Chiqui Delgado enjoys her vacation without Jorge Ramos

Are there problems between Chiqui Delgado and Jorge Ramos? The Venezuelan model and host enjoys her vacation without the company of her p...

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  • Are there problems between Chiqui Delgado and Jorge Ramos?
  • The Venezuelan model and host enjoys her vacation without the company of her partner.
  • “Happy little moments, that’s exactly what it’s about,” she wrote on her social networks.

After the singer Isabel Lascurain, a member of the Pandora group, confessed that Jorge Ramos had pretended her, and that they even went out, the Venezuelan model and host enjoys her vacation without the company of her partner.

It’s not the first time that there are rumors of problems between the renowned journalist, who a few days ago confronted the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Chiquinquirá Delgado, better known as Chiqui. What is really happening?

“Happy little mice, that’s exactly what it’s all about,” says Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend

"Happy little mice, that's what it's all about"says Jorge Ramos's girlfriend
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

With a spectacular dress that highlights even more her beauty, the Venezuelan model and driver, who is just a few weeks away from her 49th birthday, ‘boasted’ her vacation from Madrid, Spain, with the following phrase: “Happy little mice, that’s what it’s all about.”

If something draws attention, and that did not go unnoticed by users, it is the fact that Chiqui Delgado appeared, although it is not the first time, without the company of Jorge Ramos, but that was not an impediment for them to fill her with praise.

“I miss the Chiqui from before”

"I miss the Chiqui from before"
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

But this would not be the only image that Chiqui Delgado would share of his vacation in Madrid, Spain, without Jorge Ramos, since he uploaded a photograph in which his face stands out in the foreground, so it did not take long to receive compliments and something else.

When no one expected him, much less the native of Maracaibo, Venezuela, a follower confessed that he “misses the Chiqui from before.” “Bella, mamacita, chula, my goddess”, “Beautiful and elegant woman”, “What a sweet woman, I love your beauty”, expressed some fans.

From the Puerta de Alcalá

From the Puerta de Alcalá
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

When it was thought that Jorge Ramos would react to these publications with a comment, or at least a like, the one who did so was also the journalist María Antonieta Collins, who expressed herself thus: “You came back !!! Madrid loves you ”.

It should be remembered that the journalist’s first wife, and mother of his daughter Paola, Gina Montaner, lives in this country, so it would be a lot of coincidence that she and Chiqui Delgado coincided on the vacation of the Venezuelan model and driver.

Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend was not alone

Jorge Ramos' girlfriend was not alone
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

A surprise was to discover that Chiqui Delgado was not actually alone during her vacations in Madrid, Spain, since she was accompanied by her daughter Carlota Valentina Sarcos, the fruit of her marriage to the Venezuelan driver Daniel Sarcos.

“I love you, Carlota, apple of my eyes,” wrote Jorge Ramos’ couple, and now those who reacted to this photograph taken in Las Cibeles were the journalist Luz María Doria, the actress Marielena Dávila and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, wife of William Levy , among others.

“Back to your heaven”

"Back to your heaven"
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

“But how wonderful to have you here,” commented journalist Boris Izaguirre after seeing the image that Chiqui Delgado shared on his social networks, raising suspicions that there could be problems between her and her partner, Jorge Ramos.

“Back to your sky, Madrid”, posted the Venezuelan model and driver, who was seen from a terrace wearing a short black dress that further highlighted her shapely legs. Agueda López, wife of singer Luis Fonsi, was one of the people who reacted to this image.

Ask your followers what motivates them and what inspires them

Ask your followers what motivates them and what inspires them
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

With a very different image than the one her fans are used to, the Venezuelan model and host Chiqui Delgado shared a photograph that she accompanied with a text that made many think, as if it were a hint, is it for Jorge Ramos?

“Learn something new, set new goals, surround myself with people who inspire me, the affection and time of those I love, believe without seeing, have a dream or many to fulfill, that is my fuel. What motivates you? What inspires you? ”Chiqui Delgado wrote.

Jorge Ramos ‘was insisting’ on romance with the singer of Pandora, Isabel Lascurain

Jorge Ramos 'was insisting' on romance with the singer of Pandora, Isabel Lascurain
Instagram photo

What will Chiqui Delgado think of the famous journalist’s love history? The Venezuelan has always been very sure of her relationship with Jorge Ramos, who is always very hermetic with his personal life, vaguely sharing photos and videos of moments with his family and girlfriend.

Isabel Lascurain, a member of Pandora, has just gone through a separation after an infidelity with her husband of several years, so she had no qualms about shutting up the suitors she had in her golden age during the 80s and 90s when the group was at its peak of popularity.

Did they make Jorge Ramos ugly?

Did they make Jorge Ramos ugly?
YouTube Photo: AngieMelOli

While they talked about the mothers-in-law and more, the hosts of the YouTube program ‘AMO’, questioned Isabel Lascurain about how she was as a young girl with her love life, and it was at that moment that Pandora’s did not hesitate to get the name of Jorge Ramos to the conversation, in the face of the impact of the JNS girls.

“I had a lot of boyfriend when I was very young, as a teenager, there in Progreso, uh, I had boyfriends every season, every summer, but, my boyfriends, so boyfriends formal boyfriends … I started singing and it was the Pandora who never had a boyfriend … Maite and Fernanda at the time with a boyfriend, then Maite and Liliana with a boyfriend, I did not… I had many suitors but, I am not very skinny, I had great characters…. ”, The Mexican began.

What will Chiqui Delgado think?

What will Chiqui Delgado think?
Instagram photo

“If I told you the characters I had… you would say: ‘Isabel, but how!’”, Assured the Pandora vocalist before the impact of the show’s hosts, who insisted that I count names and the first thing she said was that ‘him did the fuchi ‘to the popular journalist Jorge Ramos, current boyfriend of Chiqui Delgado:

“Jorge Ramos, can you locate Jorge Ramos? Well, we dated for a long time … I never liked him, I admired him, I was fascinated by what he did, it seemed incredible to me, but there was no skin, there was no chemistry, so chin, well no … “, said the member of Pandora making it clear that He never liked the journalist.

Jorge Ramos ‘was rejected’ by Isabel Lascurain

Jorge Ramos 'was rejected' by Isabel Lascurain
Instagram photo

The anecdote that Isabel Lascurain told about Chiqui Delgado’s boyfriend was followed by another famous name: “Then, Diego García, who is García Márquez’s son, hilarious, I don’t like anything more than a man who makes me laugh and he made me laugh but in quantity, and I went out for about a year and I chunk with him, but no… ”, he expressed.

Later, the Pandora member assured that she was about to marry the Venezuelan actor Luis José Santander, famous for being the protagonist and partner of Lucero in the telenovela Lazos de Amor: “I had a Venezuelan boyfriend, that formal yes of a ring and about to to get married, his name was Luis José Santander, he lived in Venezuela, I was going there, we got along very well until I realized that he was painting my horn, that’s the one he ended up marrying and I found out on TV … ” , he assured. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE INTERVIEW (from minute 24)

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