Car fell into river, killing seven family members amid rains in Pakistan

Seven members of a family died when their car fell into a river. The car fell into a river amid heavy rains in Pakistan. Among the seven ...

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  • Seven members of a family died when their car fell into a river.
  • The car fell into a river amid heavy rains in Pakistan.
  • Among the seven who died there were two children.

A powerful storm claimed several lives. Authorities confirmed that seven members of a family died after the car they were traveling in fell into a river amid heavy rains in Pakistan, South Asia.

Citing police, the AP news agency reported that a family of seven, including two children, died when their car fell into a river amid heavy rains that hit the suburbs of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad early Saturday morning, October 2.

Car fell into a river and a family died

Car fell into the river

Officer Ali Raza said the family was returning home after attending a wedding ceremony in a nearby village. He mentioned that the driver apparently did not realize he was pulling off the road and the car fell into a river after hitting a fence on a small bridge that crosses it.

Spokesperson Ali Raza also explained that the car sank in the waters of the river and that people only managed to spot it on Saturday morning when the water began to recede. Although they were not identified, it was specified that the victims were four women, two children and a man.

The car fell into a river during heavy rain

car fell into a river
People struggle to make their way down a flooded street after heavy monsoon rains in the Pakistani port city of Karachi on September 23, 2021 (Photo by Sabir Mazhar / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images).

The AP news agency said recent monsoon rains across much of Pakistan have made some roads dangerous. Many of the country’s highways lack safety signs and safety is largely ignored by motorists.

The diaries The Telegraph, ABC News and KCTV 5 , among others, also cited the short AP report when publishing this Saturday the tragedy that claimed seven lives of the same family when a car fell into a river during heavy rainfall that hit Islamabad.

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar was fleeing the police when he was killed along with three friends in a spectacular accident

car fell into a river

Another tragedy mourning to various families in the United States. Authorities confirmed that tiktoker Gabriel Salazar and three passengers were fleeing police in a car when the spectacular accident in which the four died in Texas last week occurred.

TikTok star Gabriel Salazar died in a spectacular car accident at the age of 19 after a police chase broke out in Texas, local authorities quoted as saying. Newsweek on Friday, October 1.

Details on the death of tiktoker Gabriel Salazar

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar

In a post by Facebook, the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office (ZCSO) shared details of the events that led to the fatal accident that occurred around 1:20 a.m. on Sunday, September 26.

Sharing an image from the accident scene showing the remains of the burning vehicle, a ZCSO representative wrote: “On Sunday, September 26, 2021 at approximately 1:20 am, a ZCSO agent overheard for a Crystal City Police Department (CCPD) officer to initiate a traffic stop on US Highway 83 at the intersection of FM3292. ”

Police confirmed that he was chasing the car of tiktoker Gabriel Salazar

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar

He added: “The CCPD officer reported that he was in active pursuit of a white Chevy Camaro traveling north on Highway 83 toward La Pryor. The ZCSO officer helped deploy a tire deflation device, but was unsuccessful. ”

In the post, the police mentioned: “The ZCSO agent stated that he later heard the CCPD officer report that the vehicle had overturned and was completely engulfed in flames. 4 people were declared dead at the scene. The Texas Department of Public Safety is in charge of the investigation. ”

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar’s Camaro crashed, overturned and caught fire

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar
Photo: Zavala County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

The authorities told People that the vehicle of tiktoker Gabriel Salazar collided with several trees, before overturning and setting itself on fire, and the four occupants of the car were later pronounced dead on the spot.

The other passengers have been identified as José Luis Jiménez-Mora, 41, José Molina-Lara, 23, and Sergio Espinoza-Flores, 36, according to the People report, which also cited authorities. police.

He had over 1 million followers on social media

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar
Gabriel Salazar’s Instagram

San Antonio-based tiktoker Gabriel Salazar was very popular on the social network TikTok, where he had more than 1 million followers on his gabenotbabe account thanks to parody and lip-syncing posts. The number rose to more than 2.2 million followers in the days after his death, Newsweek said.

In his last post on Saturday of last week in Instagram, where he had more than 800,000 followers, tiktoker Gabriel Salazar was shown posing in front of a luxurious white car, apparently the same Chevrolet Camaro from the accident.

Fundraiser for the influencer’s family

tiktoker Gabriel Salazar
Photo: GoFundMe

Following the death of the young social media star, an account was created for GoFundMe on behalf of Chris Vazquez to cover funeral expenses, among other costs. Until this Friday, October 1, the goal set at $ 25,000 had been exceeded and stood at $ 38,210.

“Gabriel loved his family and was always playing with his sister and little brother,” read a statement from the organizer of the GoFundMe page, Chris Vázquez. In turn, he added: “He was always there with a big hug and a smile, and his family will never forget those warm moments. He was so funny, with a calm sense of humor and sarcasm. I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing this. How is this real life?

They mourn the death of tiktoker Gabriel Salazar

Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar
Instagram by @dannapsalazar

“Words cannot express the anguish our entire community feels over the loss of our Gabriel. Your family and friends miss you, ”said the message on GoFundMe. For her part, the sister of the tiktoker Gabriel Salazar shared a publication of several photographs on Instagram, where she showed some of the happiest moments with her brother since he was a baby.

In the post, the sister whose users is Danna Salazar wrote a moving message in Spanish: “I love you so much Gabriel. You were so perfect. I will never forget you, take care of us from heaven my beautiful child. Always in my heart. September 26, 2021 ”.

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