The death of Carmen Salinas’ son that she could not get over and the 5 miscarriages she suffered

The tragedies that marked the life of Carmen Salinas resurface. Salinas had five miscarriages and a baby who died at birth; later, her el...

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  • The tragedies that marked the life of Carmen Salinas resurface.
  • Salinas had five miscarriages and a baby who died at birth; later, her eldest son passed.
  • “Carmelita, Pedrito has already left,” said the actress in an interview.

THE TRAGEDIES OF CARMEN SALINAS. The actress has had a life filled with professional success. She has achieved great fame, making her one of the most beloved public figures on Spanish-language television. But, among the successes that the actress experienced in her professional life, there was also a deep sadness.

In several past interviews, the Mexican actress and producer revealed that she suffered five miscarriages before one of her children was born and she had to watch him die. Later one of the greatest losses in her life occurred: the death of her son, Pedro. Now, at 82 years old, she is going through one of the most difficult times in her life, after being hospitalized and slipping into a coma.


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After the news of Carmen Salinas’ delicate condition was announced, the tragic losses suffered by the actress and theater producer have come to light. In previous interviews, the actress pointed out that she had gone through several losses during her pregnancies, having a total of five miscarriages before she managed to have a less risky pregnancy where she carried the baby for seven months.

Unfortunately, the baby did not survive after birth and Carmen Salinas confessed that she tried to take her own life after what happened. The businesswoman reported that she was devastated by the loss and that she could not understand why she couldn’t carry a baby to term. she commented that in an attempt to save the baby’s life, she wanted use hot water bottles to revive him. Sadly, this would not be the only loss she would go through.

Carmen Salinas tragedy: What happened to Carmen Salinas?

Carmen Salinas tragedy: What happened to Carmen Salinas?
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According to an interview given to Imagen Noticias, the actress spoke of the five miscarriages she suffered. She talked about how they had taken a toll on her mental health. Being frank, Carmelita Salinas confessed that she cried a lot while she was experiencing these losses and could not understand why she couldn’t have a successful pregnancy. She even described what happened when she managed to reach the seventh month of pregnancy and then lost the baby.

“I had the misfortune to have five miscarriages. I cried a lot and it was a tragedy that I couldn’t stop them. I miscarried a seven-month-old. I wanted to revive my son and asked them to fetch me hot water bottles, but I didn’t know that I had to remove phlegm and put him in an incubator. I watched him die,” stated the actress in the interview on TV Azteca. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Tragedy

Carmen Salinas tragedy: Did she baptize her baby before he died?

Carmen Salinas tragedy: Did you manage to baptize a baby?
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In the interview, she mentioned that in one of those pregnancies she managed to give birth and that the baby survived long enough for him to be baptized. Carmelita Salinas said that she named the baby ‘Jesus’ and shortly after he died in her arms. The actress stated that she could not overcome the losses she had suffered and that each one of them hurt her too much to process.

But, it was not the only powerful confession she made during the interview. The Mexican businesswoman also admitted one of the most difficult times she went through in her life. Carmen Salinas opened her heart and talked about the darkest moments of her life where she considered the idea of ​​taking her life and leaving behind the pain she felt. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Tragedy

Carmen Salinas tragedy: Did she want to commit suicide?

Carmen Salinas tragedy: Did she want to commit suicide?
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Carmen Salinas admitted that one of the moments that made her consider the idea of ​​committing suicide was when her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law tried to take her daughter away from her. The actress stated that she was desperate and the only thing she could think about was to grab a pair scissors and stab herself, so that no one could take her baby from her.

“I started to get desperate and scared because they were going to take my baby from me. I got desperate and found some scissors to end my life because they wanted to take my daughter from me,” stated the Mexican businesswoman in an interview with Imagen Noticias shared by Venga La Alegría. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Tragedy

Carmen Salinas tragedy: The moment that marked her life

Carmen Salinas tragedy: The moment that marked her life
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One of the most difficult moments for Carmen Salinas was when her eldest son “Pedrito” lost his life after a tough battle with cancer that was discovered in his lungs and stomach. According to UNOTV, the actress reported that she would only have him by her side for a few more months, before death appeared on their doorstep.

