Chapo Guzmán’s wife provokes ‘desire’ to her fans with a sexy bikini on Tik Tok (VIDEO)

The wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmpán overflows with passion in a sexy bikini Emma Coronel appears in Tik Tok video with spectacular ou...

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VIDEO Mundo Hispánico FOTO Getty Images
  • The wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmpán overflows with passion in a sexy bikini
  • Emma Coronel appears in Tik Tok video with spectacular outfit
  • The model shows her charms to the delight of her audience

Through a video on Tik Tok, Emma Coronel, the new wife of the Mexican capo, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán Loera, impresses with a tremendous body in a sexy bikini and awakens the instincts most hidden from his followers.

It was through the popular application that the sculptural The model showed her charms to her entire audience, which earned her numerous messages of compliments.

This is not the first time that the drug dealer’s partner has appeared in such a daring and lets you see beyond what you see when you walk on the street.

Wife Chapo Guzmán

Image taken from Instagram @therealemmacoronel

The material has been so successful that until the morning of this Monday, September 7, it had about 24 thousand reactions of likes and little more than 200 comments.

In the bill of Instagram that apparently is the official one, some photographs of her have also been seen, but the page is private.

In this video, although it looks a bit dark, you can see how careful her figure is and how exercised the wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmán is, apparently in a bikini.

Currently the Mexican drug trafficker is imprisoned in a maximum security prison in the United States, accused of crimes related to organized crime.

It will be on the next page that we will show you the video to which we refer and in the other sections you will see other materials of Emma Coronel in a bikini.

We will also show you the most daring messages from her fans, who reacted to the model’s daring way of reappearing on social networks.

Some people began to comment on the appearance of ‘Chapo’ Guzman’s wife who appeared in a sexy bikini.

“Emma, ​​who operated on you? Pass the data, you looked very good “,” the best thing that ‘Chapo’ did in his life was to have you “,” you are like the banned apple of paradise “,” beautiful I am your fan, pum dead tomorrow “,” you are beautiful and very different from all the women of Sinaloa, ”other of her fans told her.

But the more they watched the video, the more followers fell ’round’ before her beauty and told her about everything: “Bombón”, is she really the wife of ‘Chapo’? “,” Madam my respects “,” she looks blurred babe ”,“ how cool of a woman ”,“ you are a goddess, the most beautiful thing on earth ”.

“Great body”, “that I had not seen”, “what a beautiful girl”, “forbidden fruit compas”, “all that the boss ate”, “everything that is missing the ‘Chapo'”, “with good reason the ‘Chapo’ so in love ”,“ if beauty had its own name, it would undoubtedly carry yours, ”more fans commented to the model.

On the next page we will leave you more videos of the model Emma Coronel, the wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmán who showed off her figure in Tik Tok and people recognized her beauty by wearing a spectacular bikini.

Then in another video the wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmán presented certain details that many people want to know about her, but she did so through different photographs.

In one of them he shows his figure from the beach and with a very striking outfit, which is why he made a pleasant impression on his followers.

Here we leave you some of the first impressions of the people: “all those who criticize their surgeries, want to, but cannot”.

“” Your surgeons failed to tell us “,” how money does solve problems “,” you are a very beautiful and brave woman “,” you missed your professional career or your achievements in life “, some people questioned him.

And it is that in the video she reveals that her name is Emma, ​​that her favorite color is black, in addition to the fact that her zodiacal ignorance is cancer, who is 1.68 meters tall and is 30 years old.

Then more fans appeared who said: “It is worth it if they criticize, but I would like to be her”, “it is missing and because it melts because of the ‘Chapo'”.

“Very pretty, I already went into depression, I need to apply myself”, “I admire ‘Chapo’ for his brain capacity, as there are very few in this world, greetings wherever he is”, “and what does he have to have surgeries, It is beautiful ”, more followers told him.

A few days ago it was published that during a photo session that ‘Chapo’ Guzmán’s wife had a few days ago, she wears a spectacular figure with fitted jeans that drove her fans crazy.

In the video, a photographer gives her directions on where to stand and how to pose for the lens, to which she follows the instructions.

The model wears super tight jenas that reveal every line of her sculptural figure, as well as her worked legs.

She also wears a white blouse and a brown jacket, just like her sneakers, while showing off her neat loose hair.

This video has achieved more than 121 thousand 500 reactions of likes and until this Tuesday, September 1, it had more than a thousand comments, which we will show you on the next page.

People reacted to the video and made it very clear that she is one of the favorites and also made her see how good she looks in those jeans.

We leave you the video for you to compare in which of all the wife of ‘Chapo’ Guzmán looks best, as did his fans on Tik Tok.


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