Child with cancer: Due to stomach pain, he is diagnosed with a tumor

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Child with cancer: Due to stomach pain, he is diagnosed with a tumor
  • Boy has stomach pain and ends up with stage four cancer.
  • The little one had experienced discomfort for a week.
  • His mom thought he was constipated.

Child with cancer. A tragic story has shocked society, when it became known that a three-year-old boy was diagnosed with cancer, after a simple stomach ache, which forced the doctors to review the reasons behind it, according to the news portal Mirror.

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The mother of little twin Freddy was identified as 23-year-old Demi Chapman, who reported that her son was diagnosed with level four neuroblastoma after an ultrasound that revealed he had a tumor.


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This study showed that the cancer had already spread throughout the child’s chest and they now face one of the worst experiences waiting for it to get better. Freddy’s story is not easy to understand, but the family is hopeful that he will heal.

His case is already known on social networks and it has impacted countless people because the symptoms only revealed a simple stomach ache and they never imagined that it would be devastating news.


Stomach ache
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It all happened in the middle of last July, when little Freddy began to complain of a stomachache for just over a week, however, as the child continued to play, his mother did not consider it serious.

She even thought that her son could only be constipated, but never that it would be stage four cancer. When he saw that he was not improving, he decided to take him to the doctor where they asked him to do some studies to verify or rule out any evil. Filed Under: Child With Cancer


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The visit to the studios resulted in tragedy. The ultrasound showed that the twin already had a tumor between the liver and the kidney, however, a CT scan showed that the little one already had all the cancer spread throughout his chest.

Mom, Demi Chapman, who currently lives in Handsworth, Birmingham, revealed to the media that she was totally heartbroken by the news: “I couldn’t believe it. I just thought ‘it’s not my baby’. “It absolutely broke my heart.” Filed Under: Child With Cancer


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But the mother’s sadness went further and revealed that Freddy is not her only son, but has a twin brother and also two other children, so her story has moved the whole of society and social networks.

“I never thought that in a million years it could be cancer. Freddy has a twin brother, Finley, and I have two other children, ”Demi Chapman told the media that closely follows the tragic case. Filed Under: Child With Cancer


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But the woman has not had an easy life: “I am a single mother currently living in temporary housing after being separated from her father, so it has been a very difficult couple of years for them. And now this ”.

Then the devastated mother added to her sad story: “I just thought she had constipation because she said she had a tummy ache and then she stopped going to the bathroom, but then the doctor prescribed some laxatives and she started going again.” Filed Under: Child With Cancer

Child with cancer: AGGRAVATED

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However, the mother reported that the simple stomach pain got worse: “But then it got worse and she didn’t want to get up from the sofa. That’s when I took him to A&E. ” Since the test results, Freddy has been receiving chemotherapy.

However, despite all the bad news there is one that the mother hopes will not happen, and that is that she has been told that she must remain calm and ask that the cancer does not spread or to the bone marrow of her little Freddy.


Demi chapman
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But no one has folded their arms, the Smart Start nursery, where they take care of Freddy, has launched a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for Freddy and Dem and at this the woman said she was “overwhelmed” by so many displays of affection.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how much had been raised,” she said. In turn, the boy was amazed when from the hospital window, he saw how his family and friends threw balloons as a symbol of hope and love to wish him a speedy recovery. Filed Under: Child With Cancer

Child with cancer: PLAN DAYS

Stomach ache
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The outlook is not looking at all encouraging, but hope dies last, doctors have told the woman that it is very likely that Freddy will have to be going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for a full year.

Doctors hope that the tumor will be very small so that it can be removed after three months of treatment. “It just means that we can plan days and make memories with Freddy once he gets out of the hospital,” Mom said.

Child with cancer: THEY WANT THE DISEASE

Stomach ache
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Given the whole situation, the mother already anticipates fulfilling Freddy’s dreams and has said the following: “Freddy has never been to the beach before, he has never left Birmingham, so it means that we can do much more with him. It will give us a new beginning ”.

In turn, Jenny Harris, the nursery manager, said the following about the unfortunate case: “We thought it was a shame what happened to Freddy. He was only in kindergarten two weeks ago and he was absolutely fine. ”

Child with cancer: SOLIDARITY

Stomach ache
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And then she added: “We know the family quite well, so we decided to do something to help. A lot of the employees have kids ourselves, so you can’t help but think ‘oh my gosh, that could have been me.’

“We set out to raise £ 500 for some toys and pajamas etc. and helping mom travel to and from the hospital and we couldn’t believe the response we’ve had. It has been shared far and wide, ”said the manager.

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