Category 5.1 earthquake felt in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands



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  • A category 5.1 earthquake was felt this Wednesday in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
  • So far no material damage or victims have been reported
  • No tsunami advisory has been issued

Earthquake shakes Puerto Rico. A category 5.1 earthquake was felt this Wednesday in part of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with no information on notable material damage or a tsunami warning for those two Caribbean territories, according to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network ( PRSN), reported the agency Efe.

The agency detailed that the earthquake was registered exactly at 7.59 am ET in an area known as the Sombrero Seismic Zone, 39 kilometers deep at a point located exactly between latitude 18.861 and longitude -65.116.

earthquake shakes Puerto Rico

Photo: Twitter.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 62.34 km north-northeast of Culebra (a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico) and 116.14 km east-northeast of San Juan.

The director of the PRSN, Víctor Huérfano, pointed out that the earthquake was registered in the area of ​​the hat, near the Caribbean Trench. The official confirmed that the tremor was felt in the US and British Virgin Islands and in the San Juan metropolitan area.

Orphan said that the information available is still preliminary and that data is still being collected.

The Puerto Rican authorities have not reported any damage or incidents due to this earthquake, which confirms an increasingly frequent seismic activity on the Caribbean island, especially since last January.

Puerto Rico has suffered since December 28 more than 10,000 tremors that threaten a vulnerable island to earthquakes that put informal buildings, schools and floodplains at risk.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake on January 7 was the most important in the sequence of those months.

Puerto Rico is located on the convergent edge of two tectonic plates, the Caribbean and North America, which when colliding cause earthquakes.

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