Carmen Salinas’ latest medical report holds no good news

More than a week after her hospitalization, Carmen Salinas’s family has no good news. The latest medical report worries the actress...

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  • More than a week after her hospitalization, Carmen Salinas’s family has no good news.
  • The latest medical report worries the actress’ followers, but they continue to send her well wishes.
  • “We continue to pray for her speedy recovery.”

Hope never dies. Just over a week after she was hospitalized for an emergency due to a stroke, though it was later revealed to be a hemorrhage, Carmen Salinas’ family doesn’t have good news according to the actress’s latest medical report.

Through her official Instagram account, which they have used to inform the followers of the Mexican theatrical politician and businesswoman about changes in her health, her relatives shared just a few hours ago what many feared could happen to the famous ‘Corcholata’.

They ask for more prayers for Carmen Salinas’ health

They ask for more prayers for the health of Carmen Salinas
Instagram photo

In a post that soon received comments from Carmen Salinas’ thousands of followers, and where Nicandro Díaz, producer of the telenovela Mi fortuna es amarte (where the actress had an outstanding participation), is tagged, you can read the following:

“Through this means, we inform that following the doctors’ orders, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regained consciousness, would have to go through rehabilitation and that would not allow her to work in the short-term. This is due to the fact that she was working on several projects.”

Carmen Salinas’ family are grateful for the displays of affection

Family members of Carmen Salinas are grateful for the displays of affection
Instagram photo

At the end the post it is confirmed that there’s no good news for Carmen Salinas in the event that she regains consciousness. The relatives of the first actress didn’t miss the opportunity to thank the expressions of affection they have received, in addition to asking for more prayers for her speedy recovery.

Sebastián Reséndiz, reporter for the Hoy program revealed that the artist suffered a hemorrhage. He was one of the first to react to the medical report: “You are going to get out of this.”, While other followers expressed their good wishes: “Get better”, “We are with you, Carmen”, “God bless her and may she recover soon” (Filed as: Carmen Salinas’ latest medical report is given and there is no good news).

“It’s best that she passes away now,” says Azela Robinson

"you better go"says Azela Robinson
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Azela Robinson declared that the best thing that can happen to Carmelita Salinas is to pass away: “I want her to leave in peace, to leave happily. To meet her loved ones, like her son, like El Chatito. I think that for Carmen the best thing would be to go because what she has is very serious,” said the actress.

“She’s not happy if she’s not working, if she doesn’t talk to the press,” she said in an interview with the morning program “Hoy.” In addition, Robinson shared with the audience that the also theatrical producer was her godmother when she was starting her career, but that it was not such a pleasant experience.

She confesses that, because of Carmen Salinas, she almost drowned

He confesses that, because of Carmen Salinas, he almost drowned
Photo Reform Agency

In this same interview, the well-known actress Azela Robinson, remembered for her participation in soap operas such as Contra viento y marea, Cañaveral de pasiones and Yo no creo en los hombres, said that Carmelita was her godmother in the movies: She baptized me in a shower and almost drowned me, she slapped me and kicked me.”

Carmen Salinas, 82 years old and born in Torreón, Coahuila, has been in a coma for more than seven days in a private hospital in Mexico City, after having suffered a brain hemorrhage. The wishes for her speedy recovery were quick to arrive (With information from Agencia Reforma).

Eugenio Derbez offers his help to Carmen Salinas

Eugenio Derbez offers help to Carmen Salinas
Photo Reform Agency

After the news of the hospitalization of Carmen Salinas was released, shows of solidarity have been abundant, as her nephew Gustavo Briones confirmed that Eugenio Derbez offered his support to the family: “Eugenio told me that he was at our disposition and that whatever we needed we could count on him. I explained to him how things are and he said: ‘I am at your disposition’”.

However, he denied that his aunt Carmen Salinas could be transferred to the United States to treat her health problems. In addition, both Briones and her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia assured that what happened to Carmen Salinas is a brain hemorrhage and not a stroke, denying any relationship with the Covid-19 vaccine as has been speculated on social networks (With information from Agencia Reforma ).

Carmen Salinas’s family will resume their daily routine

Carmen Salinas's family will resume their daily routine
Photo Reform Agency

Carmen Salinas remains in a natural coma; however, it’s time for her family to return to their daily activities. This was stated by the actress’s granddaughter, Carmen Plascencia, who assured that they will take turns to look after Salinas’ health.

“Life will go on in the end, I have to go back to work and come back when I get out; we will do family routines, what they have told us is that we don’t have to be there at night because it’s not worth it, there’s nowhere to stay and whatever happens they will call us.”

Who is taking care of the hospitalization costs of the actress?

Who is taking care of the hospitalization costs of the actress?
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“We all have to return to our obligations, we have to start setting up routines and family dynamics in which friends, family, journalists are contemplated because we cannot wear ourselves out or get sick, we have to be 100 percent for her”, said Plascencia in an interview.

Hospital expenses, she stressed, are entirely covered by the National Association of Actors (ANDA). Within the hospital there are people who pray for the health of the producer, they have even been paying attention to her evolution, said the actress’s nephew, Gustavo Briones (Filed under: They give the latest medical report from Carmen Salinas and there is no good news).

“I know this is very tiring”

"I know this is very tiring"
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“The one in the next room, right now we went down together in the elevator and she told me: ‘my son is next to your mommy and every time I pass I pray for your mommy’, these are things that are appreciated.” The medical report remains the same, there has not been any change, her relatives said.

“I know this is very tiring and the only thing we can tell you is the same because it’s what they tell us and it is what it is, my grandmother is in the same condition, there hasn’t been any kind of change. What the doctor tells us is that it is a process, that it’s like this” said Plascencia (Filed under: Carmen Salinas’s latest medical report is given and there is no good news).

Carmen Salinas’s face is calm

Carmen Salinas's face is calm
Photo Reform Agency

“They have emphasized to us that they don’t want to give us a date because they don’t want (the doctors) to give us false hope or for us to complain. I mean, we would not do it because we are aware, but there are people who have done it, because of something that they said would happen and it didn’t happen,” added Briones.

Salinas will remain hospitalized because she’s on an artificial respirator, she cannot continue her treatment at home: “I see her very well, her face is calm. Those who know her know that her complexion is beautiful, she’s asleep, it seems as if she had just removed her make-up and went to bed, ”shared Plascencia (With information from Agencia Reforma).

The actress could still wake upThe actress would have sequels

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Although the prognosis is delicate, it’s not impossible for Carmen Salinas to wake up, said Carmen’s granddaughter, who continues in the hospital with the actress’s nephew, waiting for medical reports and hoping that she can wake up from her dream.

“Although it’s unlikely she will recover, the neurologist says that it’s not impossible for her to wake up. She has a difficult prognosis, but it’s not impossible.” Her grandmother is asleep due to the coma she’s in, but her body continues to function well, she has reflexes, sometimes she moves her lips and what they did emphasize is that this process is not generating any type of pain for her. “We are still waiting for a miracle” (With information from Agencia El Universal).

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