CBP agents find three groups with more than 100 migrants each

CBP agents find three groups of more than 100 migrants in Texas Among the 320 people were migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvad...

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  • CBP agents find three groups of more than 100 migrants in Texas
  • Among the 320 people were migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador
  • CBP stressed that so far this year agents have found 44 groups of 100 or more people

This Thursday authorities announced that in less than 40 hours agents of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) have found three groups of migrants with more than 100 undocumented people each in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, the groups were composed by families and unaccompanied minors, according to the Efe Agency.

CBP agents who were assigned to the McAllen, Texas area found the three groups of undocumented people who entered the country illegally, with a total of 320 immigrants who crossed the border from Mexico and the United States in just a few hours.

CBP finds migrant groups

CBP three migrant groups
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On the morning of Monday, April 19, the first group of undocumented immigrants was found, after CBP border agents immediately came after they were called and warned about a large group that crossed the Rio Grande border.

That same day, the second group was also located, trying to enter the country. The last group was found Tuesday night. It is worth mentioning that, a total of 229 family members, 86 unaccompanied children and five adults who crossed on their own were reported, the CBP statement detailed.

CBP three migrant groups: 320 people were taken into custody

CBP three migrant groups 2

Among the 320 people taken into custody were migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romania, Ecuador, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. Border agents said that so far this year, in the Rio Grande Valley they have found 44 groups of 100 or more people who tried to enter the country illegally.

Authorities have highlighted the danger these migrants face. This week, a soldier deployed in this area saved the life of a Salvadoran minor, who remained in the river after the group he came with returned to the Mexican side when they saw the US military. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

Human traffickers ignore the lives they endanger

CBP three migrant groups 3

Customs and Border Protection noted that even with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic virus, human traffickers “continue to make these blatant attempts, without regard for the lives they endanger or the health of our citizens. great nation ”.

Last March border agents intercepted more than 172,000 illegal immigrants at the border, of which 18,890 were minors from Central America who arrived alone and whose number increased 100 percent compared to February, where there were fewer detainees. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

CBP Three Migrant Groups: Some Terms Will Be Banned

CBP three migrant groups 4

Immigration agencies such as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) and the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will stop using certain terms to refer to undocumented immigrants, according to the Biden administration.

By order of the government of President Joe Biden, they will stop using terms such as “alien”, “illegal” and “assimilation” to refer to undocumented immigrants, reveals Efe. The terms were used frequently by the administration of former President Donald Trump. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

Biden prohibits ICE and CBP from using offensive terms with immigrants

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These words have a negative connotation, according to groups that advocate for migrants and resent, in particular, the English term “alien”, which can also be translated as “extraterrestrial” or “strange”, and many celebrated the order of the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

CBP Three Migrant Groups: What Terms Will ICE and CBP Use?

CBP three migrant groups 5

The expression of “illegal alien” will be replaced by that of “undocumented citizen” or “undocumented individual”, and instead of referring to “assimilation”, immigration personnel will have to refer to “integration” or “civic integration” , by orders of the Democratic president, indicates Efe.

Last February, shortly after the presidential inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden, employees of the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received similar instructions from acting agency director Tracy Renaud. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

CBP Three Migrant Groups: The Union Supports Them


The massive arrival of immigrant families and children to the southern border of the United States in recent weeks has once again placed the eyes on the work of the agents of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, for its acronym in English), also known as Border Patrol or more commonly as the Migration, and its responsibility in the current situation, under the mandate of Biden.

The Union of CBP agents openly supported the re-election of Donald Trump, so suspicions about how quickly the officers of this agency have adapted to the new immigration agenda of President Joe Biden and the wave of migrants has raised ‘suspicions ‘. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

CBP Three Migrant Groups: Loyal to Trump?


Although she does not have conclusive evidence, the professor of Syracuse University in New York, Gladys McCormick assures that she has heard that “among the different agencies that have been on the border there is a bit of ‘tortuguismo'” currently, according to the agency of news Efe.

“A lot of the staff that had previously been working for Obama have left, and then those who remain were people who were more sympathetic to the idea and ideology of Trump, and they are not happy,” explains McCormick, director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. for the Syracuse Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

CBP internal resistance against Biden?


Maureen Meyer, vice president of programs at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), assures that the Democratic government must “effectively address internal resistance.” In his opinion, the changes will require “strong leadership and direction” within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), led by Alejandro Mayorkas.

A revealing aspect of this ‘resistance’ to changes is the continued use in CBP communiqués of the term “alien”, to refer to immigrants, despite the government’s ordering that it be changed to “non-citizen ”In official documents. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

Targeted Border Patrol

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CBP stations in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, have received visits from several Washington delegations in recent weeks, including White House officials and legislators from both Democrats and Republicans, the last of them last Friday, with 18 conservative senators, Efe revealed.

The delegations seek to assess the situation after an increase in immigration arrests was revealed, which even forced the assignment of more immigration agents at the border. At a press conference, legislators led by Ted Cruz assured that CBP agents disagreed with the dismantling of the Remain in Mexico program. Filed Under: CBP Three Migrant Groups.

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