Charro has another daughter and he shamelessly confesses it to his wife (VIDEO)

Charro, who insulted Mexicans, confesses that he has another daughter. His wife, La Mayrita, becomes disraught. The outcome of this momen...

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  • Charro, who insulted Mexicans, confesses that he has another daughter.
  • His wife, La Mayrita, becomes disraught.
  • The outcome of this moment was surprising for everyone.

After la Mayrita -wife of el Charro (Erik Roberto) who went viral after he humiliated Mexicans by telling them to return to their filthy towns- was seen with Alejandro Fernández, now he reveals that he has another daughter, according to a video circulating in Youtube, which caused great controversy among users.

In the video that lasts for more than 3 minutes, he arrives looking quite upset and scared, and closes the door while she asks him: What is it Erik, don’t scare me, what’s going on? To which he only looks like he is about to cry, but he still doesn’t say anything.


Charro has another daughter
Youtube Photo

“I don’t know how you’re going to take it, please swear to me that you’re not going to do anything to me, I want to live”, then she, visibly worried, insisted again: “Erick, please don’t scare me. What’s going on? Why so upset? ”, She said with great uncertainty.

“Is it that I just realized that I just became a dad?” This while looking heartbroken and with tears on his face. Then the Mayrita, totally surprised, only manages to ask a question “What are you talking about? How were you dad? ”, Without giving credit to what he heard.

Charro has another daughter: SUSPENSO

Erik roberto
photo Youtube

Then, already ‘wrapped’ in tears, he confesses what he least expected: “I think it’s a girl”, so she, with more doubts than certainties, asks him again: “But with whom? What are you talking about? Piece of cuacho, who did you mess with? ”, Without imagining what he would answer.

With desperate cries, the charro has no choice but to tell the truth about what is happening: “The worst of all is that the mother is out there.” Then his wife’s face changes, who is holding a puppy and bluntly says: “Is she here with the one you cheated on me with? You’re going to see right now ”.


Youtube Photo

Then in an angry way, the charro’s wife advances to the door and opens it to see the tremendous surprise that her husband had for her. Outside, the Mayrita gives an angry expression: “Where is that wretch? The baby is not to blame for anything, but where is she? Let’s see, show it ”.

All of this happens as he continues to cry out of despair at not knowing what to do. It is when he asks “Where are you, panchita? Sal, the baby’s mother is called panchita ”, but when he said this he received a blow from his wife and he continued with his tremendous crying. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Charro Has Another Daughter


Charro has another daughter
Youtube Photo

It was at this moment that the spirits were put to the full, on the verge of overflowing, because the more she insisted on meeting the mother of the other daughter of the charro, he made her more excited with his cries, while they walked to meet with the new mom.

After taking more steps, they reached the right place, and suddenly the charro’s mood changed, he changed tears for happiness, when he presented the mother of his other daughter and Mayrita’s face completely ‘froze’ when she saw who It was, because she was an ‘old’ acquaintance of the family and that she even lived in their house. Filed Under: Charro Has Another Daughter

Charro has another daughter: GREAT SUSTO

Erik roberto
Youtube Photo

And although up to now many would think that he was unfaithful, it turns out that he was not, because when they arrived at the stable he showed him the Panchita mare, who had her calf and they looked very happy, so Mayrita also shared the joy that it flooded her husband’s heart.

With a deep breath, she felt relief that it was not what she suspected, of his infidelity with another woman, but of the mare who is considered one of the family and that is why paternity was symbolically assigned, but that she was taken out a scare to more than one, that is no doubt.

Charro has another daughter: DOES YOU WANT ANOTHER SON?

Youtube Photo

It was the moment when happiness invaded the couple, but they confessed that they still did not have a name for the baby and that even their children still did not know the news. On the morning of October 13, 2021, the video had more than 7 thousand views on the couple’s channel.

It also had more than 333 likes and almost 40 comments, since it was only uploaded on September 30. And he took the opportunity to say that he cannot have children but that he would like to have more, to which his wife reacted with a decisive “no”, but they caused the emotion of his followers.


Charro has another daughter
Photo File

As will be recalled, recently the singer Erik Roberto, better known as El Charro and remembered for having humiliated immigrants by calling Hispanic towns “pulgosos”, receives a ‘soup of his own chocolate’ and is cheated on by his wife with Alejandro Fernandez.

The sample of this ‘deception’ is available in a video that the couple uploaded to their official YouTube channel, where they have more than 320 thousand subscribers, who witnessed how La Mayrita did the least expected just a few days ago. Filed Under: Charro Has Another Daughter

Charro has another daughter: INFIEL?

Photo File

While La Mayrita looks happy because she will attend a concert by Alejandro Fernández, who is not having the best time after his father Vicente Fernández has been in the hospital for more than two months, El Charro is not warmed by the sun and is makes you cry.

The singer’s wife asks him what he has, to which Erik Roberto responds: “What do I mean? We come to see Alejandro Fernández and see how he comes, even with his photo ”. At that moment, La Mayrita can be seen looking spectacular in a dress with the face of El Potrillo.


Photo File

Unable to contain his tears, El Charro who humiliated immigrants tells his wife that he senses that this is the last time he is going to see her: “I have a feeling that (Alejandro Fernández) is going to take you on stage because he is going to see you that way. cool, pretty, beautiful and he’s going to tell you to go with him in his helicopter ”.

Seeing her husband’s reaction, La Mayrita assured her that she has nothing to do with El Potrillo and that she is only going to see him at his concert. “The next time people see you they will see you in People en español in their helicopter, in their private jet and I’m going to be sad.” Filed Under: Charro Has Another Daughter

Calms him down

Erik roberto
Photo File

Trying to calm her husband, La Mayrita clarified that she always dresses “pretty”, but it seems that that answer did not completely convince El Charro, who claimed that now she looked more beautiful because she would see her platonic love, Alejandro Fernández .

“Friends, I’m happy to see the platonic love of La Mayris, look how cool she looks, how precious her heels look, beautiful Mayra, and honestly, I’m not so jealous, a little bit, if you promise me that you’re not going to go by helicopter with him ”. Filed Under: Charro Has Another Daughter

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