“When they discovered his cancer, seven months later he left,” actress Carmen Salinas told the media. The death of Pedrito Plascencia was one of the harshest blows to the actress. Her son died on November 7, 1994 at the age of 37 and the businesswoman said that there is not a day that she does not remember his presence in this world. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Tragedy

Carmen Salinas tragedy: How tough was the loss of Pedrito?

Carmen Salinas tragedy: How was the loss of Pedrito?
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In one of the interviews she gave to the morning program, ‘Hoy’, she shared that Pedrito Plascencia suffered from severe pain in his stomach and that this made it almost impossible for him to move while he was still alive. The actress spoke sincerely and said that there was a time when he asked her to give him a gun to kill himself.

“He wanted me to give him a gun because he wanted to shoot himself. He could not bear the pain. He could not bear the pain, all swollen due to chemotherapy,” said the actress during the ‘Hoy’ interview. On several occasions, the actress has commented on how sad it was to see her son suffer and, above all, how terrible it was when she watched him pass. Filed Under: Carmen Salinas Tragedy

Her last moments with Pedrito?

His last moments with Pedrito?
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In the interview with the morning show, she stressed that her son died surrounded by his family and a friend. The actress said that on that day her daughter-in-law played relaxing music for her son. Carmen Salinas added that, when they told her that her son had died, she passed out on the spot.

“There was a friend of his, a musician, he was holding his hand and my daughter-in-law turned the record player on, put on relaxing music and suddenly she was bent over and the priest says to me: ‘Carmelita, Pedrito is gone.’ I fell to the ground, passed out and they gave me the oxygen that my son had,” explained the actress regarding what happened the day she lost her son.


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El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, reported that actress Carmen Salinas’ daughter said that she had given her one of the best birthday presents ever by doing something small. The woman stated that she hoped to receive good news on her birthday that would make her feel better than she has in recent days.

For three days, the actress and producer has been hospitalized in the Roma neighborhood, in Mexico City. According to reports, her condition is guarded and it was reported that three neurosurgeons were prepared to give a medical report on a possible diagnosis. All three doctors came to the same conclusion.

What is the gift she wished for?

Carmen Salinas daughter gift: What is the gift you expected?
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In an interview with the Mexican media, María Eugenia Plascencia said that she had been talking to her mother and that she noticed that her mother seemed to be able to hear her. According to Plascencia, the actress moved her feet when she was talking to her. She believes it was a birthday gift from her mother.

“I spoke with my mommy and told her from my heart that for my birthday I wanted her to improve and be stable, in her state, she moved her little feet, but I pray to God for her good health and to give me the strength to move forward,” stated the actress’ daughter standing outside of the hospital where the her mother currently resides.

Is there hope?

Carmen Salinas daughter gift: Is there hope?
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The family of the famous actress and businesswoman stated that they were hopeful of a more promising prognosis for Carmelita Salinas’ health. They were waiting to pass the 72-hour deadline after which the producer’s would be less at risk. After this amount of time had passed, she managed to pass the “litmus test” and is stable.

“Her organs are still fine, they are working, because in these 72 hours something could have happened, but no, my mother is stable… the danger they were talking about has supposedly passed,“ Maria Eugenia stated in an interview with media outside of the hospital.

Will her prognosis change?

Carmen Salinas daughter gift: Will there be another medical part?
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According to statements reported by El Universal, Carmen Salinas’ daughter said that her only birthday wish was to see her mother’s condition improve. She fully trusts that her mother will be able to leave the hospital in the coming months. A couple of days ago, the doctors said that a “miracle” could happen and the actress could wake up.

“For me it is a ray of hope because she is in a coma. When she moves, it is because she can hear me and is trying to fight,” María Eugenia told El Universal. So far, the Salinas family remains hopeful about the actress’ prognosis and hopes that in the next few hours her health will improve and their situation will change.

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