Celebrities suffer Mexico earthquake and share the drama they lived (VIDEO)

Several celebrities suffered the Guerrero earthquake. Some shared the problems they experienced due to the earthquake. Ingrid Martz, Band...

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  • Several celebrities suffered the Guerrero earthquake.
  • Some shared the problems they experienced due to the earthquake.
  • Ingrid Martz, Banda el Recodo and Ninel Conde’s ex-husband all say that they are well.

Celebrities suffer earthquake: Several celebrities posted on social networks the drama they lived after the earthquake that occurred in Guerrero, Mexico, among them actress Ingrid Martz, who lost her dog, the members of Banda El Recodo, among others, according to some Instagram posts.





In the case of the members of the Banda El Recodo group, they all had to leave the place where they were, to get to safety and avoid any possible accident and everything was recorded in a video that is already circulating on social networks.


Famous people suffer from earthquake
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In turn, the ex-husband of Ninel Conde, said through social networks that he and his son were in good health, despite the fact that the earthquake caught them off guard, but fortunately both are out of danger.

This is how famous people also suffered with the strong earthquake that was registered yesterday in Guerrero of intensity 7.1 and that caused some damage and there is talk of a deceased person, as well as suspension of electrical power that has already been reestablished.


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At the same time, Ariadne Díaz published the following on her Instagram account: “The trembling is tremendous, I hope to God that everyone is well, I always remain (trembling) and although we had the strong music of Diego’s creatures, the sound of the seismic alert hears my ear well ”.

After this message that she and her other companions were in good health, but like thousands of citizens, she could not avoid the shock and wanted to leave it reflected on social networks, like other famous people who took time to do so. Filed Under: Famous People Suffer From Earthquake

Famous people suffer from earthquake: “A CORRER”

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“To run with what we had at hand,” said one of the members of the Banda El Recodo, after the earthquake surprised them in a facility and they had to go to the public highway to avoid a much greater risk.

The video was recorded and uploaded on social networks and it was evident the shock that each one of them took, in the place uncertainty and fear reigned, but even so they remained calm while the authorities arrived. To see the video click here.


The actress Ingrid Martz, in turn, published on her social networks that her pet was lost when the earthquake was felt, so she did not hesitate to ask for help through her official Instagram account, in a desperate way.

But then, after a few hours, he made a publication again in which he thanked the cooperation of the people, because his pet returned safely to his home, so his family felt totally happy with the fact that it happened.