Casino games as a method to keep your mind active

Casino games. Mens sana in corpore sana. This Latin quote is one of the most used today and, curiously, with a quite different meaning th...

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Casino games. Mens sana in corpore sana. This Latin quote is one of the most used today and, curiously, with a quite different meaning than it was conceived.

Understood in “Las Sátiras” by the Roman poet Juvenal, this phrase referred to the need to keep the spirit balanced through prayer in order to enjoy a satisfactory body, that is to say, a physical one.

Today the quote is used to highlight the importance of caring for and training both the body and the mind in a homogeneous way.

A very high percentage of the world’s population does not put it into practice, either because they consider it unnecessary or because they lack the means and tools necessary to develop adequate mental care.

However, maintaining good mental health is as important as the effort made to maintain the body at full capacity.

And it is not complex, you just have to find the right mechanisms for it.

In the first place, we must differentiate the care of the mind into two large groups: the first would refer to all those activities focused on the feelings, sensations and perceptions that cause us different states of mind; the second would be focused on keeping our brain active, avoiding cognitive aging and improving the response and mental agility.

Today we are going to focus on the second group, the most affordable in terms of initiatives or exercises to perform individually.

In fact, throughout this article we are going to address how to improve our mental performance through one of the forms of entertainment that has gained great popularity in recent months: casino games.

This form of leisure has increased its number of followers thanks, to a large extent, to the possibility of enjoying it online.

Thus, we currently have a wide variety of operators on the network that provide us with access to all kinds of disciplines typical of physical casinos. A priori it may seem that not all, if not almost none, of the disciplines of a casino can help us improve our mental performance, but then we will see that this is not the case.

For example, slot machines are generally randomly associated, such that the player simply “waits” passively for the prize to emerge.

Development, in effect, is like that, but there is a mathematical component in the operation of the machine itself that could be applied to always achieve profits. To do this, the player must start his brain and establish a strategy taking into account the RTP or return to the player.

This concept refers to the fact that, at some point, the slot machine begins to return money, that is, to award prizes.

The RTP percentage is not the same for all slots and starts to be calculated from 1,000 games minimum. If the player is able to analyze the patterns in the lines and the mathematical algorithms by which the percentage of RTP is regulated, he could determine the exact moment in which the slot would begin to give prizes.

These are obviously very complex calculations that would also require several days or weeks of observation only to check the operation of the slot in question, but it serves as an example to show that nothing (or almost nothing) is governed by chance.

Another of the most important disciplines of casinos is blackjack. As with slots, it may appear that it is a game based on chance but it also has an important mathematical component.

Proof of this can be found in the group of MIT students who developed an entire strategy based on advanced mathematical knowledge to check the bank in the main casinos in the United States.

Her feat was so shocking that in 2008 Robert Luketic took her to the big screen. Today, blackjack can be enjoyed both in land-based casinos and through the network thanks to the offer of online blackjack of the main operators, but in both cases there are certain control measures to avoid again a case like the MIT students.

In this way, when playing blackjack in addition to constantly working the right hemisphere when calculating the sum of our cards and those of the bank, mathematical operations can also be performed, such as standard deviations or variances to analyze the results of our game and improve our strategy, as well as setting logical parameters in response to the actions of other players.

Leaving aside slots and blackjack, the ideal casino game to train our minds is poker. There are many variants of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5 Card Draw or 7 Card Draw, although the most popular in the world is the first.

In any case, and regardless of the modality, it is important to point out that poker is considered today as a mental sport, at the same level as the chess, bridge or go.

All these disciplines also share the most important aspect when choosing this sport to keep our minds active: the need to establish a strategy.

casino games

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Poker has been considered a mental sport since 2009

In this way, playing poker regularly helps us keep our brain constantly on the alert. On the one hand, the variety of game possibilities must be analyzed in relation to the cards in hand; on the other, this information must be combined with the options of the opponents, which implies the realization of complex mathematical calculations that activate the functioning of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Likewise, different studies indicate that the practice of various mental sports such as poker could favor the creation of new synaptic connections, which in turn would cause the ability to think to be faster and more effective.

On the other hand, since it is a modality in which the challenge between opponents is articulated around the intellect, playing poker also favors the control of emotions and keeping a wide deck of possibilities in hand; that is, to make long-term decisions.

It is, therefore, a discipline based on mathematical reasoning and logic, which in turn requires significant work on memory capacity, since each game evolves differently and the strategy used in one could serve us well. as a basis for the following.

Most of these disciplines require more than one player to be carried out, but as we have already commented previously, we currently have countless operators on the network that allow us to enjoy this type of activity from anywhere.

Many of them also offer the possibility of playing against other people or against an AI, as well as playing with real or fictitious money, the latter being the most recommended option if we are only looking for mental training.

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