more happy compliments: “Cool chicken legs”, “ajas”, “pretty little cake”, “how are you suffering, little girl”, “what a cool queen, red looks super on you, no wonder my friend is drooling @geralopeze , kisses to the two”.

Other people commented: “That one in red, I eat it all”, “how rich your golden skin looks,” “it doesn’t look beautiful at all, teach us well”, “how tasty”, “abuser”, “how beautiful little kisses that legs so beautiful “,” so rich that you are mommy “,” mommy my love “,” Chiquibaby you look beautiful and what a cute smile. “

Chiquibaby Adamari López

Image taken from Instagram @chiquibabyla

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