Carlos Calderón ‘blames’ Francisca Lachapel’s baby for not being able to talk about his paternity (VIDEO)

Did they prefer to talk about Francisca Lachapel’s baby rather than about Carlos Calderón? The announcement of the Despierta Améric...

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  • Did they prefer to talk about Francisca Lachapel’s baby rather than about Carlos Calderón?
  • The announcement of the Despierta América host’s paternity was involved in controversy.
  • A few words from the host ‘without malicious intent’ made Francisca Lachapel’s baby the center of the conversation.

A little more than a week after Francisca Lachapel had her baby Gennaro, now the spotlight for the next dad is on Carlos Calderón, also host of Despierta América, who behaved like a gentleman saving the news of his baby for later, but some statements ignited the controversy.

When Francisca Lachapel became a mother, her fellow program members decided to welcome Gennaro with a shirt that said ‘We are already uncles’, because the host’s pregnancy was so expected and publicized that ‘there was no room for anything else’, even though her colleague Carlos Calderón was also going through the same process as her, at the same time… why did they ‘hide’ it?

Carlos Calderón says he did not want to ‘overshadow’ Francisca Lachapel’s baby

Carlos Calderon

During the announcement that Carlos Calderón would become a father and his girlfriend was expecting a baby, many people were shocked because the girl only had a few more weeks of pregnancy left, since apparently she is 8 months old and, unlike Francisca Lachapel, the Mexican ¿ Didn’t they give you so much support in this beautiful process?

In a video where Carlos Calderón’s baby is announced in Despierta América, you can see how he and his girlfriend are very excited telling the news to their fans and fellow program members, but the host’s words about what he said about Francisca Lachapel, ignited the debate.

Did you prefer to give more support to Francisca Lachapel’s baby than to Carlos Calderón’s?

Carlos Calderón's girlfriend baby

While he and the girlfriend of the Despierta América driver announced that they were expecting a baby, Carlos Calderón said: “How are you? He was already urging us, he was urging us for Gennaro to be born because we couldn’t give them the news, we didn’t want to take that role away from my dear Francisca… ”, said the Mexican.

His girlfriend Vanesa Lyon, radiant and beautiful in a maternity dress, said: “No, never… Now, we have the same time I think… 8 months, no no no (we know what it is), next week we find out, we are going to do a two in one, baby shower and gender reveal ”, the couple of Carlos Calderón affirmed very happy.

People gave their opinion about the suspicions they had of Carlos Calderón

Carlos Calderón baby is already 8 months pregnant

It is no secret to anyone that people speculated why Carlos Calderón did not have a partner for years and why he did not marry or have children, questioning his sexual preferences, however it seems that he is ready to establish a relationship for life with his partner Vanesa Lyon.

Although according to the video comments on the ‘Escándalo’ Instagram page, many people still ‘doubt’ Carlos Calderón: “Carlitos, he already had several saints standing up to the poor man! I’m glad you have this beautiful couple! He is very handsome and cool! “,” Since he went to Francisca’s baby shower it was speculated that she was also pregnant, they would have already waited for her to be born, since she is missing so much “,” And I thought that he would be a mother “.

Handing the ring to his girlfriend

Francisca Lachapel guilty baby

“Take me to the moon,” said the driver in a publication that is available on his official account. Instagram, where he shared a series of images of this unforgettable moment for the couple formed by Carlos Calderón, called by many “The eternal bachelor” and who is 49 years old, and Vanessa Lyon.

According to information from People in Spanish, Carlos Calderón prepared a perfect date, with the help of several accomplices, with the purpose of proposing to his beautiful girlfriend, with whom he has been in a relationship for about a year. “He told me that he had a meeting with his partners in a very elegant restaurant and asked me to dress up very pretty, since due to the quarantine I was in pants all the time. Fortunately he warned me, because if he gives me the ring in pants, he gives me something! ”, Confessed Vanessa Lyon. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE MOMENT IN WHICH CARLOS CALDERÓN EXPRESSED WHAT ABOUT FRANCISCA LACHAPEL’S BABY

Carlos Calderón debuts as dad

Carlos Calderón debuts as dad
Photo Instagram Chamonic

After several rumors, which arose at the baby shower of Francisca which took place just a few weeks ago, it is confirmed that Carlos Calderón, host of Despierta América from Univision, he will become a dad for the first time.

