Will she wake up? Relatives share Carmen Salinas’ prognosis

Carmen Salinas’ family shares good news. The medical report says that there is no more cerebral hemorrhage. The prognosis is still ...

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  • Carmen Salinas’ family shares good news.
  • The medical report says that there is no more cerebral hemorrhage.
  • The prognosis is still guarded.

GOOD NEWS! The family of Carmen Salinas, reported that the actress has made improvements in the last few hours. They stressed that this good news was extremely essential after the serious setback she suffered on Saturday evening. María Eugenia Plascencia, updated the media and explained what the doctors had said to her.

The daughter of the “Aventurera” producer reported that the cerebral hemorrhage had lessened considerably so it’s almost completely gone. She said that it was excellent news for them and Carmen Plascencia, the actress’s granddaughter, added that she was still in a coma but that she had a better chance of recovery.


Photo: YouTube

On the program “Hoy”, it was reported that Carmen Salinas is improving considerably after having had a serious setback last Saturday due to the fact that she had problems with the artificial respirator. Now they report that she has been breathing on her own for short periods of time. For that reason, they said that the doctor had already seen a considerable improvement.

“They did a tomography on Friday, the good news is that she no longer has a stroke,” the actress’ daughter told media who were waiting outside the hospital where Salinas is. “The hemorrhage has also stopped, they have told me,” María Eugenia Plascencia responded to reporters’ questions.

What other new details are there about Carmen Salinas?

Carmen Salinas good news: What other new details are there about the actress?
Photo: YouTube

María Eugenia Plascencia, also reported on the other developments regarding Salinas’ health. She stated that her mother is still delicate but they have been able to remove her from the respirator for short periods of time. She has also made some movements.

“She is still delicate and they take off her respirator, she is breathing but they put it back on so she can rest due to her movements,” María Eugenia told the media about the setback reported by the actress’s nephew last Saturday. The woman was in the company of Carmen Plascencia, who also reported on her grandmother. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Good News

What did the actress’s granddaughter say?

Carmen Salinas good news: What did the actress's granddaughter say?
Photo: YouTube

Although, the actress’ daughter shared the good news that there is no longer bleeding in Salinas’s brain, Carmen Plascencia, the producer’s granddaughter confirmed that she has not yet awakened and remains under the strict care of doctors.

“She is still unconscious. There is minimal blood in her brain, but there is still no answer, she is still asleep,” Carmen Plascencia informed the media.  Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Good News

What kind of treatments is she getting?

Carmen Salinas good news: What kind of therapies does she take?
Photo: YouTube

Meanwhile, María Eugenia confirmed that Carmelita is given physical therpay so that her joints do not atrophy and said that on some occasions her mother becomes tense so she must be relaxed. In addition, she reported that the doctor tries to speak gently to first actress and that she, on several occasions, had to inform her mother that the treatments were for her well-being. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“She receives treatments every day, a therapist goes. She did exercises for her arms, her legs, and she would get tense when she reached her legs, because you can see that she didn’t like it. He would say, ‘Oh, she’s getting tense, I’m doing it for your sake,’ said the therapist. The hosts of the program ‘Hoy’ reported that they were happy for the good news they received from Salinas’ relatives. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Good News

Doctors do not want to tire Carmen Salinas

Doctors don't want "exhaust" to Carmen Salinas
YouTube photo

In another part of this interview, Carmen Plascencia explained that the doctors are being very careful not to exhaust, or tire out, the actress who is 82 years old.

“Right now, for example, the ventilator is disconnected, she is breathing on her own and is fine, but at night or when… no, there I am going to invent some information that is not true, I do not know how they make the decision to put the respirator on, which is automatic, and when you feel a breath from it, it turns off .” Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Good News

Carmen Plasencia talks with her grandmother every day

He talks every day with his grandmother
YouTube photo

Finally, the granddaughter of Carmen Salinas, who has been on pins and needles since first day that the actress had to be hospitalized, commented that she tries to talk with her every day despite the fact that she does not know if she can hear or not. It gives you peace of mind to express your love.

“My aunt Nena, for example, talks a lot about her day, which is the birthday of one of her granddaughters, she talks to her, I am constantly telling her how much I love her and that I miss her, we talk about the day and what comes out of our hearts when we are with her.” (TO WATCH THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE). Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Good News

“May God take care of my favorite artist”

"God take care of my favorite artist"
YouTube photo

Followers of this YouTube channel expressed their views after seeing this video: “May God take care of my favorite artist, without knowing her I love her… my Carmelita has been a love, direct and with a sense of humor always on the same level. Prayers for you too, my Carmelita.”

“We join such great faith, God is the best doctor.”
“By God yes, but how is it going to be, they don’t think about that.”
“Let her go now. It is time for her to rest, in life there is time and she has come to leave.”
“How long has he been saying that she is going to wake up, she has not awakened for weeks.” (Filed under: Carmen Salinas’s granddaughter has hope the actress wakes up).

Carmen Salinas could be transferred to the United States

Carmen Salinas would be transferred to the United States
Photo Twitter

The story of Carmen Salinas could be about to change and all because of a decision that her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia Salinas may make. She has already come up with a plan to help her mother improve and this would include taking her out of the country, specifically to the United States. This is thanks to actor Eugenio Derbez, who had previously offered them help to move her, according to the Grupo Fórmula  and Show News.

The health of the lagunera has not been good since she was admitted for a brain hemorrhage, however, the hope that she will improve has increased, since little by little she can be taken off of the respirator. Also reaction from the producer of ‘Adventurer’ has made the family hope for a miracle.

Who has the last word in this decision?

Who has the last word in this decision?
Photo Mezcalent

There is some controversy, since her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia has said that it would not be necessary to take the actress anywhere, because the doctors have treated her very well. She told Radio Fórmula: “You have to trust our doctors, they are very good. Why go and move it like that? It’s catastrophic, my granny can’t move. The attention they have given us here has been very kind, very human. ”

But according to Dael Quiroz of Arguende TV, the daughter of Carmen Salinas Lozano is the one who would have the last word on whether or not Carmelita is taken to the United States to receive better medical care. So the possibility exists. However, nothing is concrete at this point. It is only known that the family continues to  hold out hope she will recover.

Did Carmen Salinas respond to her daughter?

Did Carmen Salinas respond to her daughter?
Photo Mezcalent

María Eugenia Plascencia Salinas, daughter of the Aventurera producer, shared an experience she had with her mother in the hospital. She says that she makes faces when she asks her questions talks to her. This has motivated her to analyze the possibility of taking her to the United States, since she believes that the actress herself responded to that idea.

She says that when she asked her if she wanted to be taken to the United States, after a request made by the comedian Eugenio Derbez, she answered him with a grimace, and says that she has done so repeatedly in the last few days. However, the doctors say that some of the actress’ movements may be involuntary and do not mean that she is about to wake up.

Is she being treated badly in the hospital?

Are you being treated badly in the hospital?
Photo File

In turn, the granddaughter explained the following about her grandmother’s illness: “It’s called a cerebral hemorrhage, it started in the brain stem.” She also took the opportunity to say that it will not be necessary to transfer her grandmother. However, it will be the daughter who has the last word on the offer made by the Mexican actor.

For now, the family expects gradual improvement in the next few hours and remains hopeful that will happen. However, the doctors have been very clear that it will take time before anyone knows what the future holds.



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