CHILLING: They record a guard talking to a GHOST about his dead companion (VIDEO)

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  • They record a guard talking to GHOST about his dead companion (VIDEO)
  • Freddy Matute chatted with his partner Joaquín Antonio Rueda like every day.
  • But there was something very important that he did not know …

Freddy Matute is a watchman in a shopping center in Bucaramanga, in Colombia. Every day he talks for a while with his partner Joquín Antonio Rueda, who they affectionately call ‘Chavo’.

The day the strangest thing in the world happened, it was a day like any other. Joaquín, who had been given his nickname because he was washing rags, running homes, and running errands for people, came to work.

Sitting in his chair, Freddy was enjoying one of his endless talks with ‘Chavo’ about anything. They really liked sharing.

‘Chavo’ chatted to him for a little while before cleaning, and Freddy always dedicated a little time to him, since sitting all day under surveillance is heavy at times.

So that day, around three in the afternoon, Freddy was checking his cell phone when ‘Chavo’ arrived. They had not seen each other for a few days, but they greeted each other affectionately because of the COVID protocol.

“How is everything, my Freddy?” “Well sir! And how have you been? ”, Smiles Freddy under the black protective mask. “Good, good, everything in order. Say hello to our friend from the third floor, I haven’t seen him for a long time! “

After the cordial conversation, Freddy returns to his cell phone to entertain himself. Then it is seen that he gets up, scared, walks backwards and leaves the place apparently alarmed.

It is that, apparently, that was the moment when a colleague texts him and asks him who he was talking to. The monitoring cameras had captured everything.

“With ‘Chavo’, didn’t you see?”, Freddy responds. “There was no one there. They have just reported that ‘Chavo’ died two days ago, “says the colleague from the monitoring room.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

Instagram video capture

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

Freddy still can’t believe that his experience with the Afterlife was real and so obvious that he hadn’t realized he would have been chatting with a ghost.

“I am sitting talking with my colleagues, going through a cell phone, when my friend arrives and greets me with a fist and even asks me about things on the island, about a friend we have in common on the third floor, he asked me more. to greet him ”, Indian Freddy Hooch.

“I did not know that I was talking to a dead person, if my colleagues in the monitoring camera do not inform me that I am speaking, I am literally overwhelmed,” said Matute.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

Fabián Gómez Cano, manager of the Acropolis security company, explained how they had found out.

“The coordinator catches your attention [a Freddy Matute] and the explanation given by our guard is this, once we do a general magazine to see if someone was not registered on the cameras, suddenly they have hidden somewhere and we notice, “he said.

After the incident, the gurdia Matute underwent medical and psychiatric examinations that confirmed that he has no mental problems and is in good health.

After days of rest, the guard returned to the same place where he hopes not to meet his friend ‘Chavo’ in that way again.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

The comments to the video of the ghost that you will see later in the note did not wait.

“The truth is, it’s scary, but it’s incredible and wonderful that a person who appreciates you and dies, pays you one last visit 😱 Sure, don’t be scared! “

“Awesome! He remembered his great friend ”.

“I believe but I have my doubts, because video cameras have the ability to see spectra that the human eye does not. And here I don’t see anything, in any case it is a very rare moment … “

“I lived it with a brother. I left at dawn and saw him standing on the corner and, when I reversed, he was gone. On the night I returned I found the news that two days ago he had passed away ”.

“Some people have a spiritual sensitivity that for others is just ridiculous. You have to live it to understand it, I was also skeptical ”.

“I do believe him because I worked in a clinic and the guard was talking to a patient who has just died … they say goodbye.”

“They even say goodbye with a fist and everything 💓

Now you can watch the video yourself to draw your own conclusions.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

VIDEO: To see the video, click on the photo below.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

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* The topics that we present in Curiosities, many times do not have a sustainable basis and have been extended as questions of faith. Mundo Hispánico does not ensure that the fact has been proven or real.
Editor’s Note: This NOTE is based on a published video and has fictional elements of this genre.

Guard talking with ghost of his dead companion (VIDEO)

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