Carmen Salinas reports that her brother and sister-in-law died of coronavirus only 6 days apart

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Carmen Salinas reports that her brother and sister-in-law died of coronavirus only 6 days apart
  • Carmen Salinas remembers her deceased brother on social networks
  • He also reminded his sister-in-law who died of coronavirus and makes a request
  • The images were published on Instagram

Carmen Salinas brother coronavirus. Through social networks, the famous actress Carmen Salinas sadly remembers her late brother Jorge Salinas; He also mentioned the death of his sister-in-law María Eugenia; both died from coronavirus.

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Last November was not entirely pleasant for Carmen Salinas, since it was in the month that her brother Jorge Salinas died of coronavirus, and 6 days later his wife, also victim of the COVID-19.

In your official account Instagram, the actress published two photos of her deceased relatives, remembering them with great pain; the two images appear in white on black, one is of his brother and the other of his sister-in-law.

Carmen Salinas brother coronavirus 1 sister-in-law María Eugenia Jorge Salinas


In the publication where Jorge Salinas appears, he mentioned: “He was my adored brother Jorge Salinas, who died on Nov. 12 of COVID-19 and six days later his beloved wife María Eugenia died that is how it was from this cursed disease, in which many they do not believe and we are advised not to leave the house, or to have parties right now! ”.

“And for many it is worth it… and they continue without masks and at parties !!! For God’s sake take care !!! Take care of your parents and older siblings !!! I ask you in the name of God. Carmen Salinas ”, added the actress.

Maribel Guardia reacted to the image

Immediately several followers did not hesitate to leave their message of support in the comments of the publication, even Maribel Guardia herself took her time to send her message.

“I’m very sorry Carmen, rest in peace your beloved brother and his wife,” said singer and actress Maribel Guardia, sending her condolences to Carmen Salinas.

“My deepest condolences, I know what it is to lose a brother, I lost my father 4 months ago to covid and it was the most painful moment of my life, it is not only the loss that hurts but not being able to give him a kiss that loved one or touch his little hand because of the disease, it is very painful, take care of yourselves, “said an Internet user.

Six days later his sister-in-law also passed away

Carmen Salinas brother coronavirus. After losing his brother to the coronavirus, where he died in a clinic located in the city of Torreón, Coahuila, last November, six days later his sister-in-law, Jorge Salinas’s wife, died of COVID-19.

Carmen Salinas brother coronavirus 2 sister-in-law María Eugenia


This caused the actress to suffer great sadness since in just one week she lost two relatives to the virus that has affected the whole world, and she sends a request to all who see her publication.

In the image where María Eugenia appears, Carmen mentioned: “She was my dear sister-in-law María Eugenia Ríos de Salinas, the wife of my older brother Jorge Salinas, they both died of COVID, in 6 days they both left.”

And he sent a message: “What does it take for all unbelievers to pay attention to not leaving the house, not going or having parties, and putting on a mask, believe me for the love of God this damn disease does not respect anyone. Carmen Salinas ”.

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In this publication there were also followers who sent their condolences and messages of support for the actress.

Carmen Salinas brother coronavirus 3 Jorge Salinas


“For the government they are statistical numbers, but for people, they are the mother, aunt, sister-in-law, sister, cousin, etc. People who stop breathing, it’s up to us to take care of ourselves and be at home and ask God for mercy and life ”, commented an Internet user.

Another user said: “Every day this disease takes more people. It’s true, you have to take good care of yourself! This virus has not yet been fought. RIP your loved ones! ”.

“The irresponsibility of many is dragging us into perpetual darkness”, were some of the comments made by the followers of the actress.

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