15 reasons why we should celebrate International Men’s Day

Every November 19, the United States and the rest of the world celebrate International Men’s Day, which was established in 1992 at ...

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Every November 19, the United States and the rest of the world celebrate International Men’s Day, which was established in 1992 at the University of Missouri, in Kansas, in an effort to address issues important to men. These issues have to do physical and mental health care, but also with  highlighting the contributions that men have made in their communities to promote values ​​such as peace, equity, understanding and non-violence. On this occasion, we present you 15 reasons why we should celebrate International Men’s Day: Get ready to commemorate this day!

Prejudices are eliminated

International Men’s Day serves different purposes, one of them being the elimination of prejudices that affect men’s quality of life, this includes their health. Although these prejudices will not be eliminated overnight, talking about topics that are rarely discussed or that often go unaddressed will help more men seek the help they need to improve their quality of life.

Men’s health issues are included on the international agenda

Two men in medical consultation

One of the objectives of this day is to include on the international agenda all issues related to the physical and mental health of men at all stages of their lives. Thus, strategies are created that promote better working conditions in addition to giving greater attention to solving urgent issues such as the suicide rate among the young population.

Equity and equality are promoted

It is a myth that men do not suffer from inequality. However, due to prejudice or sometimes fear, some men decide to keep quiet about adverse circumstances that affect their quality of life. International Men’s Day is intended to create and promote strategies so that men of all ages can express the urgent issues they want to address in the areas of health, professional and personal.

Male achievements are commemorated


According to statistics, International Women’s Day has gained greater popularity in recent decades and this has sometimes overshadowed celebrations dedicated to commemorating men’s achievements in certain areas. International Men’s Day is also intended to publicize those achievements made by men that have not received such wide appreciation despite their relevance.

Men’s contributions to society are celebrated

One of the main goals of International Men’s Day is to celebrate the positive contributions men make within their communities and in society in general. This is so that children and young people recognize the efforts of their peers and are motivated to take positive actions, both personal and professional, that benefit society.

Gender equity is promoted


Gender equity is an issue that continues to generate great advances, especially when it comes to equal working conditions for men and women. However, it is also important to recognize that men can suffer both gender-based and workplace violence due to prejudices that have taken root over time. Paying attention to them will allow you to have a broader vision of the current needs of men.

Make a difference in young men

Another of the pillars of International Men’s Day is to make a difference in the way young men view their place in society. In past centuries, many of the men remained silent about their problems out of fear of how society might react, but, today, more and more young people are speaking out in support of their gender.

Men’s birth control options are expanded


On International Men’s Day, health experts set the goal of engaging in a friendly dialogue that revolves around men’s reproductive options and to eliminate prejudice surrounding topics such as vasectomy. This allows men of all ages to have the information necessary to make autonomous decisions that align with their best interests and goals both in the short and long term.

Combat suicide in men

The WHO has provided disturbing numbers. Men are more likely to make the decision to end their lives than women, and some experts have affirmed that mental health is a pressing issue on the international agenda. Talking about suicide could open the doors for men of all ages to become active participants in promoting mental health and to receive psychological and psychiatric care when they need it.

Men’s needs are discussed

Hands of two men holding each other as support concept

In the framework of the celebrations for International Men’s Day, experts and members of various organizations bring forward the issues that are most relevant for the integral well-being of men in all countries. This type of dialogue has the goal of encouraging people to find solutions regarding labor and social issues that tend to affect the physical and mental health of men.

Open a dialogue about discrimination

Another type of dialogue that is intended to be started as part of the efforts carried out on International Men’s Day has to do with discrimination, especially in the workplace. Working on inclusivity will allow all men to receive equal treatment, regardless of their origin, social class, sexual orientation, religion or appearance.

Efforts such as Movember are promoted

A blue ribbon linked to men's health

November is a very special month in the fight for men’s health, especially thanks to movements like ‘Movember’, which is widely promoted in many countries. ‘Movember’ is an opportunity to access talks, seminars and round tables with health experts, who will establish action plans to promote testicular and prostate cancer awareness that men can implement in their communities.

Create a safer world

Creating a safer world is everyone’s responsibility. However, on International Men’s Day, efforts are directed towards eradicating behaviors and beliefs that, for years, have damaged the conception that men have of themselves and the vision that society has of them. Talking about common issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression and labor exploitation is only the beginning of a healthier vision in which each man feels safe to carry out his daily activities.

Money is raised for charitable causes


International Men’s Day is a commemoration of the efforts that men have made within their communities, as well as the positive impact that these actions have had. However, not all men have the opportunity to access decent jobs or housing to fully exploit their potential in life.  The actions of charitable institutions make it possible for homeless men to access services whose cost they cannot cover and that could benefit their mental and physical health.

Short and long-term goals are set to benefit men

People who work to promote the health and well-being of men take advantage of International Men’s Day to meet with experts who can give advice and guidelines to follow in the search for a better environment for the entire community. On this International Men’s Day, remember that it is important to talk about issues that are not usually touched in order to gradually break down the prejudices that keep men from reaching their full potential.

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