Cheerios blamed for causing stomach problems

Cheerios is blamed for stomach problems. People have complained of stomach-aches after consuming the cereal. Earlier this year there were...

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  • Cheerios is blamed for stomach problems.
  • People have complained of stomach-aches after consuming the cereal.
  • Earlier this year there were similar complaints about Lucky Charms.

DOES CHEERIOS CAUSE STOMACH PROBLEMS? After multiple complaints about Lucky Charms cereal, it was recently revealed that Cheerios appears to be causing serious stomach troubles in consumers as well. At the moment, it is unknown if the recent complaints have reached the FDA. Both cereals are made by General Mills.

After the consumer complaints became public, a company spokesperson said that people are welcome to make a formal complaint about the cereal and they will investigate. For now, the FDA is still investigating Lucky Charms.



Recently, several complaints about stomach issues that Cheerios allegedly caused were lodged with On the website, consumers noted that they have experienced various health problems since eating the cereal and told others to be careful.

People have reported nausea, headaches, stomach pain, and even chest pain. General Mills is aware of the complaints, which come on the heels of similar problems with Lucky Charms. Through a spokesperson, they pointed out that people can make official complaints directly to them, according to the New York Post.

What symptoms are people reporting?

Cheerios report stomach illness: What symptoms does it produce?

Cheerios, produced by General Mills, is being singled out for causing serious stomach issues. Complaints have been lodged through, a platform for tracking food safety.

“On the 5th of June, I ate a bowl of Cheerios with milk and I became violently ill. I had a stomach and intestine pain. I had chronic diarrhea and vomiting. The pain went from my intestines to my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack from the pain, but I wasn’t. I don’t trust them anymore Cheerios I won’t even eat them… I had chronic debilitating stomach pain.” said a complaint from Ohio. Filed Under: Cheerios Reported Stomach Sickness

Intense Pain?

Cheerios Report Stomach Sickness: An Intense Pain?

One person complained that they developed intense stomach cramps shortly after eating Cheerios. They also reported having diarrhea. In this case, the complaint from Texas was about heart-shaped Cheerios.

“About 2 hours after eating the cereal, I had severe stomach cramps and suddenly almost uncontrollable watery green diarrhea. It went away after 2 days and happened again the next time I ate the cereal. It was the heart-shaped edition of the original Cheerios. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea,” indicated the complaint. Filed Under: Cheerios Reported Stomach Sickness

Are they investigating?

Do they investigate the problem?

After the various complaints about the cereal were made known, the New York Post pointed out that they contacted General Mills. Through a spokeswoman, it was announced that they were taking consumer complaints seriously and at the moment, they are investigating the problem that has arisen in recent days. Buyers are asked to contact the General Mills directly.

“Food safety is our top priority. We take all consumer concerns very seriously and are looking into this matter. We encourage consumers to share any concerns directly with General Mills so that we can properly and thoroughly investigate them,” Andrea Williamson, spokesperson for General Mills, told the New York Post.

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