Carlos Cruz, a widowed father of four, was shot to death

Carlos Cruz, 44, was shot to death outside a restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts. Ángel Ortiz Santos, 28, is already in custody accuse...

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  • Carlos Cruz, 44, was shot to death outside a restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Ángel Ortiz Santos, 28, is already in custody accused of the murder of the father of four children
  • Cruz raised his children by himself, as his wife, María A. Collazo, died of an aneurysm three years ago

Carlos Cruz, father of a family of four children that he raised alone, was shot to death on Worcester, Massachusetts. Cruz’s murder caused the Hispanic community of that small town in the eastern United States to unite, to demand the authorities with the cry of enough! to stop the violence in their city.

The Homicide Division of the Worcester Police Department (WPD) arrested Ángel Ortiz Santos, 28, accused of being the alleged gunman of Carlos Cruz, 44, for an altercation between the two men in the early hours of Saturday, May 8 2021 outside a restaurant bar.

Carlos Cruz was shot and killed and his four children are left alone

Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz, 44, worked as a physical therapist in a hospital and is remembered by his friends and acquaintances as a “giant with a giant heart.” (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Cruz Family)

In Massachusetts criminal records, consulted by MundoHispánico, it is revealed that Ángel Ortiz Santos was accused of another homicide with bullets against Christian Omar Puello Rosado, also in Worcester, which occurred in 2015 and for which he was acquitted three years later, when a judge declared him “not guilty” for insufficient evidence.

Carlos Cruz worked as a physical therapist at the hospital UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and was the sole breadwinner for his four children, since he became a widower four years ago when his wife passed away. Cruz’s murder became a catalyst for the Worcester community to unite, calling for the gun violence to stop.

Carlos Cruz fell injured on the bench of the Paku Lounge

Carlos Cruz
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

At 1:30 in the morning of that Saturday, May 8, several calls came to the emergency number to report a shooting, with one injured, that occurred outside the Paku Lounge restaurant bar, located at 215 Chandler Street, corner with Mason Street, in the Main Middle neighborhood west of Worcester.

The first WPD patrolmen to arrive at the scene found an injured Hispanic man lying on the sidewalk outside the Paku Lounge and, paradoxically, the man was taken away by paramedics from the Worcester Fire Department (WPD) to the same hospital where you worked as a therapist.

The confrontation that ended a father’s life

Carlos Cruz
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

However, doctors could no longer do anything for the injured man who died in the emergency room while doctors tried to save his life. The injured man, through his driver’s license, was identified as Carlos Cruz, a Worcester resident.

WPD Homicide Division agents interviewed several witnesses outside the Paku Lounge, who told them that moments earlier there was a conflict between two Hispanic men outside the business, which escalated into a confrontation until one of the men pulled out a gun. and shot the other.

The murder outrages the Hispanic community

Carlos Cruz
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The murder of Carlos Cruz shook the Hispanic community of Worcester, Massachusetts, as the man had been widowed three years ago after his wife María A. Collazo died of a brain aneurysm and was left alone to raise their four children, who go from 20 to 11 years old.

The agents of the WPD Homicide Division recovered images from the video cameras of the businesses near the area where the shooting took place, and managed to isolate scenes in the final moments of Carlos Cruz’s life before being shot. However, they were unable to identify the killer.

The alleged murderer of Carlos Cruz surrenders to the authorities

Carlos Cruz
PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The story changed on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, when a Hispanic man arrived at WPD headquarters and asked to speak to Homicide Division agents. When one of the agents interviewed the man, he told him that he was Ángel Ortiz Santos and that they were looking for him because he was the alleged murderer of Carlos Cruz.

Ortiz Santos offered his statement on the incident in which he allegedly killed Carlos Cruz and the Worcester County Attorney’s Office He was charged with murder, aggravated assault with a firearm, and illegal possession of a firearm. The judge who received your case ordered that you remain in county jail without bond.

Ángel Ortiz Santos had already been accused of a homicide

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

In the case documents, it is detailed that Ángel Ortiz Santos was already someone known to the WPD authorities, as he faced a trial as allegedly responsible for having shot and killed Christian O. Puello Rosado, also in Worcester, after a violent altercation between the two men in the middle of a party.

Ángel Ortiz Santos, a former amateur boxer, allegedly killed Puello Rosado in front of dozens of witnesses at the party and then escaped from the home. However, when the WPD Homicide Division detained him when they recovered the murder weapon from his possession. The man was exonerated three years after that crime.

Grief over the death of a devoted father

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

In his hearing before the qualifying judge who received him in jail, Ángel Ortiz Santos asked that an interpreter be assigned to him since he does not speak English and that the state appoint him a public defender, because he cannot afford his. His first hearing was scheduled for next Friday, May 28, for being the alleged person responsible for the murder of Carlos Cruz.

On the afternoon of Friday, May 14, 2021, hundreds of people gathered on the sidewalk outside the Paku Lounge, right at the place where Carlos Cruz was wounded by several shots, to demand that the irrational violence with firearms in Worcester cease. , Massachusetts, and remember the deceased today and his life.

They ask for help for the children of Hispanics

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

On the Go Fund Me social network, Carlos Cruz’s friends and family opened the account Carlos Cruz’s Children Lose Two Parents in Two Years (Carlos Cruz’s children lost both parents in two years), to ask for help so that the murdered man’s children receive financial support to face the tragedy after the murder of their father.

“Carlos worked tirelessly during the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic at UMass Memorial Medical Center and even when working long hours in brutal conditions, he always took the time to show love for his children and create lifelong memories with them, ”explained Iliana Guivas, Cruz’s friend, when she asked for help.

For Carlos Cruz, his children were his priority

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

According to Iliana Guivas, her friend Carlos Cruz was in the process of buying “a house outside the city for his children … their safety and well-being were always his top priority,” the woman said about the dedicated father and explained that the community made it you will remember as a very dear man.

“Their children are now surrounded and cared for by their family and friends in the community… they are young anyway and will need a lot of help growing up without either parent. Please take a minute and be part of the community that surrounds these young people during the darkest days of their lives, ”Iliana Guivas asked for Cruz’s children.

The community protests the murder of Hispanics

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

In accordance with United States Census Bureau The city of Worcester, Massachusetts, has a population of almost 200 thousand inhabitants and of which 20 out of every 100 are Hispanic and almost all immigrants, or children of immigrants, from countries such as Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and the associated territory of Puerto Rich.

The diverse community of Worcester, Massachusetts, outside the Paku Lounge, led by Christian pastor José Pérez urged authorities for justice to be done in the murder of Carlos Cruz, whom they called a “giant with a giant heart” and asked that stop gun violence in your city.

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