His fiancee, the Venezuelan actress and model Vanessa Lyon, who showed a ‘suspicious belly’ since that celebration, is eight months pregnant, so the congratulations were not long in coming from the members of this morning show.

“I’m going to be the most famous dad on television”: Carlos Calderón

"I'm going to be the most famous dad on television": Carlos Calderón
Photo Instagram Chamonic

Through the account of Instagram Chamonic shared a video of today’s broadcast of Despierta América where it is noted that the drivers had no idea of ​​the surprise that his partner Carlos Calderón had prepared for them, who entered the forum hand in hand with his fiancée.

When she took off a coat she was wearing, Vanessa Lyon revealed her belly and the congratulations from Chef Yisus, Karla Martínez, Raúl González and other colleagues for both her and Carlitos were present. With obvious joy, and before taking a seat, Carlos Calderón confessed that he will be the most famous father on television while caressing the belly of his fiancée: “We were already urged that Gennaro (Francisca’s baby) be born because we could not give the news”, expressed the driver.

Drivers of Despierta América show their surprise at this news

Drivers of Despierta América show their surprise at this news
Photo Instagram Chamonic

Raúl González assured that neither he nor his colleagues were aware that they would be given this news today, since they receive a script of the program’s content and this was not marked: “The problem in planning this was crazy, keeping you in the dark because I wanted to surprise them and that is the surprise, that we are going to be parents, ”said Carlos Calderón.

The driver shared that his fiancée will give birth next September, in addition to saying that he is happy because he will already have something to talk about with his colleagues, a comment that caused everyone to laugh, including Karla Martínez, who was another of the people who this news was not expected.

Dr Juan Rivera joins in congratulating Carlos Calderón

Dr Juan Rivera joins the congratulations for Carlos Calderón Francisca Lachapel baby
Photo Instagram Chamonic

Just at that moment, Dr Juan Rivera, renowned cardiologist and medical correspondent for Univision, entered the Despierta América forum to give Carlos Calderón a congratulatory hug, although in reality he was the first to find out.

“I have felt good, the truth is that it is not a good idea to listen to every pregnant woman who tells you about her experience because it is totally different. I entered the pregnancy like ‘it’s going to be horrible, I’m going to vomit, my life is lost’, but no, I have felt super good, ”shared Vanessa Lyon.

Carlos Calderón was the one who suffered nausea

Carlos Calderón was the one who suffered nausea Francisca Lachapel baby
Photo Instagram Chamonic

With the good sense of humor that characterizes him, Carlos Calderón mentioned that, unlike his fiancée, it is he who has felt nauseous: “It was on New Years that he told me (it would be daddy) and I ran to the pharmacy and came back with a full bag of exams (pregnancy tests) and one after another came out positive ”.

Vanessa Lyon said that it was a surprise for her and her family to know that she was pregnant, apart from the fact that they always asked her ‘by when? and she postponed it for work reasons. Another surprise was that they appeared on the digital cover of People in Spanish.

Congratulations continue for Carlitos and his fiancee

The congratulations continue for Carlitos and his fiancee Francisca Lachapel baby
Photo Instagram Chamonic

Through a video call, Kika Rocha, fashion and beauty director of People in Spanish, joined in congratulating the couple, apart from anticipating that the photo session was beautiful, which was done 30 weeks into the pregnancy of the Venezuelan actress and model.

“I was looking for something more like fashion, fashion, and play a little with something different, of course in the end he was improvising, that of the belly was an invention at the last minute of Carlos and we loved it at the end,” shared Vanessa Lyon. Some images of this note come from the following video

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